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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More recent officer-involved cases in the news

SOUTH BEND (IN) POLICE OFFICER SGT. ERIC DOWNEY ACQUITTED OF DOMESTIC BATTERY OF WIFE AND DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED - ...During his bench trial this week, [his wife] testified that Downey had grabbed her by the arms and pushed her, leaving red marks on her arms, during an argument at their home. He then left the home... several officers came out to take a report and photograph the red marks... About 2 a.m., Capt. Jeff Rynearson... said he saw Downey pull into his driveway. He said Downey was drinking a bottle of beer, while carrying a six-pack carrier containing four unopened bottles... Rynearson said he tried to talk to Downey about what had happened earlier with Lanning, but Downey refused, shouting, "(Expletive) you, you have no reason to talk to me." Officers testified that they allowed Downey to continue drinking the beer while they tried to question him, but ended up handcuffing and arresting him when they feared he had become so angry that he was a danger to himself or others... After listening to more than two hours of testimony, Magistrate Brian Steinke ruled that deputy prosecutor Liz Hurley had not proven either charge beyond a reasonable doubt...

SOMERVILLE MA POLICE OFFICER CHRISTOPHER GOMES CHARGED WITH ASSAULT AND BATTERY WITH A DANGEROUS WEAPON, WITH INJURIES - ...a woman displayed visible bruises on both upper arms. The woman told police that Gomes hit her with “the expandable thing that police carry”... According to Gomes, a verbal argument ensued, at which point the woman “picked up an object, possibly a hammer, and began striking herself with it”... According to police, the woman declined a restraining order against Gomes and said she was concerned for his well-being, adding that Gomes had mentioned “shooting himself” during two phone conversations following the incident...

PINELLAS COUNTY FL SHERIFF'S DEPUTY GEORGE MOFFET ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC BATTERY OF ESTRANGED WIFE - A Pinellas County Sheriff's Office deputy is accused of battering his estranged wife during an argument about their pending divorce... She had a visible injury... She reported the incident Wednesday morning. Investigating deputies arrested Moffett after interviewing him...

CALVERT TX POLICE OFFICER ANTHONY RAY SNODDY CHARGED WITH INJURING HIS GIRLFRIEND'S DAUGHTER - ...the child who was reportedly hurt was Snoddy's girlfriend's daughter... Snoody's been with the Calvert Police Department for two months...He was suspended without pay Monday, following a special meeting of the city council...

NEW ORLEANS POLICE OFFICER ROBBIE BANGHAM SUSPENDED AFTER DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARREST IN HOUMA - ...Terrebonne Parish sheriff's deputies responded to a report of domestic violence at 2:30 a.m. Monday. A 31-year-old woman told the deputies that that she and Bangham were embroiled in a verbal altercation... At some point, the disagreement turned physical and Bangham struck her several times with his fist, the Sheriff's Office said. A child apparently saw the fight. Deputies saw the woman was injured... Bangham, of Houma, was arrested for domestic abuse battery in the presence of a juvenile...

LAS VEGAS POLICE OFFICER JARED BLEDSOE AND WIFE SHAWNEE PLEAD GUILTY THREE MONTHS AFTER THEIR 2-YEAR-OLD SON SHOT HIMSELF - ...Jared and Shawnee Bledsoe, both 27, stood in District Court with their arms interlocked as they each entered an Alford plea for one count of use or possession of a firearm by a child under the age of 18... They were sentenced to perform 50 hours of community service, take a gun safety class and stay out of trouble for a year... Jared Bledsoe told detectives that he knocked the gun off his son's chest and began applying pressure to the boy's abdomen. The bullet went into the boy's abdomen, through his small bowel, liver, transverse colon, diaphragm, lung and arm.... Jared Bledsoe is still under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department's internal affairs office. He was relieved of duty without pay after the incident...


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  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Scott Seto Brookline Police Officer Brookline, MA accused of stalking/assaulting/sexual assaulting a woman. It's been all over the news here.

    "Other women complained about Brookline officer
    Report is filed as he is facing assault charge"

  2. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    So very true

  3. He got off with one year probation with a GPS ankle bracelet and his resignation but he gets to keep his pension because he pleaded to continued without a finding instead of guilty.

  4. Scott Seto


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