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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

[VT] 275lb Trooper Lay's 100lb girlfriend has recanted her allegations.

April 2006

The hundred pound woman who last October said it was hard to come forward because of her "extreme fear" - was brought into notice by her mother who made a report fearing for her daughter - the one that Vermont State Trooper David Lay is accused of punching around, slapping and choking to unconsciousness - has recanted. While he was contracted to train security forces in Iraq she admitted to him she had seen other men That would be the same woman who had said last October that he took her out to a building to kill her, held her face in a pillow for two minutes, threatened her life on other occasions, according to her, described how he'd dispose of the body, smashed her head into the car windows, and who he is charged with (felony) raping.
The attorney wants the charge drops. Two lives dangle.


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  2. Felony charges dropped
    Rutland Herald, VT
    Gordon Dritschilo
    January 4, 2007
    ...The remaining felonies were dismissed by the state, according to court documents...

  3. Chargers where drop because the girl feared for her life.he is fucked up and crazy.the littlest things set him off.he should not be even working at fair point


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