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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 Shelby County Deputies Arrested for AGGRAVATED dv

JUNE 12, 2007
...Memphis police arrested Deputy Michael Hoard, 35, currently assigned to the Fugitive Bureau, yesterday afternoon. Investigators say Hoard was charged with two counts of aggravated assault... against both the victim and her unborn child... A witness told police that Hoard followed her to a closed area in the business and stuck a pistol in the back of her neck. The woman began screaming...
...In an unrelated incident, Tipton County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Deputy James Taber... Taber was charged with aggravated domestic assault and domestic assault in an incident involving his wife and stepdaughter...


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2007

    I was briefly (thank GOD) acquainted with this guy when he was in the sheriffs academy. I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw him ont the news. He had absolutely no respect for women or the law, even though his father was a retired deputy and his brother-in-law was also a deputy. He was a bum who lived with his girlfriend at his Mommy and Daddies house because he could'nt find or keep a job that wouldf support them. He got his jollies by riding around in his car with illegal scanners listening to peoples cordless phone conversations! That is the kind of person law enforcement is allowing to protect Shelby County residents. Make a college degree a requirement for law enforcement officers and we won't ever have to worry about Michael Hoard subjecting himself to citizens again!

  2. I've got bad news:

    AP IMPACT: Police departments relax age and fitness standards
    San Diego Union Tribune, United States - ASSOCIATED PRESS
    By Ken Maguire
    June 8, 2007
    Police departments around the country, including Los Angeles and Oakland, are relaxing age and fitness standards, forgiving minor criminal convictions and easing other requirements to relieve shortages in their ranks...

  3. Why don't you follow up on these cases rather than just copy and paste the articles. If you are going to do "justice" then you should follow through with the outcome of the events. I happen to know that Officers Astor and Taber were exonerated of their charges because they felonies were unfounded! You only care about keeping your blog filled with only half-truths!

  4. More civil people send me the link for the update (without the drama) and then I thank them.

    Try it. See if it works. I'm following hundreds (and hundreds) of cases.

  5. Well, I would be more than happy to send you the link but since there wasn't "a story" to follow, the media outlets did not give the rest of the story either. Drama or not, if you are going to be the one to post this information, then YOU should be responsible enough to give the complete story...not just chase headlines for your blog. Thanks for posting my first comment.

  6. I will work harder at knowing everything and being in all places at one time.

  7. Even though your sarcasm is necessary, I do appreciate your efforts. I'm just asking that if you are going to choose a story to post on your blog, try to be mindful of the fact that not following up on them is not fair to any parties involved.

  8. You don't listen so that's your last comment here UNLESS you post the update.

  9. UPDATE: Deputy Jon Astor was cleared of all criminal charges. He still lost his job because of politics and policy. His accuser was subsequently fired for an unrelated policy and ethical violation.

    UPDATE: Deputy James Taber plead guilty to simple assault on his step-daughter AFTER she hit him in the face with a cell phone. One would think that since she was a police officer too, she would not have provoked another officer by striking him. (Just my opinion). His record was eventually cleared. He too lost his job because of politics and policy.

    Thanks again for responding and posting my input. I apologize for not reading between the lines in the earlier responses. LOL!

  10. Lives in Millington Tn.


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