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Friday, March 13, 2009

[OH] Ex-police union president Det. Corey Earl blah, blah, blah - gets PLEA DEAL

Brad Dicken | The Chronicle-Telegram
[Excerpts] Former Lorain police Officer Corey Earl pleaded no contest Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of telephone harassment for a series of harassing phone calls he made to his ex-wife. Earl, 47, avoided jail time but was ordered to pay $250 in fines and will be monitored by Oberlin Municipal Court officials for three years. He also was ordered not to have any contact with his ex-wife, Laura Earl. Daniel Wightman, Earl’s attorney, said his client took the plea deal — in which an additional telephone harassment charge filed by Amherst police was dropped — in order to put the case behind him and move on with his life. Lorain Safety Director Phil Dore said Earl, who suffered a series of strokes last summer, took a disability retirement in February. “He’s turned the page and he’s looking to go into some other things,” Wightman said. Wightman said Earl has made peace with the fact that he is no longer a police officer and wants to improve his relationship with his children. He said the charges stemmed from a disagreement between Earl and his ex-wife about visitation over the Christmas holidays, when Earl left a series of messages on his wife’s voicemail complaining about the situation. “He got a little carried away,” Wightman said. This isn’t the first time Earl’s ex-wife has brought legal action against him... Earl, the former president of the Lorain police union, also had problems with his on-again off-again girlfriend late last year when he allegedly harassed her with voicemails and text messages. Police investigated, but he wasn’t charged. Earl also had a series of disciplinary problems... including threatening to beat a county corrections officer with a baseball bat, pulling over the ex-husband of a woman he was dating and writing a joke traffic ticket... [Full article here]

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  1. Corey Earl is now apparently, after everything he has done (domestic violence, writing bad checks, other crimes), being put in a program that will erase his criminal record and give him his gun and job back.

  2. Say it isn't so!

    Someone needs to start a Lorain PD blog.


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