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Sunday, June 17, 2007

[TN] 3rd Shelby Co. Deputy arrested for dv within 2 days


For the third time in 24 hours, a Shelby County sheriff's deputy has been arrested on domestic violence charges... Jonathan Astor, 33, is accused of beating his girlfriend in a hotel room... She says they got into a dispute and he threw her around the room, threw the phone and broke the cell phone and when he was leaving, he took her other phone with him... Although the alleged victim told police she bumped her head and suffered bruises on her arm during the fight, investigators said she didn't want to file criminal charges. But deputies said the decision was not hers to make... In the last 48 hours, two other Shelby County Sheriff's deputies have also been arrested, Michael Hoard and James Taber... Deputy Michael Hoard was arrested for allegedy assaulting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Also, Deputy James Taber was arrested after an incident with his wife and step-daughter. Earlier this month, Memphis Police Department officer Jeremy Kyle was shot and killed after he forcibly entered the home of his ex-girlfriend, another police officer...

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