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Friday, September 20, 2013

[PA] Officer Weaver accused of domestic violence and Mayor Vogel backs him

Braddock Hills Pennsylvania police officer Thomas Calvin Weaver III is accused of assaulting his wife and threatening to kill her in front of their children. Officer Weaver has previously been under a protection from abuse order.

...Braddock Hills Mayor Mark Vogel said "I am standing with our officer..." [His wife] told police she had to scratch her husband’s face and kick him in the groin to get him off her...

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013
[Excerpts] A Braddock Hills police officer [Thomas Calvin Weaver III] was arrested Monday night after authorities said he allegedly assaulted his wife and threatened to kill her in front of their children... The complaint said Weaver grabbed the victim by her neck and around her throat, before throwing her backwards into her car. The woman told police he was screaming that he was going to kill her... “He’s always had a great reputation. Honestly, I’m astonished,” [Braddock Hills Mayor Mark] Vogel said. “I am standing with our officer. He’s innocent until proven guilty. There are two sides to every story. We will find out what happened in court. Weaver is charged with assault, harassment and terroristic threats, officials said. He posted bail Tuesday morning. [Full article here]

Published Sep 17, 2013
[Excerpts] ...She told police that after the children were placed in his vehicle, he became angry and grabbed her by the neck before throwing her back against her car. [His wife] told police she had to scratch her husband’s face and kick him in the groin to get him off her. Thomas Weaver reportedly stood at her car door and screamed about the alleged affair. [His wife] said she checked on her children, who were crying. She told Donegal police she was afraid to go home and that her husband owns several firearms. Donegal police Sgt. Ron Catrain Jr. said Weaver turned himself in Monday night at the police station. Catrain said while he was aware Weaver lived in the township, the only other involvement the department had with him was regarding a 2011 protection-from-abuse order obtained by his wife... A preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 26 before District Judge Ethan Ward... [Full article here]
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  1. I was arrested and treated horribly by Officer Weaver when he was a Braddock police officer. I had never been in trouble before and i was humiliated by him and his fellow officers while entering their police station. I always knew he was like this, and i'm glad that the truth regarding him finally came out.


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