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Friday, April 9, 2010

[NJ] Camden Police Sgt. Shane Sampson charged for falsely having his ex-wife arrested - while he watched

...Sgt. Shane Sampson, 41, turned himself in Wednesday morning and was charged with official misconduct and harassment...

By George Mast
April 8, 2010
[Excerpts] A city police sergeant is accused of illegally signing a criminal complaint that led to his ex-wife's arrest, authorities said. Shane Sampson, 41, of Williamstown, is charged with official misconduct and harassment... The 15-year veteran turned himself in to the prosecutor's office on Wednesday morning. Sampson allegedly filed a criminal complaint against his ex-wife on Dec. 23 that led to her arrest for alleged interference with custody... After the arrest warrant was issued, Sampson went to Atlantic City International Airport to make sure his ex-wife was taken into custody by state police... She then was transferred to the Camden Police Department. The woman was held for about eight hours before being released... Sampson's ex-wife filed a complaint with the department's Internal Affairs Unit... He was released after being charged Wednesday and ordered to have no contact with his ex-wife, Laughlin said. "We will continue to hold our officers to the highest standard and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any actions that jeopardize or tarnish the public's trust," said Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson... [Full article here]

Philadelphia Inquirer
By Matt Katz
Thu, Apr. 8, 2010
[Excerpts] ...The problem, according to the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, was threefold: The woman had not committed a crime; neither she nor the officer lived in Camden; and the arrest occurred at Atlantic City International Airport, outside Camden's jurisdiction. Sgt. Shane Sampson, 41, turned himself in Wednesday morning and was charged with official misconduct and harassment... Sampson was released on his own recognizance and forbidden to have any contact with his ex... Police also suspended him without pay... Sampson and his ex-wife, whom the Prosecutor's Office declined to identify, had a court-ordered custodial agreement that allowed her to travel to Florida with their toddler daughter until Dec. 24. While there visiting family, the woman hurt her shoulder and was advised by a doctor to delay her flight home... She told Sampson she would return several days later than planned... On Dec. 28, the woman, who lives in Pine Hill, arrived at Atlantic City International and was met by state troopers, who charged her with interference with custody. She was detained for four hours, with Sampson there to witness... The woman then was taken to Camden Police Headquarters, where she was detained for four more hours. Police looked after the child until the woman was released. The woman's charges ultimately were dismissed, and she filed a complaint with the Camden Police Internal Affairs Unit. The Prosecutor's Office then got the case. Investigators found that Sampson filed the complaint on Dec. 23, before his ex-wife was even required to return... She never should have been arrested... [Full article here]
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  1. To the person who tried to post about some additional unrelated crimes please report those to Sampson's pd where it will make a difference and where it can be determined if they are substantiated or unsubstantiated allegations.

  2. Kevin SpataJuly 22, 2010

    I was arrested for videotaping the aggressive behavior of police officers who were supposed to be security at a concert. I witnessed 4 officers all working together in a parking lot after the event let out. The 2 female "officers" were behaving in a completely inappropriate manner and cuffing and citing just about anyone who said anything to them. My response was to immediately pull out my phone and begin recording. At that point a male officer saw me and became quite upset. He commanded me to walk towards him (about 25-30 ft) and I complied fully. I was then placed in cuffs and had my cell phone and other belongings taken away. When this happened my girlfriend pulled out her phone and began recording the incident involving me. She too was told to walk forward and she too complied. She was then placed in cuffs and put in the back of a squad car. Now while in cuffs I had an officer threaten me a number of times telling me, "I'll split your skull". My girlfreind, of african american descent, was repeatedly refered to as "Darkness" while in custody as well. As bad as everything sounds so far the real kicker was when we got our phones back and my videos had been erased and my girlfriends had the SIM card removed entirely. In the end we were both charged with "improper behavior", whatever that means. I still have not been told what I did wrong! The best part is that without the proof on those phones I have no case and most likely will plead "No contest" to get the whole thing over with. More than anything I am angry that they can abuse the authority they have been given and there is nothing I can do about it. I have consulted a lawyer who agreed to defend the case but he was very honest when he told me I was making an emotional decision. If I were making a business decision I would cut my losses and be done with the whole thing. There is the chance that I could pay for my defense as well as the fines associated with the charge.

  3. Thats great Sgt. Sampson is being held accountable. Now, When is Camden City or The attorney General going to investigate the incident in which two officers lost they're jobs and were unjustly indicted in order to protect a then sergeant now a Lieutenant. By the way the two officers were African-american and the Sergeant/Lieutenant is Caucasian. They should talk to Judge Cook who suspected something was wrong with the case. Chief Thompson protected his friend Sergeant/Lieutenant Carlin. Talk about the Blue wall of silence this is an injustice. Especially when one of the fired officers was officer of the year the year before. Camden County Prosecutor's helped protect Carlin. Just Speak to Capt. Bowen Or lieutenant Mark Nicholas. But Nothing will happen and Camden's culture of corruption continues.

  4. UR BLOG looks like mine except "Deputy Steven A Jackosn of Dearborn Co IN - has the children, our children - Jake and Grace Jackson - he ABUSED - MENTALLY nad PHYSICALLY (DOCUMENTED)! GOD BLESS US ALL!!


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