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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keeping this display of officer-involved domestic violence fatalities on top from now on...

The Officer-Involved Domestic Violence (OIDV) Fatalities photo presentation that was here has been deleted by, where it had been hosted and streamed from. A screencaptured copy is here on - the site it was originally compiled for.

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[U.S.] Too Many Said-Suicides of Law Enforcement Officer's wives, girlfriends, dates, and ex's

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

[KY] Deputy Scotty Hill's wife suffered bruises to her cheek, arms and knee - and she says he threatened murder-suicide

Before becoming a sheriff's deputy
for Boone County, Scotty Hill was
a Newport Police officer. 

Boone County sheriff's Deputy Scotty D. Hill's wife suffered bruises to her cheek, arms and knee Tuesday night after a domestic assault. She told police that he was threatening to shoot her and then kill himself. Hill was charged with alcohol intoxication and domestic violence. "The man's wife actually called one of our [Boone County sheriff's] deputies on his cellphone and said, 'Can you get down here and help me out? Scotty's been drinking and he just kicked in a door.'" In 2008 off-duty Deputy Hill, his wife, Florence Police Officer [R.H.], and their teenage daughter went to pick up a purchased horse and while there he shot and killed the property owner, 55 year old Brenda Pollitt. Pollitt was said to be armed and was shot in self-defense but her family does not agree. The grand jury found there was not enough evidence to charge Hill.

Brenda Pollitt's sister Jill Johnson:
"He shot my sister in the back..."
  • ...The phone went dead. When deputies arrived they found Scotty Hill at the intersection of Poole Road and Mudlick Verona Road.  They said he was drunk, armed and riding a horse...
  • ...Hill was also suspended in 2008 after he was involved in a fatal shooting incident while he was off duty.  In that incident, Kentucky State Police said Hill fatally shot 55-year-old Brenda Pollitt after she pointed a gun at him and threatened to shoot...
  • ...In 2008, while off-duty, he shot and killed a woman in Nicholas County while trying to buy a horse from her nephew.  It was self-defense...
  • ...Boone County Deputy Scotty Hill fatally shot 55-year-old Brenda Pollitt after she pointed a gun at him late Monday and threatened to shoot... Also present at the scene was Hill's wife, Regina, who is a 9-year-veteran of the Florence Police Department. Officer Regina Hill has also been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the completion of an investigation...
  • ...Brenda May Pollitt, 55, was shot five times from 6 to 8 feet away by a .40-caliber police weapon. Two entry wounds were in Pollitt's back... [Nicholas County Coroner Billy] Clark said that he could not confirm Pollitt had a gun; both weapons apparently had been confiscated before he was called to the scene...
  • ...Brenda Pollitt's family feels justice was not served. Pollitt's sister spoke out for the first time... "They couldn't even look at me and then they looked at me, and he would just hang his head and his wife was shaken and it was awful." That's what Jill Johnson recalls of this morning's court proceedings when the Nicholas County Grand Jury said there wasn't enough evidence to charge Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Scotty Hill with anything in regard to the shooting death of Johnson's sister, 55 year old Brenda Pollitt. "He shot my sister in the back, bullet come out of her chest...I want justice and it's what my family wants... I want the man that shot my sister in the back put away"...
  • ...Deputy Hill is still on administrative leave. We're told it will stay that way until he's ready to come back. The sheriff says the department has always supported Hill...
  • ... "She [Brenda May Pollitt] backed [Boone Sheriff's Deputy Scotty Hill] up with the gun. He told her to put the gun down. She didn't and then he did what he needed to do," [Nicholas County Sheriff Dick] Garrett said... "Obviously he's rattled," [Boone County Sheriff's Lt. Col. Rob] Reuthe told the Kentucky Enquirer. "He's a family guy"...
  • Off-duty Boone Co sheriff's deputy arrested for domestic violence, FOX19 [LINK], Jul 09, 2014
  • Boone County deputy arrested and suspended, [LINK], July 9 2014
  • Deputy Involved In Deadly Shooting Not Indicted, WKYT [LINK], Feb 16, 2009
  • Off-duty Boone deputy shot woman 5 times, Herald-Leader [LINK], Jan. 03, 2009
  • Off-duty Boone deputy kills woman, The Kentucky Enquirer [LINK], December 31, 2008
  • Boone officer kills woman, [LINK], December 31, 2008
  • Off duty Boone Co. deputy involved in fatal central Ky. shooting, FOX19 [LINK], Dec 30, 2008
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Monday, June 30, 2014

[WA] Seattle Police Officer was arrested today accused of molestation of ex's daughter

A Seattle Police Officer was arrested today accused of molesting his ex girlfriend's daughter. His name wasn't officially released but the news agencies have it and are sharing it. I'll wait until there's at least some indication of what kind of evidence they have or how solid the case is. I don't think that they'd arrest him without solid evidence, but I'd still rather wait. God bless everyone involved in this.
...He's now facing charges of first degree child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. Deputies say the victim in the case was between 7- and 11-years old when the alleged crimes were committed...
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[NY] Always positive, State Police Trooper Kerstin Williams death ruled suicide within a day

New York State Police Trooper Kerstin Williams

Gleaned from the news:

27-year-old New York State Trooper Kerstin Williams was found by boaters shot to death on the bank of Nassau Lake in the Town of Nassau, Rensselaer County last night with her division issued firearm near her body. State Police say they found no sign of foul play and no note, and according to NY State Police Captain Scott Coburn of Troop G, the autopsy conducted today confirmed the cause of Kerstin's death as a suicide. 
..."Trooper Williams always had a positive attitude and was eager to do a good job while on the road," Major Patrick Regan, the Troop F commander, said in a statement...

Check for most recent news here

I don't know and wouldn't guess what actually happened because people do take their own lives, but Kerstin deserves a longer investigation than one day before ruling her cause of death. We all deserve that and it would seem at LEAST when it's one of their own they'd really want to say something more like 

it appears to be suicide 
but the investigation is ongoing. 

Rest in peace, 

and to the weary please reach out for help.
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[GA] Police Sgt. Haggas and his young wife are both arrested on a domestic charge, out on bond

Columbus Georgia Police Sgt. Craig Haggas and his wife Whitney Compton-Haggas have been arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple battery stemming from domestic violence that happened in May. They are due in court today, Monday June 30th.

Columbus police sergeant arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery
Posted: Jun 28, 2014
Updated: Jun 28, 2014
By David Hurst
[Excerpts] ...Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, the city's Director of Public Safety, confirms the arrest comes from a domestic dispute and says Haggas has been placed on administrative leave. Tomlinson referred all other details to Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren, who declined to comment any further... [Full article here]

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

[CO] Denver officers and wives fighting, pressure to swing, child abuse (Stephanie you deserve better)

Swingers, Denver Police Officer Jeremy Ownbey
and his wife Jamie Ownbey

Gleaned from 3 articles:

Denver Police Officers Jeremy Ownbey and Steve Sloan, along with their wives - partially dressed Jamie Ownbey and fully dressed Stephanie Sloan - had a violent altercation in the home of the Sloans' where alcohol was involved. All but Stephanie were throwing punches. While this was going on between the formerly swapping "swinging" lovers - minus Stephanie ["Steven wanted Stephanie to join, but she refused"], the Ownbeys had left their two "small children" at home without supervision.

Four Aurora police officers responded to the the Sloan's home after Officer Ownbey (and Jamie?) had left, but while APD officers were still there Jeremy Ownbey is said to have returned, appearing and admitting to being drunk. Who is surprised that the Aurora officers did not arrest Officer Ownbey for drunk driving, cite him, or give him a sobriety test? Instead they gave him a ride home. Aurora police spokesman Frank Fania reportedly said that the Aurora officers made a "poor decision" and that he wished the officers could have a do-over because, "It’s not our way of doing business".

He said there is an investigation into why the Aurora officers didn't arrest Officer Ownbey.

It takes an investigation to figure that out?

Injuries are not mentioned in the articles and the danger is downplayed. What injuries occurred when Officer Sloan punched Jamie Ownbey in the face or when he was punched "numerous" times in the head by Jeremy Ownbey? And I can't imagine the police would call it "gun play" if *I* pulled a gun, pointed it, and threatened to shoot someone. What the Aurora spokesman calls a "brawl" was lethal with head punches, forceful falls, drunk (mad) driving, and a gun in the hand of a trained shooter. That's not playing.

How long were the children left alone and just how "small" are they? I'm wondering why the writers of the articles don't ask or say.

Officer Ownbey and Jamie Ownbey are now facing child abuse charges, and respectively trespassing and assault.

Swinger, Denver Police Officer Steve Sloan
whose wife Stephanie refuses to participate

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[FL] Will Plant City Officer Combs "resign" and be rehired - again? [Domestic Battery]

Plant City police Officer Matthew Combs was arrested for domestic violence battery, put on unpaid leave, then he was ALLOWED to resign within 2 days. That sure sounds like there was evidence that an assault occurred. An internal investigation had been "initiated" but that process would have shut down as soon as he resigned - so there will be no finished report of what happened. When he resigned it STOPS the internal investigation because he is no longer an employee. Without a completed report he can actually be hired back or by another department if he can intimidate the victim to not cooperate with the criminal charges or if the good ol' boy system spanks his hands by letting him do an alternate program that will erase the assault from his record.

There is a list of folks on Facebook begging the chief to not accept the resignation because Matthew is a good guy and because he's served the community. Neither of those things has anything to do with the crime of domestic violence. His supporters say he touched her forehead with a finger and that this is a he-said she-said. (I'm doubting both of those scenarios because of the immediate UNpaid leave.) His supporters don't realize how that resignation HELPS "Matt" not be accountable for his criminal actions or how it is actually a part of his becoming rehired at the same department or another one nearby. Too often there is a formula for making domestic charges roll off the back of officers so they can keep their weapon and stay in the profession:
"...Combs was originally hired as a Plant City police officer in September 2002. He resigned in January 2004 and was rehired June 2005..."
~ Source: Plant City police officer resigns in wake of arrest, The Tampa Tribune, By Dave Nicholson, June 16, 2014, Updated: June 18, 2014 at 11:29 am

The chief, city manager, judge, and district attorney are usually there for the officer - meaning NOT-there for the victim. The victim has not been mentioned in any of the articles other than she is his EX and it was Father's Day. We aren't told if she is hurt, afraid, hiding, recanting, safe, getting services, or fearless. IN THESE STORIES she's usually just the backdrop with only room for one "important" person, - the accused officer.

I hope she is okay.

None of these Facebook folks spoke up for the alleged victim or even wondered...

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