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Sunday, March 11, 2012

[IN] The ex-police officer husband of Jail Commannder Christine Britton plea bargains on her suicide

Christine Britton
Harrison County Jail Commander

HARRISON POLICE OFFICER ENTERS PLEA IN WIFE'S FATAL SHOOTING: John Britton would admit to recklessness in wife's suicide
Louisville Courier-Journal
Mar. 10, 2012
[Excerpts] Three days before facing trial in the suicide of his wife, former Harrison County police officer John Britton entered a guilty plea to felony criminal recklessness. The plea agreement, if approved, means Britton could receive a sentence of six months to three years in prison. Britton had been accused of assisting in [Harrison County Jail Commander] Christine Britton’s suicide because he allegedly gave her the gun after she threatened to kill herself... John Britton is relieved he may finally get the matter behind him, [his attorney, Stan] Faith said... John Britton was indicted by a grand jury in October 2010 and charged with Class C assisting a suicide in the March 2009... Although Indiana State Police investigators concluded that Christine Britton pulled the trigger, her relatives pressed for answers about the circumstances surrounding the death. According to court records, John Britton told detectives that he and his wife were arguing and, after she threatened to kill herself, he placed his 40-caliber handgun on their bed and told her to go ahead and shoot herself. He told investigators he never expected she would do it. But after he left the room, he heard the fatal shot. Crime scene investigators reported finding no high-velocity blood spatter on his clothing that would have placed him at close range when the shot was fired... [Full article here]


Sep 2, 2009
[IN] The at-home shooting death of Harrison County Jail Cmdr. Christine Britton to be reviewed by the Grand Jury

Sep 19, 2009
[IN] Pending - Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Behalf of the Estate of Harrison County Jail Commander Christine Britton

Sep 26, 2009
[IN] Sheriff's Officer John Britton put on leave after family of Jail Commander Christine Britton file wrongful death lawsuit

Oct 30, 2010
[IN] Believing Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy John Britton when he tells 911: "My wife shot herself..."
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