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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[LA] Who will have "resigned" NOPD Officer Buckley's back in prison? Sentenced to 210 years!

Resigned New Orleans police officer Christopher Buckley is going to prison as

a former NOPD cop,

as a child rapist,

with the rep of being a serial child rapist,

who admits repeatedly raping a police officer's child,

and with allegations of raping other girls, even as young as eight years old.

Who will have his back in the pen?

I don't know what created the compulsion, and I'm not one to pass judgement on other people's souls or to delight in the pain of suffering of anyone - but this is not up to any of us.

The court has spoken.

The Times-Picayune
By Gordon Russell
September 12, 2011
A former New Orleans police officer who pleaded guilty in May to seven counts of rape was sentenced Monday to 210 years in prison, according to the Orleans Parish district attorney's office. Christopher Buckley's sentence was imposed by Criminal District Judge Karen Herman. Buckley, 39, faced five to 40 years on each of the seven rape counts. He pleaded guilty in May as his trial entered its second day. His ex-girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter was preparing to take the stand and describe how he raped her multiple times in 2008. Six of the rape counts to which he pleaded guilty involved that girl. He also admitted raping an adult woman in 2003. Buckley, who had been on the New Orleans police force for 10 years, resigned shortly after his arrest in October 2008. [LINK]

  • [LA] If Officer Buckley raped this child who is responsible? - ...[New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren] Riley said this morning that the NOPD officer arrested yesterday for raping a 13-year-old girl has a history of sexual assault complaints made by young girls. Riley said similar allegations were made against Buckley in 2001 and 2003 and the NOPD opened internal investigations both times. Each case, including witness statements and evidence, was handed over to the district attorney's office. Each time, the cases were refused... (If Buckley's girlfriend had KNOWN there was a string of previous allegations from children - or convictions - how likely would it be that she would have put her daughter in harms way?... If Buckley was not subjected to a battery of psychosexual testing after your children's complaints, go after them. Grab them where it hurts and squEEze - for all your families have been through and in behalf of all the people who will become victims in the future if you don't.)
  • [LA] Multimillion dollar question for New Orleans: "What good officer finds himself repeatedly accused of raping little girls?" - I hope the families of the children raped by New Orleans police officer Christopher Buckley over the years sue everybody who had a hand in leaving him employed, looking trustworthy with a uniform, badge and gun - puffed him up on the sense of his own perverted power to do whatever he wanted, unobstructed.
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