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Monday, May 21, 2012

[GA] Atlanta Police did Officer Stanley Street no favors by letting him stay a cop

Atlanta Police Officer Stanley Street committed 3 armed bank robberies in 2004 while he was on administrative leave related to "domestic problems" and for those robberies was sentenced to 64 years in federal prison with no opportunity for parole. He shouldn't have been a cop robbing banks and probably couldn't have robbed them without being all dressed up in a uniform that bank security trusted. Just some of the priors:
  • In 1989 he had put a gun to someone's head. 
  • In 1990 he was suspended a total of 31 days.
  • In 1994 he refused to cooperate with an internal investigation about a domestic violence call to his home. 
  • In 2003 he lied to internal investigators about leaving ominous messages on the answering machine of his ex wife, a police officer who had taken out a protective order against him.
What do you get when you keep an officer that commits crimes? You get a criminal cop. And as he continued to get away with domestic /gun crimes his ego must have swelled about what he could do. "Stanley Street, used his status to get bank workers to discuss security procedures and then robbed the banks later."

Atlanta Police were complicit in creating the bad guy - allowing him to have a gun and uniform, appearing as someone people could trust. Bank security would not have confided in him if he had not still appeared to be worthy of a badge. But only Stanley is doing the time.

A department does not do a "favor" for a law-breaking cop by helping him keep his law enforcement career. And it's a gross misjudgment to consider domestic violence in some separate not-that-bad category.

He should have been allowed to fall. Now he will die in prison and has no life to save.
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  1. The amazing part is how God in his mercy offers redemption to even the vilest of sorts. I say this because for a few years I was incarcerated with Stanley Street. He has since given his life to Jesus Christ and repented of his sins and put his salvation in Christ alone. Since then the old man who had committed these heinous crimes is dead and Brother Stanley Street is born. Though most will think that people dont deserve a second chance, God does and as an ex inmate and felon who has since turned my life around to Christ, married, first child on the way, as well become employed Running a company owned by a christian and hall of fame nfl star. Which has afforded me the opportunity to help other men who lives were destroyed by crime but made new by Christ.

  2. AnonymousMay 07, 2014

    I pity the fools who trust a third-person testimony. God's mercy is endless. God is able.

    This con likely just sees the clearest way to try to get free. Let time tell it. And just as he is free to choose religion he is free to walk away from it when he gets back to the real world.


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