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Thursday, July 16, 2009

[OR] "Resigned" Deputy Claggett ditched his monitoring device, armed and dangerous with son headed to wife's house

...One of several charges with full bail attached is coercion with a firearm, and the bail is set at $1 million for that charge alone. He also is held on $100,000 bail for unlawful use of a firearm, and $50,000 for five charges of contempt of court. Besides those seven charges, he was jailed on seven other allegations ranging from unlawful possession of a firearm to assault and pointing a firearm at another person...

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Former deputy allegedly tampers with monitoring bracelet, grabs son and drives toward wife's home

The Sandy Post
By Jim Hart
Jul 14, 2009
[Excerpts] Former Clackamas County sheriff's deputy Brandon Claggett was arraigned on new charges Friday, July 10, and his bail was increased significantly... He had agreed to release from custody as long as he followed certain rules such as staying away from his family, not possessing a gun and remaining inside his home except for emergencies. He also had to wear an electronic monitoring device. At about 4:30 a.m. Friday, officers were called to the Oregon City residence where Claggett resides. The electronic monitoring device he was wearing had transmitted a tamper alarm. Clackamas County issued an alert that said Claggett should be treated as armed and dangerous. Deputies discovered that Claggett was missing from his home, but later they located him in his pickup, with his son, allegedly heading toward his wife's home in Sandy... The boy was returned unharmed to his mother. Neither Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge Kathie Steele nor Deputy District Attorney Shannon Kmetic is playing games with Claggett. Kmetic and Steele added five contempt of court charges to Claggett's growing list, and Steele changed the bail from its usual 10 percent status to full bail. One of several charges with full bail attached is coercion with a firearm, and the bail is set at $1 million for that charge alone. He also is held on $100,000 bail for unlawful use of a firearm, and $50,000 for five charges of contempt of court. Besides those seven charges, he was jailed on seven other allegations ranging from unlawful possession of a firearm to assault and pointing a firearm at another person, according to current inmate information on the Clackamas County Jail Web site. Three earlier charges have been dismissed. A judge ordered Claggett to wear the monitoring bracelet while awaiting trial set for early September after he was arrested and jailed in April, following an alleged domestic dispute and standoff in Oregon City. He is accused of holding his estranged wife at gunpoint in that incident. Claggett is scheduled to appear in court Friday, July 17. A 14-year veteran of the sheriff's office, Claggett resigned last October following accusations that connected him with sexual flirtation and inappropriate touching of teenage girls during ride-alongs as well as sending and receiving inappropriate sexual images by cell phone. But the district attorney's office declined to charge him in that case. [Full article here]

By Eric Adams
Monday, July 13, 2009
[Excerpts] Former Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett is headed back to court Monday for allegedly cutting his electronic monitoring bracelet and violating terms of release... His electronic ankle bracelet emitted a tamper alarm about 4:30 a.m. Friday, prompting Clackamas County to head out at check on him at his Oregon City residence. When they got there, Claggett was gone. Deputies sent out a call alerting police to be on the lookout for his truck... [Full article here]

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  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2009

    Claggett taken to state mental hospital
    Court appearances give the former sheriff's deputy a chance to be heard
    The Sandy Post
    By Jim Hart
    July 21, 2009

    A former Clackamas County deputy sheriff, under prosecution for a laundry list of offenses, is now on his way to the state mental hospital.

    Brandon Claggett, 38, who is being held on more than $1.1 million full bail, will be evaluated by professionals at the hospital to determine “whether or not he is competent to proceed to trial,” according to Defense Attorney James J. McIntyre.

    Claggett appeared before Circuit Court Judge Eve L. Miller Monday afternoon, and she gave permission for the evaluation, which McIntyre requested.

    As a result, the case manager hearing (when a plea bargain could be presented to the court) has been postponed four weeks to Aug. 25 at 10:30 a.m. If a trial is to be allowed, assuming Claggett is found competent to stand trial, it is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 9 a.m., according to Deputy District Attorney Shannon Kmetic.

    “(The postponement) is due to the judge’s order,” Kmetic said, “that (Claggett) be sent to the state hospital to determine if he is able to aid and assist in his own defense. It’s about his fitness to proceed.”

    Should hospital officials decide he is not competent to stand trial, they would keep him there until he was able to defend himself.

    Claggett has been arrested twice in recent weeks, first when he was indicted in early May by a grand jury and charged with coercion, unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, misdemeanor assault, pointing a firearm at another person and unlawful possession of a firearm.

    Those charges stem from an April 20-21 incident in which he allegedly held and threatened his estranged wife at gunpoint and later retrieved his children from his mother’s home in Salem.

    The most recent arrest came after cutting off his home-detention electronic bracelet and allegedly driving from his Oregon City home to where he thought he would find his estranged wife in the Sandy/Boring area. He allegedly had two weapons in his vehicle at that time as well as his son.

    “(Claggett) was arrested in Sandy in the proximity of a residence where he would have expected his wife, Jamie, to be located,” Kmetic said.

    The recent grand jury indictment, delivered to court last Thursday, accuses Claggett of four additional charges, two felonies and two misdemeanors: unlawful use of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon (knife), unlawful possession of a firearm and second-degree criminal mischief.

    During last Friday’s court proceedings about violations of his release agreement, Claggett’s image was projected on a monitor in Judge Douglas V. Van Dyk’s courtroom while he sat on a chair in the county jail. Claggett watched and listened to the two-minute court proceedings, but didn’t say anything.

    After the court appearance, Prosecutor Kmetic spoke to the Post about why the bail had been raised to such a large amount of full bail (more than $1 million).

    “It’s obvious that we can’t trust him to follow instructions,” she said.

    When Claggett was arrested in the early morning hours July 10, he made statements to the arresting deputy, which were made public by Clackamas County Sheriff’s Detective and Public Information Officer Jim Strovink.

    Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Shelly reported Claggett had requested to speak with county mental health officials. During the trip from the Sandy/Boring area to the Clackamas County Jail, Shelly said Claggett had told him he was very depressed, and the deputy had noticed a “slight odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

    “Mr. Claggett told me,” Shelly reported, “that he ‘cannot take it anymore,’ and really needed to talk with Clackamas County Mental Health.”

    His wish was granted with his attorney’s request to Judge Miller.

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