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Sunday, May 10, 2009

[VA] God please BLESS the words Ellen Abruzzese left behind, FORTIFY the work of her brother, & IGNITE CHANGE in us individually & as A PEOPLE. Amen!

Ellen Kathryn (McCarthy) Abruzzese

I was going to explain why I am posting a link to an article that is not about officer-involved domestic violence here on this very specific blog - but let's just say I AM.

Read, bloom, make the world a better place.


Letters left by abused woman foretold her death at husband's hands
Eagle Tribune
By Mike LaBella
May 10, 2009 07:31 am
[EXCERPTS] "If something happens to me within the next 7 days, please make sure you look into my death. My husband has threatened me with a gun on several occasions, even pointing it at me in front of our children."' That is how a letter written by Ellen Abruzzese begins... [Ellen's brother] James McCarthy is now on a mission to form an organization called the Hugs Unlimited Foundation Inc. Its goal is to support victims and their families, from encouraging them to recognize abuse to giving them ways to deal with it. McCarthy said he hopes to work with other organizations in the region that help abused women. "I'm dedicated to providing education about domestic violence, battered women syndrome, low self-esteem and the effect of domestic violence on children," he said. "We need to offer the proper support to women so they have choices that allow them to leave their abuser. And we need to recognize the signs of an abusive relationship so we can be proactive and intervene in liberating the victim." Dubus said it would be a powerful thing for men who have this as a cause and a mission to come together and tell their stories to other men. "For so long women have fought this fight," she said. "It can't just be women"... A second letter written by Ellen (McCarthy) Abruzzese was discovered after her death. It was written to her family and friends and described what she learned over her 20-year relationship with her husband: Never allow anyone... [FULL ARTICLE HERE]

Four children lost their parents. Contributions can be made to the Abruzzese Children's Fund, c/o C & F Bank, 2651 New Market Rd., Richmond, Va. 23231


  1. It's Mother's Day.
    Lotsa thoughts.

  2. I was in Abruzzese's class in Framingham, MA before he was married. It was a junior-high class and he was completely inappropriate, but well-loved by all the kids who found it refreshing to be in a class with a teacher who didn't act like one. Nowadays, we'd just call that a predator. He was actually in trouble with the police for whatever happened with a girl in our high school later on, this would have been around the time he married Ellen. I'm amazed he got away with it for as long as he did.


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