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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[AZ] Officer Allen allowed to resign, relinquished certification, & banished from Arizona law enforcement

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[AZ] Officer Allen used fake identity to harass his ex girlfriends - ...No one knows why Allen wanted to set up his former girlfriend as a suspect in a fake stolen car case. But he walked into a detective's office on July 9 and claimed that [MJ] was involved in the crime, and that Fowler had tipped him off...

The Arizona Republic
by Megan Boehnke
Jun. 23, 2009 05:25 PM
A former Chandler police officer who exchanged more than 13,000 texts and calls with his alter ego surrendered his officer certification last week, almost a year after a criminal investigation uncovered bizarre story and led him to resign. The Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board voted to accept an agreement Bradley Allen signed in late April that relinquished his certification as a police officer and barred him from ever working as a cop in the state again... When detectives searched Fowler's phone records, they discovered he was using a prepaid phone that did not require a verification of the owner's identity because it was not a subscription... When officers interviewed the ex-girlfriend, Marcella Johnson, she said Allen ended their six-year relationship claiming she was cheating on him with [David] Fowler, who was sending her and Allen text messages. But when she hired two separate private investigators, both concluded Fowler didn't exist and was likely Allen acting out as the other man... The detectives then told Allen they had no choice but to charge him with false reporting. He resigned from his post the next day, August 1, before an internal affairs investigation could be completed. [Full article here]
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