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Sunday, June 17, 2007

[MI] Polce Chief Briggs fired prior to his trial for stalking

Excerpts from this week's news:
Larry L. Briggs, the embattled former chief of the Oakley-Brady Police Department, has lost his job as chief of Perry's police force just one week before his trial on a misdemeanor stalking charge... He will continue to receive his salary and full benefits through Aug. 10...
Mayor Pro Tem Tom Chaput said the Council did not base its decision on Briggs' guilt or innocence in the pending case. He said the firing was "for the good of the city and its citizens to have the highest level of trust in, not only the police department, but all city departments"... Briggs also was fired as police chief for Brady Township and the village of Oakley in Saginaw County after the stalking charges were filed. He had held that job and the Perry job simultaneously...

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