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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[CA] In the murder of Officer Perez, his lawyered-up girlfriend covered with bruises

...[Ventura police Detective Sarah] Starr stated in the documents that she observed bruising on [Claudia] Valenciana’s wrists, forearms, biceps, thigh and shoulder when she interviewed her March 2...


  • [CA] Trial to start for Detective Perez's 2007 cop-on-cop armed standoff /domestic battery - ...Police have said that Robert Perez used a firearm to keep his then-girlfriend, Denise Shadinger, also an Oxnard police officer, from leaving. The charges against him include assault with a firearm, false imprisonment by violence, three counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, battery, resisting arrest and domestic violence...
  • [CA] Cop-on-cop Perez trial - Assault with firearm, false imprisonment, battery...- ...He is accused of barricading himself in the residence with a handgun, gas mask, bulletproof vest and an assault rifle after Ventura police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at the home... He is charged with assault with a firearm, false imprisonment by violence, three counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, battery and resisting arrest...
  • [CA] Ex-Detective Perez found guilty of holding gun to cop-girlfriend's head - ..."It's never a good situation when a police officer is charged with a crime, but it does show that the law applies equally to everyone," prosecutor Andrea Tischler said in an interview after the verdicts were announced...
  • [CA] UPDATE: Ex-Detective Perez stabbed to death - A former sheriff’s deputy who owns a Ventura home where an ex-Oxnard police officer was found fatally stabbed this week has retained a lawyer. Claudia Valenciana had not been arrested or named as a suspect in the slaying of Robert Perez Jr., 37, but she believes police are looking at her as a suspect...
Ventura County Star, CA
By Raul Hernandez
March 11, 2009
[Excerpts] Police on Tuesday searched the Ventura home where a former Oxnard police officer was found fatally stabbed last week, looking for more evidence including possibly torn and bloody clothing worn by his girlfriend, according to a search warrant filed in Ventura County Superior Court. Police first searched the house in the 1500 block of Daffodil Avenue in east Ventura on March 2, after Robert Perez Jr. was found stabbed to death in the foyer. His girlfriend and owner of the house, Claudia Valenciana, reported the stabbing to a 911 dispatcher. Evidence was collected then, according to search warrant documents signed by Ventura police Detective Sarah Starr and obtained today by the Ventura County Star. Upon review of photographs, Starr stated, she believed more evidence might still be in the house, requiring another search... Perez, 37, and Valenciana, a former sheriff’s deputy, had been dating for a year-and-a-half, and Perez had been living with Valenciana at the house, Starr said in the search warrant documents. “During this (dating) period of time, both Perez and Valenciana have been in numerous domestic violence incidents,” Starr stated. “Through the course of continued investigation, I have learned domestic violence may have played a role in Perez’s death.” Valenciana’s attorney, Ron Bamieh, said he could not answer questions about whether his client stabbed Perez. Bamieh, however, said he has asked police to investigate alleged domestic violence by Perez against his client... “What’s clear from all the evidence is that Ms. Valenciana was Mr. Perez’s victim. Sometimes victims are strong enough to prevent their own death.” Starr stated in the documents that she observed bruising on Valenciana’s wrists, forearms, biceps, thigh and shoulder when she interviewed her March 2... Valenciana is a former Ventura County sheriff’s deputy fired in February for undisclosed reasons. Valenciana and Perez were once engaged, and police responded at least once to a domestic dispute between them at the home, according to a federal lawsuit she filed last year alleging sheriff’s officials had illegally ordered her to cut off contact with Perez... Valenciana left voluntarily in March 2001 for a position on the Santa Monica Police Department, then returned to the Sheriff’s Department less than two months later [Full article here]


  1. Lack of Ethics: The Ventura County Star
    BLOG: taking back our community - All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. An arrest is not evidence of guilt of any crime. Remain anonymous: 1-800-222-TIPS
    Thursday, March 05, 2009
    The recent murder case of former Oxnard Police Officer, Robert Perez Jr., 37, has sparked many questions and concerns regarding the lack of journalistic integrity by the Ventura County Star...



    MAR 10 2009

    Executive Officer and Clerk
    BY ___________________ Deputy

    Det. Sarah Starr swears under oath that the facts expressed by him/her in the attached and incorporated Statement of Probable Cause, are true and that based thereon he/she has probable cause to believe and does believe that the property described below is lawfully seizable pursuant to Penal Code Section 1524, as indicated below, and is now located at the locations set-fiprth below. Wherefore, Affiant requests that this Search Warrant be issued.

    ____(Signature of Affiant)____ NIGHT SEARCH REQUESTED: YES ___ NO _X_


    THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, TO ANY SHERIFF, POLICEMAN OR PEACE OFFICER IN THE COUNTY OF VENTURA: proof by affidavit having been made before me by Sarah Starr that there is probable cause to believe that the property described herein may be found at the locations set forth herein and that it is lawfully seizable pursuant to Penal Code Section 1524 as indicated below by "X"(s) in that it:

    __ was stolen or embezzled.

    __ was used as the means of committing a felony.

    __ is possessed by a person with the intent to use it as means of committing a public offense or is possessed by another to whom he or she may have delivered it for the purpose of concealing it or preventing its discovery.

    X_ tends to show that a felony has been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony.

    __ tends to show that sexual exploitation of a child, in violation of P.C. Section 311.3, has occurred or is occurring.


    Location(s): 1580 Daffodil Av, Ventura, County of Ventura, 93004; Any garages, outbuildings and/or storage areas associated with 1580 Daffodil Ave, Ventura, Ca.

    Page 1 of 5


    Page 2

    AND TO SEIZE IT IF FOUND and bring it forthwith before me, or this court at the courthouse of this court. This Search Warrant and incorporated Affidavit was swom to and subscribed before me this 9th day of March, 2009, at 2:40 P.M. Wherefore, I find probable cause for the issuance of this Search Warrant and do issue it.

    ____________________NIGHT SEARCH APPROVED: YES __ NO X_ .
    (Signature - Steven ?)
    Judge of the Superior Court,
    Judge of the Superior Court, Ventura Judicial District.


    The records described in this warrant are being sought pursuant to an official criminal investigation. There is probable cause to believe that disclosure of this search warrant would impede this investigation. Based on the probable cause contained within this affidavit, the Affiant requests that the court defers subscriber notification of this request for a period of (90) days.

    _____________________, ORDER OF NON-DISCLOSURE APPROVED: YES __ NO __
    (Signature - Steven ?)
    Judge of the Superior Court,


    Page 3


    (Items being searched for)

    Areas to be searched include all rooms, attics, basements, containers, and other parts therein, the surrounding grounds and any garages, storage rooms, trash containers, and outbuildings of any kind located thereon.

    1. Any items that appear to contain human blood, human tissue, hair or fiber.

    2. Clothing that is torn, ripped, damaged or soiled with blood or bodily fluids.

    3. Bedding, sheets, comforters or other bed coverings that may contain blood or bodily fluids.

    4. Any items that tend to show that domestic violence was committed by or perpetrated on either Claudia Valenciana or Robert Perez, including documents, photographs, video recordings and audio recordings.


    The peace officers executing this warrant are hereby authorized, pursuant to the Penal Code Section 1530, to bring onto the premises whatever professional or expert assistance or consultants that he/she considers necessary in order to, among other things: Properly preserve the premises and physical evidence; conduct tests, experiments and reenactments; take still photographs; take video tapes; take various measurements; draw floor plans; and collect physical evidence.

    The peace officers executing this warrant are hereby authorized, pursuant to Penal Code Section 1530, to bring onto the premises persons knowledgeable about the premises and/or its occupants, furnishings, and other items of personal property normally found within the premises, in order to, among other things, determine if any items of personal property are missing or otherwise out of place.

    The persons executing this warrant are authorized to conduct or order whatever experiments, tests or scientific evaluations are necessary and proper on said items of seized evidence. All such evidence shall thereafter be maintained and preserved in an appropriate manner according to commonly accepted practices, standards, and appropriate law.


    Page 4


    The facts establishing the foregoing grounds for issuance of a search warrant are as follows:

    My name is Sarah Starr and I am a police officer with the Ventura Police Department, in the City of Ventura, State of California. I have been employed as a Police Officer since July of 2003. I am presently assigned to the Major Crimes Unit, which encompasses robbery, homicide and assault investigations. Prior to my current assignment I worked as a Patrol Officer where I investigated numerous crimes by interviewing victims and witnesses to these crimes and processing crime scenes for evidence. I have also assisted experienced officers and investigators who themselves have investigated numerous crimes. My Law Enforcement training consists of over 1,258 hours of Post Training and Seminars.

    On 3-2-09, Robert Perez was found stabbed in the living room of his home, at 1580 Daffodil Ave, in Ventura. He later died of his injuries. Perez had been living at that house with his girlfriend, Claudia Valenciana, who had reported the stabbing. Later on 3-2-09, the Ventura Police Department served a search warrant at the residence to seize any potential evidence of the crime. Some items of evidence were collected that day.

    Robert Perez and Claudia Valenciana have been in a dating relationship for the past year and a half. During this period of time, both Perez and Valenciana have been in numerous domestic violence incidents. Perez has been arrested in the past reference 273.5 pc, domestic violence, 236 pc, false imprisonment and 245 pc, assault


    Page 5

    with a deadly weapon,. When I contacted Valenciana on 3-2-09, I noticed bruising on both of her wrists, forearms, biceps, one thigh and shoulder.

    Through the course of continued investigation, I have learned that domestic violence may have played a role in Perez' death. I have also reviewed the photographs that were taken of the interior of the residence on 3-2-09. I noticed that there are items that may still be inside of the residence that have blood or apparent blood on them. There may also be clothing that is torn and/or has blood on it. I believe that these items may be related to the homicide of Robert Perez and/or domestic violence between Perez and Valenciana.

    Based upon the foregoing, it is my opinion that the crime of 187(a) PC- Homicide was committed at the prescribed premises. The items to be sought or seized pursuant to Penal Code section 1524, and that those items will be found at the described premises


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