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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[CAN] Lethbridge Police Officer Fielding gets handslap for cyber-stalking ex with police database

Misuse of special access law enforcement technology amounts to frightening abuse of power and malfeasance. It' not just "snooping."

Calgary Herald
By Stephane Massinon
July 5, 2011
[Excerpts] A Lethbridge police officer has been demoted after he admitted to using a police database to snoop on an ex-girlfriend... demoted from a first-class constable to second-class constable for a two-year period. He’ll also have to undergo counselling and ethics training... Fielding was sentenced for insubordination and discreditable conduct by a Calgary Police Service member brought in for the hearing. Fielding admitted to running the licence plates of cars parked overnight at his ex-girlfriend’s home when he feared another man was in her life. Fielding checked the Canadian Police Information Centre database 14 times in February for personal reasons... He was also accused of committing deceit, but was found not guilty... [Full article here]
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