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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[CA] Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Barragan drunk and fired shot on beach during "dispute" with girlfriend

...[Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Randy] Barragan and his girlfriend, Diana [C.R.], also of Corona had been drinking before becoming involved in a dispute on the pier...

Contra Costa Times
By Larry Altman Staff Writer
Posted: 06/08/2010
[Excerpts] Randy Barragan, 25, of Corona was arrested shortly after 7 p.m. May 24 on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon... The shooting and disturbance caused about 100 people to scatter "in a state of panic" from the horseshoe pier... Barragan and his girlfriend, Diana [C.R.], also of Corona had been drinking at El Torito and eating at Capt. Kidd's restaurant before becoming involved in a dispute on the pier. Witnesses told police they believed Barragan was suicidal because he had climbed over the pier's east railing and was standing on a ledge... As officers made their way to the pier, witnesses saw Barragan pull a .38-caliber revolver from his waistband and begin waving it as he hung on the railing... [C.R.] yelled at him to put the gun down, but Barragan fired one shot... [C.R.] then knocked the gun out of his hand. It fell behind him onto the pier, prompting Barragan to climb back over the railing and try to get to it... A group of fishermen tackled the 6-foot, 180 pound Barragan before he could grab the gun. They held Barragan down until Redondo Beach police Sgt. Jim Banach, who heard the shot as he ran along the pier, arrived to handcuff him. Barragan was taken to the Redondo Beach jail. He posted $50,000 bail and was released about six hours later. [C.R.], described as "too drunk for her safety," was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication, Freeman said. Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. David Infante said the department could not comment on Barragan's arrest or his job status because it was a personnel matter... [Redondo Beach police Sgt. Shawn] Freeman said that although witnesses had suspected Barragan was suicidal because he was hanging on the rail, there was nothing to indicate he was. The District Attorney's Office will review the case and determine charges... "Thank God we had the citizens there and they were able to take action, and Banach was right there when it happened and able to get this guy handcuffed before he was able to get to his gun," Freeman said... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2010

    Just his picture alone is frightening enough. How will he talk his way out of this with so many witnesses? Should be interesting to see how the Blue Wall tries to get him exonerated after this public display.

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    Do you have any information on the lapd police brutality of a female at the espn center on Thursday, June 17th. Lakers game 7?

  3. I'd like to see it but unless it's related to domestic issues I probably won't put it on the blog. Do you have a link?


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