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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm back. It's time to try to catch up... and here are some items I gathered without blogging on them

The last three or four weeks have been a lot of this and that.
I have been keeping up pretty much with emails from victims, but the blog and other projects have lagged. Hopefully things that kept me from doing what I do have subsided now and I can begin trying to catch up some.

Speaking of catching up, I don't post every story.
There are too many. Instead, I keep a list of stories and cases that I have filed but not blogged on - and this would be a good time to drop some of those here. Not having blogged on them makes them no less important. I'm just one person wishing I was a team of people - but at peace with my limitations. I may come back to this post and add some more for these time periods.

JUNE 2011

[PA] Philadelphia Police Officer Howard Lomax was arrested on the belief that he assaulted the girlfriend that he lives with, and then four days later went to his estranged wife's residence and physically assaulted her also. Both women had injuries. After an investigation by the Department's Internal Affairs Bureau and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, he was charged with two counts of Simple Assault and two counts of Recklessly Endangering another Person. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey suspended Lomax with the intent to dismiss him from the force.

[OR] The day after former Portland police Ryan Graichen was released from jail on other charges he created the first of two fictitious Facebook profiles so he could stalk his former girlfriend, despite a no contact order. His bail has been revoked and he is being held without bail. Graichen now faces additional charges of stalking and four counts of violating a civil anti-harrassment order. Graichen currently resides in Washington State.

MAY 2011

[CA] Virgil Millon fatally shot his ex-fiancee, Arabella Bradford, and her close friend, Malvin Conley Jr. Police then killed Millon outside the home he and Bradford owned. All three had worked for the state Department of Corrections. Millon, 46, was a lieutenant in the juvenile justice division; Bradford, 38, was a ; Conley, 43, of Riverside, was a corrections officer at California Institute for Men in Chino. Less than 24 hours before her death, court documents show, Bradford - who wrote that her ex-fiance had been stalking her - had served Millon with a notice that she planned to seek a permanent restraining order that would prohibit him from contacting her... Date of deaths: MAY 10, 2011

[PA] Rockview state police trooper Timothy Lear, accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, was acquitted of all charges by a Huntingdon County jury Thursday. Karen Muir, the attorney representing Lear, said the jury deliberated for just 15 minutes before returning with a “not guilty” verdict on felony trespass, misdemeanor simple assault, false imprisonment and other charges.

[AL] Madison County Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Dominick Daversa was arrested by Huntsville Police on charges of burglary, and third-degree domestic violence (harassment). Daversa was booked into the Madison County Jail and put on leave pending an investigation by both Huntsville police and the Madison County sheriff's office.

APRIL 2011

[NC] Recently retired New Bern North Carolina Police Officer Ernest Flowers and commander of the New Bern Young Marines and his wife, Dawn Nelson-Flowers, a non-sworn member of the police department, were both ordered to jail for up to 48 hours on domestic assault charges. Ernest Flowers was charged with assault on a female and Nelson-Flowers was charged with simple assault.

[OH] Euclid Police Officer, Sgt Kevin Blakely, shot and killed himself at the very beginning of a meeting with his supervisors in the department's detective bureau about his lack of cooperation about an internal investigation that had been started on him. April 20, 2011

[ME] Kennebec County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark F. Brown of Vassalboro was cleared of domestic violence assault and violating a protective order. The mother of his child said that Brown confronted her about getting a protection order against him and backhanded her across her face in a parking lot two blocks from the courthouse. She says she waited days to report it because she was embarassed and didn't want to escalate the situation that was already frightening for her. During the trial Brown had two people that testified that he was with them at the time of the reported incident.

[CT] Rocky Hill Police Sergeant Leonard "Lenny" Kulas has taken his own life though engaged to be married. Condolences to his fiance, family and friends. Date of death Thursday, April 28, 2011.

MARCH 2011

[NC] Boone Police Officer Jonathan Lee Cropper was found dead March 16, 2011 at his Avery County home of a gunshot wound that police believe was self-inflicted. He started with the Boone Police Department on Oct. 18, 2010, in the patrol division. PIC

[PA] Ashley Police Chief Dave Cerski has been fired fired. The termination comes about a week after Cerski's ex-girlfriend filed a protection from abuse order against him. He had been successfully sued twice in court since 1997. In December 1997, while a sergeant, Cerski was sued after being accused of being hostile to a county crisis intervention caseworker and was also sued in 2004 for allegedly mistreating a female Ashley fire police official.

[VA] Norfolk police Lt. William Mackenzie killed his wife Patricia and himself inside their Great Bridge condominium, investigators confirmed, and left their friends and neighbors stunned because they saw no warning signs. I collected a lot of information - articles, videos, etc - but another blogger's post made me so upset by what was said about the MacKenzie's that I couldn't post. Blessings and healing to this family. Date of deaths: March 21, 2011

[ME] Fairfield Deputy Police Chief Steven Trahan - The state Attorney General's Office has decided not to prosecute Trahan on a domestic assault charge because it does not believe a judge or jury would find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. [Google him here]

[VA] Prince William County police officer Charles Edward Kincheloe has been charged with domestic assault and battery. His police powers have been suspended as part of an internal investigation. He was released on a $1,500 unsecured bond. [Google him here]

[OK] Muskogee Police Officer Perry Galvin, under investigation for allegedly hitting his wife will not be charged. “Based upon the circumstances of the case and the wishes of the complaining witness, no charges are being filed”... Galvin will remain on administrative leave until he goes before an internal board of discipline. March 2, 2011 [Google him here]

[OH] Lorain police officer Zachary Iannantuono is fired for abusing his authority in a dispute with a police dispatcher with whom he had been involved... This isn’t the first time that Iannantuono’s relationship with her has caused problems for the officer... Another officer had to remove a "defiant" Iannantuono from Nieves’ property in May 2009, and he was later placed on leave and removed from road patrol after concerns about [dangerous] comments he’d allegedly made in July 2009 came to light... March 8th, 2011. [Earlier post here] [Google him here]

[UK] Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute Prison Officer Robert Holden strangled his wife Nicola and then hanged himself at their family home in Torrisholme, Morecambe. Police said that the pair, of Low Lane, had been experiencing “marital difficulties.” March 4, 2011

[CT] Ex Wilton Police Officer Andrew Barone from Trumbull, has been sentenced to nine months in prison for one count of first-degree reckless endangerment and four counts of fourth-degree computer crime. He was also given nine years of probation for the multiple Class A misdemeanor charges. He was originally charged with one count of sexual assault (of his girlfreind's 16 year old sister) in the second degree, three felony counts of computer crime in the third degree, one count of larceny in the sixth degree and eight breach of peace counts in the second degree. Previously blogged about here.

[NJ] Plainfield Police Officer, Lieutenant Ronald S. Lattimore, reported to work but was found dead in his Watchung home later that night. Lattimore was found March 23, 2011, around 8:45 p.m. in his garage, having suffered a fatal and self-inflicted gunshot wound.


[ND] Bureau of Indian Affairs Police Officer Duane Gunville accused of cutting his wife with a knife in Devils Lake will have an aggravated assault charge dropped if he completes a domestic violence program. The Prosecutor and the defense attorney agreed to defer prosecution because Gunville's wife recanted, saying now that he did not atack her - but was cut trying to keep him from killing himself with a knife. February 25, 2011

[MD] Prince George Police Sgt. Tora Lynn Coates' formber boyfriend is suing the county for $20 million, claiming that her supervisors should have prevented the attack. Attorneys for 48-year-old Billy Peoples, of White Plains, said Prince George's County police brass should have known that his fiancee, Sgt. Tora Lynn Coates, was suicidal, a danger to the public and unfit to be a police officer. Three years ago, Coates killed herself and critically wounded Peoples by gunfire in what detectives determined was an attempted murder and suicide... According to a Nov. 18, 2008 post on the Web site Behind the Blue Wall, a man who identified himself as Coates' fiance said the shooting left him partially paralyzed. "I do not blame her, I miss her everyday. But I blame her [department]. I had warned the [department] that she might have problems that they need [to] address," the writer said. "She was so well liked by her superiors that they felt that [it] needed to be pushed under the carpet so not to tarnish and end her career"... [Full article here]

[PA] Pittsburgh police Detective David Honick - Prosecutors withdrew charges Tuesday against Pittsburgh police Detective David Honick and his wife accused of assault. Honick and his wife, Jennifer, both 37, refused to testify against each other at a preliminary hearing in Pittsburgh Municipal Court, and there was no clear aggressor in the dispute. [cop om cop clerk dv] - Feb 16, 2011

[TX] El Paso Police Officer Zake Rivera was arrested on sexual assault after making a domestic violence victim give him oral sex against her will in his patrol car outside the apartment building where her husband and her had fought. DNA evidence was found on her person. Records from 2006 that show the Civil Service Commission voted to disqualify Rivera from taking the exam to become a police officer. February 25, 2011

[MA] Medford Police Sergeant James Lee's Civil Service hearing about hitting a woman who he had previous dated was closed to the public. The woman was granted an extended protection order. Sgt. Lee was denied. "The hearing is the first step of a process that will determine if Lee committed any wrong-doing or misconduct, and if so, what disciplinary measures are warranted." Feb 22, 2011

[FL] Davie Police Officer Kevin Kilpatrick - on paid leaved 7 years - has been investigated on accusations involving a domestic abuse call cover-up, as well as a DUI charge. The department fired him twice, and twice he won his job back... He collected $80,275 annually until he was again fired in January 2008, when a psychologist ruled him "permanently unfit for duty." Kilpatrick sued and the city reinstated him in August 2009. Kilpatrick said psychologists have since ruled him fit for duty, but the department has kept him on paid leave... He has made more than $550,000 for not working... See: [FL] Officer Kilpatrick gets paid for not working after domestic and dui history


[WA] Kennewick Firefighter Ryan Gladstoneone was charged with first-degree child molestation "of a child he knows" on January 18th, 2011, while the child was visiting his home. He and his wife were in the midst of a divorce. He was put on leave and served a protection order from his wife. While in jail he was found hanging, and later died at the hospital. DOD Jan. 27, 2011

[ID] Ex Ada County Jail Deputy Michael James Lee is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his wife and fatally stabbing his mother Lynn Blake. He is facing multiple felony charges — including first degree murder, second degree kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault, battery, and use of a deadly weapon during a crime. He worked as a deputy until 2010. These violent crimes happend January 4, 2011

[AZ] Former Sgt. Tim Smith firing upheld. by Peoria personnel board. Smith was terminated February 2010 after an investigation found that the 13-year Peoria police officer had threatened to kill his former wife and used a department cellphone to send harassing text messages to her. Investigators also found that Smith had attached a Peoria police tracking device to his wife's car and documented a 2008 incident in which Smith had thrown a drink in another man's face at a Peoria bar after learning the man had purchased a drink for his wife. [LINK] [LINK]

[IN] Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Kirmille Welbon was was fired after she was charged in connection with a domestic altercation - charged with residential entry, battery with injury and criminal trespass.

[VA] Fired Brunswick Correctional Center Corrections Officer Tiffany Harrison of Brodnax arrested and jailed without bond for stabbing her husband, ex-convict William Harrison to death over an argument about beans she says.

[NM] Alamogordo Police Officer Andy Dominguez's Sudden Death Shocks Community: He died suddenly in his home Jan. 4 2011 at the age of 39. A cause of death hasn't been released.

[PA] PITTSBURGH FIREFIGHTER Thomas Baltos was charged with domestic violence, aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest and making terroristic threats... Baltos is accused of assaulting his wife. When police arrived, they found a woman in need of medical attention. She was taken to Allegheny General Hospital. Police officers responding to the call said Baltos had a large sword and was making threats to the officers. When police attempted to take him into custody, he began to fight several officers.

[TX] Lubbock police officer Jason Hignight resigned right before being arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child and one count of indecency with a child. Hignight's underage family members, ages 16 and 12, were interviewed by police about the allegations after the mother of the girls brought them to the police department. According to an arrest warrant, Hignight's wife walked in him exposing himself with one of the victims. The 16-year-old victim told police that the sexual assaults have been going on for three years. Jan 19, 2011
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  1. Peoria Arizona Police Sergeant Tim Smith shot and killed himself 04/11/2011 after his last attempt before an appeal board did not land him his job back, with retro pay ans ALEA reevok his cert.

  2. I wish it all could have had a better ending for everyone involved. Thank you for updating me.


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