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Thursday, October 19, 2017

[FL] Yuly survived being shot multiple times by her ex, PBSO Deputy DeMarco

On duty and in uniform Palm Beach Sheriff's Deputy - a tactical officer - Michael DeMarco ambushed his ex-girlfriend Yuly Solano while she was walking her dog. He got out of the police cruiser, shot Yuly multiple times and then shot and killed himself. Yuly survived and is working on recovering. It's a hard struggle. If you pray, please add her to your prayers.

Oct 12 2017
[Excerpts] Wearing his uniform and sitting in his Palm Beach Sheriff’s-issued car, a deputy [Michael DeMarco] waited for his ex-girlfriend. When he found her walking her dog, he stepped out of his car and shot her before shooting and killing himself... His relationship with the woman, a bank worker, began in May and ended three weeks before the shooting... The ambush happened at about 8 a.m. Thursday in the Inlet Harbor Club... A friend and co-worker of the woman who was shot, said she appears to be improving... Before joining the sheriff’s office in 1995, DeMarco had been with the Lake Worth Police Department since 1987... [Full article here]

October 13th 2017
[Excerpts] The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy who police say shot a woman then killed himself filed a lawsuit last month [against the shooting victim]. Michael DeMarco filed the suit in small claims court... DeMarco was suing over furniture... She remains hospitalized in critical condition at Delray Beach Medical Center. [Full article here]

October 15th 2017
[Excerpts] A 41-year-old woman appears to be improving after she was repeatedly shot by her ex-boyfriend, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, who then took his own life. Family and friends of 41-year old Yuly Solano have maintained a vigil at Delray Medical Center, where she's currently recovering. Solano, a single mother from Peru with a daughter in college, is extremely traumatized, according to her best friend. But she also said Solano was alert and talking, and doing much better. Solano was transported to the hospital in critical condition after being shot four times by Deputy Michael Demarco... Demarco was dressed in his Sheriff's Office uniform and was sitting in a Sheriff’s vehicle just before he confronted Solano... Despite encouraging reports on Solano’s condition, her friends say she will need multiple surgeries. [Full article here]

Oct. 17, 2017
[Excerpts] The Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy who shot his ex-girlfriend, then fatally shot himself Thursday, was on duty and used his service weapon... Meanwhile, an attorney for the victim, Yuly Solano, said Monday night he’s planning lawsuits against the condominium association where the shooting took place and possibly the sheriff’s office. A five-minute 911 call released Monday by Boynton Beach police captured Solano’s cries for help in the moments after... “Can you help me? Please help me”... As of Monday, police refused to name Solano, saying she signed a form calling on police not to reveal her name. But attorney Gary Iscoe of the firm Steinger, Iscoe & Greene released a statement Monday identifying Solano and saying he’s planning a lawsuit against the condo association for negligence... Legal action against PBSO “is also being considered”... [A neighbor] said DeMarco then seemed to sink into depression and, on the Sunday before the shooting, told the neighbor he was on medication... Court records show that in 1988, DeMarco and several relatives legally changed their family name from Dunkow... Lake Worth city records show DeMarco applied to that city’s police department on Nov. 23, 1986, still as Michael Dunkow Jr., and was hired on March 30, 1987. He said on his application he’d come to South Florida from Long Island... He said he’d applied to the police departments in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Greenacres, as well as the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office... DeMarco, a tactical officer... [Full article here]

OCTOBER 16, 2017
[Excerpts] ...“We can confirm that [Michael] DeMarco was dressed in a [Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office] uniform consisting of khaki pants and a black embroidered shirt at the time of the shooting... DeMarco waited until she neared the garage door. Then, he shot her and turned his county-issued gun on himself... The woman, whose name has still not been released, is in critical but stable condition after being shot several times.
Officials say the case is being treated as an attempted-murder/suicide. DeMarco died on the scene... In the 911 recording, the woman could be heard softly pleading. “Please help me,” she told a 911 operator... [Full article here]
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