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Thursday, May 26, 2005

WA Detective Rohde Reported Cop on Cop DV_Got Woes

On May 25th, 2005, a judge refused to overturn a Snohomish County jury decision, which awarded no money to an Edmonds police detective who alleged that the city mishandled her ongoing domestic dispute... Superior Court Judge Ronald Castleberry turned down Rohde's request for a new trial.

The detective never dreamed she'd end up suing the Edmonds Police Department, accusing her bosses of failing to protect her from her abusive boyfriend -- an officer on the same force.

Edmonds did not have a written policy on police-involved domestic violence until January 2002, three years after Rohde first called 911 to report that Falk had slammed a car door on her, kicked open another door and refused to let her leave their home. "Even after the policy was adopted," Harrington concluded, "no training was reportedly provided to officers or supervisors within the department.

While still at the pd, she said..."It's been incredibly stressful, not only with him being there but because of the ways the department has failed me."...

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