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Friday, August 31, 2012

[UK] Dorset Police Officer Cherry accused of brutal attack on pregnant fellow officer ex-girlfriend

...[Dorset Police Officer] Matthew Cherry allegedly punched and kicked fellow officer Caroline Craft several times in the back and stomach as she cowered on her bathroom floor...

Solent News
By Jamie Pyatt
29th August 2012
[Excerpts] A COP beat up his pregnant ex-girlfriend to try to make her lose their baby, a court heard yesterday. PC Matthew Cherry posed as a masked raider to force his way into Caroline Craft’s flat and punched and kicked her in the stomach, it was alleged. He was also said to have hit her repeatedly in the face and back... The attack on Caroline — also a police officer — was allegedly designed to “target” her unborn baby, which survived... Caroline said he had told her to have an abortion, threatened to hit her in the stomach and called her a “f***ing bitch” who had ruined his life. On the day of the attack in March 2011 she was waiting for an estate agent in Bournemouth, Dorset, when a man in a balaclava and gloves burst in. Caroline, six months’ pregnant at the time, told police: “I curled up into a ball, protecting my bump. Blood was spraying and I was screaming”... Cherry, of Southampton, who was said to have a history of aggression, denies attempting to cause GBH with intent...[LINK]

Bournemouth Echo
30th August 2012
[Excerpts] A [Dorset] police officer accused of attacking his pregnant ex-partner said his life would be “easier” if she lost the baby, a court heard. Matthew Cherry, 35, is alleged to have told his flatmate that he could not afford a baby and suggested punching the mother in the stomach to cause her to miscarry... The prosecution claim he forced his way into her flat at Norwich Mansions, Bournemouth, on March 24 last year wearing a balaclava, hoodie and gloves. She was six months pregnant with his child at the time. Carla Hutchings, who lived with Cherry and Craft at the time of the offence, told Winchester Crown Court that she had many conversations with Cherry about the baby. Speaking about one “out of the blue comment”, Miss Hutchings said: “The comment he made was ‘It would just be easier if Caroline would miscarry or if I could punch her in the stomach’... The court also heard from neighbour Alex Bowness, who said on the morning of the incident he had let a man into the building after he buzzed and said “police” through the intercom. Mr Bowness said he went to investigate and saw a man huddled over a vacuum cleaner who refused to answer any questions. He told the court he did not see his face but called the police because he’d become suspicious. Then he described hearing a woman screaming. “She was just hysterically screaming. It was really loud even from quite a few floors away,” he said. Mr Bowness said he went to investigate and saw Miss Craft coming out of her flat. “She was completely covered in blood. It was very shocking. I thought she had been stabbed or something.”...[LINK]

Posted: 28/08/2012
[Excerpts] A police officer [Matthew Cherry] repeatedly punched his pregnant ex-girlfriend [Caroline Craft] in the stomach because he did not want her to have his baby... The pair split up after she decided not to have a termination. Miss Craft was six months' pregnant when she was attacked... Matthew Jewell, prosecuting, said Miss Craft, 27, also a Dorset Police officer, was in her ground-floor flat at around 10am on March 24 last year waiting for an estate agent to call because she was selling up. In the meantime, the barrister said, a man the prosecution claim was Cherry got into the block by buzzing an intercom of another flat and saying "police". Cherry then pretended to be a cleaner using a vacuum cleaner, in what was a planned attack by someone "forensically aware", Mr Jewell said... "She was then attacked with multiple punches to her stomach and back, in a way which targeted her unborn child. She shouted for help and a gloved hand was placed over her mouth. She was also kicked.... She was dragged into the bathroom and forced to sit on the toilet. The male said he would tie her up. She was absolutely terrified about what was happening to her in her own home"... Footwear impressions were found at the scene and were found to have been left by size-10 Nike Dart trainers. Cherry has a size-10 shoe and when his home was searched a Nike box was found which originally held size-10 Nike Dart trainers, the barrister explained... Miss Craft gave birth to a boy... Comments have been closed for legal reasons. [LINK]

POLICE OFFICER WHO 'PUNCHED AND KICKED PREGNANT EX IN STOMACH TO INDUCE MISCARRIAGE TOLD FRIEND HE WAS WITH HER FOR SEX': Jury hears PC Matthew Cherry confided that he only wanted to have a child in a loving relationship.
The Daily Mail
By Leon Watson
30 August 2012
[Excerpts] A police officer accused of attacking his pregnant ex-girlfriend told a close friend he had only been in the relationship for sex, a court heard today. PC Paul Perdrisat said fellow PC Matthew Cherry was annoyed Caroline Craft fell pregnant despite being on the pill. The jury heard Cherry, 35, confided in Mr Perdrisat that he only wanted to have a child in a loving relationship - and he did not love Miss Craft, 27. PC Matthew Cherry, 35, allegedly punched and kicked fellow officer Caroline Craft several times in the back and stomach as she cowered on her bathroom floor That was despite Cherry knowing his girlfriend, also a police constable, had believed it was a serious relationship, Mr Perdrisat said. Cherry also told his shocked colleague he wanted Miss Craft to have an abortion and asked how he could induce a miscarriage, the court heard... Her attacker showed 'no interest' in valuable items, such as laptops, a television and jewellery... Cherry told another work mate he felt physically sick for being 'tricked' into having a child... He said news of the pregnancy left him unable to sleep and eat and he had not cried so much since his father was ill. However, he later told the same colleague - Sgt Colin Neve - that he intended to fight for full custody so he could see his baby's first steps and smile. Cherry and Miss Craft's relationship 'disintegrated' when she refused to have an abortion and he moved out of the flat a short while later, selling it to her for £145,000... [LINK]
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