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Thursday, August 11, 2005

[NY] Officer Van Waldick's DV hurt everyone

August 11, 2005
Info gleaned from the news:

Watertown Officer Michael VanWaldick's police department is being sued by Ryan Dorr, the man VanWaldick shot several times in the chest last December as VanWaldick kidnapped his girlfriend, Jessica Quinta at gunpoint from an apartment. Jessica had been his girlfriend for six years and had recently broken up with him.

According to Grand Jury Report, incidents that happened BEFORE this latest kidnap-shooting incident:
  • Between late summer and October 2, 2003, VanWaldick allegedly restrained Quinta by confining her at her residence and used force to stop her from leaving.
  • On October 3, 2003, VanWaldick allegedly abducted Quinta from a parking lot on Newell Street, forced her into a car and took her to at least one location where it was unlikely she'd be found.(Quinta once worked at the now-closed Red Lion restaurant on Newell Street).
  • Between December 4 and December 8, 2004,VanWaldick allegedly followed Quinta and placed several phone calls to her. VanWaldick allegedly threatened Quinta by threatening to kill himself or her.
  • VanWaldick allegedly went to Applebee's Restaurant where Quinta worked on December 5, 2004 and threatened to kill her if she did not go with him. He took her keys to stop Quinta from using her car.
  • Was he ever disciplined by the police department prior to his arrest on attempted murder and kidnapping charges?
  • Was there ever a formal investigation into alleged prior incidents?
  • Were criminal complaints ever filed against him?
The Grand Jury report listed 35 counts against VanWaldick:
  • 1 count, attempted murder first degree
  • 1 count, attempted murder, second degree
  • 4 counts, assault, first degree
  • 4 counts, burglary, first degree
  • 1 count, burglary, second degree
  • 2 counts, kidnapping, second degree
  • 3 counts, unlawful imprisonment, second degree
  • 4 counts, unlawful use of a firearm, first degree
  • 4 counts, unlawful use of a firearm, second degree
  • 1 count, criminal possession of a weapon, 4th degree
  • 2 counts, larceny, fourth degree
  • 1 count, grand larceny, fourth degree
  • 1 count, criminal possession of stolen property, fourth degree
  • 1 count, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, third degree
  • 2 counts, menacing, second degree
  • 1 count, petit larceny
  • 1 count, stalking, second degree
  • 1 count, harassment, second degree
Now Dorr has taken the next step in legal action against the City of Watertown by filing a lawsuit against its police department.

The lawsuit says the Police Department's negligence includes:
  • Hiring VanWaldick in the first place
  • Failed to properly and adequately supervise, treat and/or restrain VanWaldick
  • Failed to see to it that Vanwaldick was given proper counseling, treatment or other services
  • Retaining VanWaldick despite knowing his posed a danger to himself and others.
VanWaldick is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to the shooting.

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