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Saturday, June 9, 2007

[TX] Statement from dv-rape-absolved Corpus Christi Police Chief Smith

"There is no doubt that I used poor judgment in my personal life through my interaction with a former girlfriend," [Police Chief Bryan] Smith said, reading from a prepared statement. "As a result, I embarrassed my fiancee, my family, my fellow police officers and myself. I accept full responsibility for my actions in this regard. I blame no one but myself"... City Manager Skip Noe announced Friday that Smith will stay as the city's police chief, giving him a suspension of 20 days that will be deducted from his accumulated vacation time... "I think it will make me a better police officer in the end," Smith said...

..."Let me be clear that during the incident on the morning of April 21, the chief was off duty, was in his personal vehicle, was using a personal cell phone, and we have no proof that he was operating while under the influence of alcohol," [City Manager Skip] Noe's statement said. "That being said, while these actions were on his personal time and part of his personal life, he did conduct himself in a manner that showed poor judgment and has called into question his ability to lead the department... I cannot hold Chief Smith to a standard that is simply not attainable -- an error-free life"...

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