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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I've been on family hiatus but I'm back to OIDV

Here's what I posted on the OIDV Network facebook page this morning before the sun rose:

Police Officer-Involved Domestic Violence Network
13 hours ago

The words in the box here before I type ask "What have you been up to?" I've been gone so long that made me feel guilty. I'm all readjusted now, health is good (thank you God), and I have gone through the fire of my youngest (man) child leaving for college. First I was savoring the end of family life for the past few months. I thought I'd be back here doing what I do as soon as he went out the door but adjusting to him being gone and my new living situation took it's toll. I knew at the end I'd come out of it a butterfly - and that's just how I feel now. Let's get back to it. 

OH THE DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES. When Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri was shot and killed suddenly the whole world was looking at U.S. use of force, officer-involved shootings, military equipment being used by law enforcement agencies - and OH, just about every misbehaving (or criminal) officer was spotlighted even more than before. That's good and that's bad. 

It's wonderful that attention is paid to the misconduct that is getting out of control and the militarization of police - but it's bad because the HATERS CAME OUT LIKE KLAN. OH mah goodness. It was a feeding frenzy online against any officer - people even feeling free to CELEBRATE COP KILLERS/ SERIAL KILLERS - with NO ONE OBJECTING! I can't take the haterz. Anyone who groups ALL of any kind of people - be it by race, gender, job, sexual identity, anything - and judges all of them by the behaviors of some of them is a bigot or so close to being one. [Be careful because your brain might stay like that.]

I hold a thousand moments in my mind of officers putting their lives on the line also, and losing their lives for strangers or for putting on their uniform - so this is not the place to hate. Not this page. There's a lot of other pages that welcome haterz so no one's depriving anyone voice. I have documented thousands of abuse cases in 4 groups over 11 years - and STILL, even with all the murders and domestic brutality of individuals, terroristic sometimes gang like behaviors of some departments - there is NO WAY to put that on all officers without being stupid.

Anyway, it's an optimum time to speak out for justice and change. Tis the right season to make noise for good and to remember the lost out loud. 

Tomorrow is busy but no later than Wednesday morning 

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