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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[WA] From Lane Judson, the father of slain Crystal Judson-brame, about his daughter's killer being featured on an "In Memory of..." page

 I have recently viewed and read posts on a Facebook page discussing a website that features my daughter's killer and I will share my feelings regarding the loss of our daughter Crystal Judson-brame. It was Crystal's loss of life that truly got OIDV issues going faster than what had been going on for a number years at a much slower pace. I see and hear that "I have walked in your shoes and know what is going on". You who are still alive and can say that, but what about the ones that are no longer here? We must listen to the voices of those that struggled to save their lives, and didn't make it in order to truly understand what they went through. Have you have really walked in their shoes; understanding the horror, fear, and trying to protect children and others in the family? It's a great day if you are looking at the right side of dirt. God bless you. You are a survivor.

My wife Patty helped to get 12,500 full page letters signed and dated by citizens requesting United States Senators and U.S. Houseof Representative's to pass a law or an amendment with Crystal's name to ensure that OIDV issues would be heard nation wide on this most heinous crime committed by law enforcement personnel. And they are the ones that swore to an oath to protect all citizens in the community including their loved ones, family and others. We respect all law enforcement agencies that put their lives on the line daily to protect their city, county and state from those that commit such crimes. Personnel who commit  tarnish the badges and images of all those outstanding agencies.

We filed a $75 million dollar lawsuit against the city and others for the loss of Crystal, and it was settled out of court for the orphaned children only. No monetary award for any others. They no longer have a mom and dad to look up to daily and are being cared for with great love within our family.

Have you walked in our grandchildren's shoes? How about the children when their teacher says take this stuff home to your mom and dad. How do the children feel? When the children meet other kids mom and dad at school activities, what do they say???? When it's time for a prom, or a drivers license or when one of them gets recognized for sports or outstanding achievements! Walking in their shoes is hard to imagine.

I am appalled that some law enforcement officers who have shot their wives and then killed themselves are posted on an "IN Memory of" page of an officer-involved domestic violence web site. This is disgusting and unbearable. The Tacoma News Tribune did an outstanding article in October of 2008, that named three of the five worst criminals in the last 125 years of history in Pierce County Washington as being Ted Bundy, The Beltway Snipers in Washington D.C. (as they originated in Tacoma Wa), and david brame who committed Murder/Suicide of our most beloved daughter Crystal Judson ( brame), leaving 2 orphaned children. Yes, we have walked ...................!

We must close on a positive note.We are so happy and blessed that all of Crystal Judson's laws have jumped the pond and are being reviewed by Parliament in the UK. England has similar problems with OIDV as we have here in America.

Lane Judson
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  1. I have removed the two comments because there is no mention of the name of the referenced website here, and there is no link to the website here. It would be better to contact Mr. Judson directly if you'd like to explain the website's intent. - or his personal email address if you have it.

  2. I wish that every state in America would reconsider their policies and procedures regarding DV occurances within Law Enforcement! I am still living in hiding after my LE spouse repeatedly assaulted me and tormented me. There has never been a case number, report, or any investigations- and I reported 12 pages of violence- as high up as my state's attorney general's office! What is to become of me, of us- the victims who live in terror, poverty and threat of discovery?
    How completely out of touch still- is the law enforcement community to post a photo of another such a man- on an memorial web site!! God Help us all!

  3. Lots of people wish that every department had a policy and we will keep pushing.

    Living in hiding is harder than people realize and often with a lot less support than can people can imagine. Of course I don't want to ask you many questions publicly, and no one has the perfect answers, but maybe you could email me to let me know how much support you have in trying to stay safe, and what you feel your options are. It's up to you. I know it's not safe to email folks. Maybe someone could do it in your behalf. I've seen people in hiding who are under the wing of help and some who have headed out on their own.


  4. I have lived it and I am a survivor but trying to bring about discussion of the issue at levels where anything can be accomplished to bring about change results more in retaliatory tactics than progress. When the blue wall of silence reaches all the way to the top the retaliation is also a top down brutality and those of us that have tried to address it have been told the problem isn't a problem here. We survivors are all just liars.


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