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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[FL] Officer Culver accused again of threatening to kill her husband, then fired

...when [Apopka police officer Tanya] Culver threatened to kill her husband and herself, she was told to stay away from the Sanford home she shared with her husband and children. Deputies said she made similar threats Sunday night...

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[FL] Terroristic Threatening - Officer Tanya Culver accused of pointing gun at self and then her husband - A veteran Apopka police officer [Tanya Culver] is in danger of losing her job after she was accused of firing a gun at her new husband during an argument...

Apopka police Officer Tanya Culver was fired after second arrest in less than a month.
Orlando Sentinel
By Bianca Prieto
April 6, 2010
A suicidal Apopka police officer was fired after she was arrested for a second time in less than a month. Tanya Culver, 36, learned she was terminated shortly after she made her first court appearance Monday after her latest arrest, an Apopka police spokesman said Tuesday. The former patrol officer is accused of violating the terms of her previous jail release by allegedly showing up at the same bar where her husband was at. Culver made her first court appearance from the Seminole County jail, where she remains held without bond. She faces these charges: violation of pre-trial conditions, simple assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, jail records show... An Apopka police spokesman, Officer Steve Popp, said that if an employee is experiencing mental-health issues and approaches the police chief or deputy chief, they can decide to refer the officer to counseling. Popp said Culver did not approach her bosses and ask for help... Culver has been arrested three times in three years... [Full article here]

Tanya Culver Accused Of Making Threats To Husband
April 5, 2010
An Apopka Police officer who was suspended a month ago after her arrest for threatening to kill her husband will now be fired. Tanya Culver was arrested again overnight and was accused of making threats to her husband. After her arrest last month, when Culver threatened to kill her husband and herself, she was told to stay away from the Sanford home she shared with her husband and children. Deputies said she made similar threats Sunday night while her husband apparently stopped at a bar to pick someone up. "Apparently Mrs. Culver showed up there saying she was going to run him over and kill herself," Sanford Police Sgt. David Morgenstern said... "She was in the house, which is a violation of her pretrial release conditions"...Culver remains in Seminole County Jail. [Full article here]
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  2. Joseph Farr vacated HER and MY home the 2th of april THERE WAS NOT EVEN A SOCK OR FOOD OF HIS left in the HOME, he never bought any anyways,left without paying his bills. he beat the hell out of her first,then called the cops that she trespassed and 13 Squad Cars arrived to remove this 135 pound women out of HER and my home, maybe they had a Swat practice,on Circle Hill Sanford,FL.he handed them the keys to go get her out.She went back to jail,well they even brought the dogs.He again cryed that she she wanted to kill him.joking and lauhging with the cops.I wanted to file a report,i was told you have a good evening ma'm,BECAUSE HE LURED HER TO THAT BAR AND TEXTED HER ALL DAY SUNDAY drunk on rum and set her up.My daughter was a good officer till she met this maniac 3 years ago.HELLfor the family! HE belongs also where she is at.he texted all day Sunday,he invited her to go to his aunts for easter dinner and i warned her
    This been pure HORROR,I do have proof of phone calls he made to my home!!WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL,I ALSO FEAR FOR MY LIFE.i look over my shoulder all the time ,he needs to be in MENTAL WARD.Him and this other drunk had made terroristic treats in the parking lot,again there was no report taken by Seminole County Sheriff LOL and i was trespassed.something is not right here, i smell a RAT. wifebeater,cheater,crook and gets away with all this.Things like this do not happen where i came from!Thank God i don't live in Sanford Fl.Cops there are Girlyman!Give them a class on how to write and file reports.

  3. The bills are payed,he moved back in,he is waiting for her with open arms.Sick,sick MANIAC.A lots mental and emotinal abuse on those children,they don't need to experience anymore of this domestic violence,and to Tonya,God help you if you go back with that magot.He will kill you Go to a mental Inst. and have your Brain reprogramed.Get HELP,HELP!Care about your children,family instead you had put him in the center of your sick,domestic abused world for the past 3 years.BEER etc.etc.

  4. All this time he has communicated with her,Alice Johnson his aunt is the one that goes and preaches in the same jail,EASTER Sunday when she was arrested for trespassing she had invited both of them knowing she was not suppose to go around him or the house,he was drunk all weekend i can't understand it .I tried numerous times to file a domestic violence report to the Sanford result,SeminoleCountySheriff no result after i called 911.So what in the hell is this?If she goes back to her home and he beats the hell out of her,Sgt.SMITH TOLD ME SHE BE ARRESTED AGAIN.What about him he has a record on domestic violence,felony in volusia county and child abuse in PA.Found her animals in the house without food or water and POOP all over the carpet.Got all the proof. He even treatened me and nothing was done.There is something not right here???AUNT ALICE KEEPS HIM OUT OF JAIL,BUT I DO BELIEVE THERE IS A GOD AND WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.He needs to be in a Nutward THAT WIESEL.them 2 set Tanya Upthat day! she Aunt Alice is hoping there be a forclosure and she can buy this home for her JOE. When you have the money you will get away with murder,like the dude that shot his wife by wesh tv,i will get back in touch with you when she gets out!Sorry for the misspelling,i'm from europe and we don't have all this trash in my Family,i been slendered from here to Europe.Also on Sanford PD topix,there was one that told me that i had to learn some grammar,well they don't even know how to write a report!!!

  5. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    HE Joseph A FARR doesn't take care of his kids,this i know for a fact.The state of PA has paid more then there fair share for his kids because he won't even pay support anymore.The only thing Tanya did wrong was get involved with Joe.He ruins peoples lives.And he IS a women beater,just ask the mothers of his six children.There is a reason they left him.Think Joe is a victim here, the only victim is the 6 children he abondoned and the wife he drove to want to kill herself.

  6. AnonymousMay 31, 2010

    Also her 2 children are victims and the embarresment this drunken wifebeater ,felon, animal neglect,etc.etc,Felon and bought Assault rifle and Sanford cops let him drive off drunk after he beat the day light out of her and almost killed her.HE ALSO THREATENED HER report was taken by Seminole county Sheriff!Mother was profiled by SPD and Sheriff's Department.accused her of being drunk,mother does not DRINK.He is communicating with her from jail and getting back together!


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