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Friday, July 3, 2009

[WA] Jury awards Deputy Bird's ex-wife damages

Jury awards deputy's ex-wife some damages for rights violation
ADAM LYNN, The News Tribune
Published: 07/01/09 5:55 pm
Updated: 07/02/09 7:29 am
[Excerpts] A Pierce County jury on Wednesday awarded $32,500 in damages to a woman who claimed her rights were violated when a sheriff’s sergeant allowed her estranged husband – a sheriff’s detective – to enter her home to collect some personal belongings five years ago... [Kitsap County visiting Judge Sally] Olsen ruled early on in the case that [Pierce County Sheriff's Sgt. Tom] Seymour had violated [Krista] Osborne’s Fourth Amendment rights on July 28, 2004, when he allowed [Pierce County Sheriff's Detective Lloyd] Bird to enter the University Place home he once shared with Osborne to collect some of his clothes and other items... The jury also decided that Bird, who was off-duty that day, trespassed when he entered the house in violation of a protection order... The jury rejected Osborne’s contention that Bird’s actions were outrageous and that he had interfered with her employment. Osborne, a former law enforcement officer now working in the private sector, had claimed Bird accessed her personal e-mail account to send damaging notes to her superiors... [Full article here]

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