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Friday, April 2, 2010

[TX] Deputy Quintero accused of cop-on-cop wife assault

San Antonio Express
By Peter J. Holley
Web Posted: 04/02/2010 12:00 CDT
[Excerpts] A Bexar County jail guard who was attacked at work last week became the accused aggressor when he allegedly beat up his wife, authorities said. Bexar County investigators arrested Ray Quintero, 32, at his mother's house on Wednesday night. The Bexar County jailer, a deputy since 2004, is accused of punching and choking his wife following a domestic dispute Wednesday morning. He was released from Bexar County Jail early Thursday after posting $5,000 bail. “This is an unfortunate incident, and this officer does not reflect the other men and women that work for the Sheriff's Office,” said Linda Tomasini, an agency spokeswoman. “In no way does he represent the other fine officers that work for us.” Authorities began investigating the assault after Quintero's wife, also a deputy at the county jail, showed up at work on Wednesday with “visible signs of abuse,” Tomasini said... Quintero remains on paid administrative leave while authorities continue to investigate both incidents, Tomasini said. [Full article here]
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