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Monday, September 4, 2006

[TN] Demoted Ex-Chief of Tennessee Highway Patrol Rucker accused of beating his wife

Former commander of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Lt. Col. Larry W. Rucker, demoted to Lt. due to a recent cover-up scandal, was asked for his badge and gun last week when his wife accused him of beating her. She told police that Rucker punched and kicked her in the stomach, and said Rucker had hit her before.

..."They were arguing because he had been seeing the complainant's niece," officer David Fowler wrote in a report. "But when the suspect saw that another man had been talking to her, he went crazy, according to the complainant"...

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  1. This man has lied so many times. He knew exactly what was happening because I know for a fact that he was sent letters about the problems the highway patrol would have in hiring this niece that he is supposedly seeing. Also what he doesn't know is that it is all a setup to help his neice get back on the highway patrol after testing positive for amphetamins. Personally for myself and future generations I wouldn't want a dugged up patrolman to tell me I am doing wrong and for a wife beater to pull me over.


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