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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[IL] Injured wife of unnamed police officer won't participate in dv charges against him

..."The victim refused to cooperate by giving any type of written statement or release of medical records"...

Previous unnamed East St. Louis Officer on the blog:
[IL] East St. Louis Police hired officer who has a domestic violence warrant - ...One of the 10 new officers sworn in last week had an outstanding warrant on a charge of domestic battery. [City Councilman Delbert] Marion said some of the other [just-hired] recruits have criminal backgrounds or questionable employment histories...

Belleville News Democrat
By Carolyn P. Smith
Jul. 08, 2009
EAST ST. LOUIS -- St. Clair County sheriff's investigators on Monday presented a domestic battery case involving an East St. Louis police officer to the state's attorney's office, which has declined to press charges. The person who filed the report against the male officer was his wife... "Deputies were called to the emergency room of a local hospital where the victim was seeking medical treatment to investigate," Johnson said. "The victim refused to cooperate by giving any type of written statement or release of medical records." Johnson said sheriff's investigators took the case to the state's attorney's office and asked the victim to go along. "She refused," he said... "At the conclusion of our investigation, we presented the case to the state's attorney's office," Johnson said. "They declined to issue charges." The identity of the officer is being withheld because no charges were filed. Asked whether the officer is a veteran, Johnson said he's been with the police department for some time. East St. Louis Police Chief Lenzie Stewart also acknowledged there was an investigation taking place... [Full article here]
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