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Friday, November 14, 2008

[TX] The Lozanos

This morning I collected the news on two different Lozano law enforcement families. I ended up with a lot of articles and chose one from each case to post. Then I slipped them sadly into the blog, by the date.

[TX] Murder-suicide of McAllen police officer Guadalupe Lozano & wife Norma Laura Gonzalez - At two gravesites in different cities Monday, two families mourned the loss of their loved ones. In Weslaco, it was the family of 35-year-old McAllen police officer Guadalupe Lozano. In Mission, it was the family of 29-year-old educator Norma Laura Gonzalez...

[TX] Officer Lozano's wife did not commit suicide - The Denton County grand jury indicted former Denton Police Detective Robert "Bobby" Lozano today for murder in connection with the 2002 shooting death of his wife, Virginia "Viki" Lozano...

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  1. Lynn NeeseJune 07, 2010

    Does anyone have the birth date of Robert Lazano? Please email


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