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Monday, March 2, 2009

[FL] In Deputy Sliker's own words

Previous post: [FL] Deputy Sliker arrested for head-butting girlfriend - ...The Flagler County Sheriff's Office says Deputy Darin Sliker, 40, was arrested at his home in Palm Coast following a domestic disturbance...

After some email exchanges, with his permission, I am posting Deputy Sliker's open statement here.

I am choosing to redact the other party's last name.

From Deputy Sliker:

"I would like to begin by stating, I did not write the previous blog; it appears to have originated from someone attempting to right a wrong. Those whom know me personally will testify that I have never had an issue with owning up to my actions.

The following information is fact; I have never been, charged, nor involved in a Domestic Violence incident whereby I was named the aggressor prior to February 22, 2008. The alleged victim Jennifer [REDACTED] on the other hand prior to our relationship, was involved in numerous domestic Violence incidents involving family members and her ex-boyfriend of which she was named the aggressor; see Flagler County Sheriff’s Office records for reports, as well as charges filed against her.

In January of 2007 I discovered that Jennifer completed 9 unauthorized transactions through my Checking and Credit Card accounts in the excess of $1300.00. I reported the incident to the FCSO. Jennifer received 6 months of Pre Trial Intervention (PTI) for these crimes.

In April of 2007 I reported an incident to the FCSO where by Jennifer struck me multiple times in the back of the head and face, after a verbal dispute regarding my previous decision to discontinue our romantic relationship see FCSO report for details. The following day Jennifer returned to my home banging on my door, pleading with me to forgive her for her prior behavior. She left my property shortly after, only to begin calling and sending me text messages threatening to end her life. I then began receiving text pictures displaying of what appeared to be her wrists with lacerations across them. I immediately contacted the FCSO and reported the incident. She was subsequently located approximately a quarter of a mile from my residence. Deputies stated that upon contact they did indeed observe several lacerations to her wrists and that she stated that she did not care about anything anymore. Jennifer was placed into protective custody under a Baker Act and transported to Halifax Behavioral center Daytona Beach. I was then granted a two week temporary Injunction against Jennifer shortly after this incident. I appeared before a Flagler County Judge at the end of the two weeks, where the Judge felt at that time, based on the facts he did not believe my safety was in danger and denied a permanent Injunction. Shortly after this incident I Trespassed Jennifer from my property, due to her showing up in my driveway after my shift, then refusing to leave.

On February 22, 2008 I was out with a fellow Deputy at a local Tavern, at which time Jennifer approached me, wrapped her arms around my body and began kissing me on the neck, requesting to have a drink together. I kept my arms to the side and asked her several times to please leave me alone, before she let go and walked away. She then followed me to the parking lot at the end of the night and sat in my unlocked vehicle, despite my multiple requests not to. These actions by Jennifer were witnessed by a fellow Deputy; see his Sworn Voluntary Statement for further details filed with the FCSO. I sat in the vehicle and began pleading with her to get out of the car and please leave me alone. She replied the only way she was getting out of the car was if I drove her to Denny’s in the next parking lot. So I did, only to have her then request that I accompany her in the restaurant to talk. Reluctantly I agreed and walked into the restaurant under the agreement that she would receive a ride back to her car from her friend whom also joined us. We remained in the restaurant briefly prior to leaving. Once outside Jennifer sat in my vehicle again and refused to get out. I got in and again pleaded with her to get out; she again refused and began ordering me to take her back to my house. She was pounding on the dashboard of the car screaming that she loved me and that she knew that I loved her. I replied that I was taking her back to her car. Upon arrival in the parking lot I began once again to plead with her to get out of the car. I then threatened to contact the FCSO if she didn’t. With no sign of her getting out, I removed my cell phone from my belt and attempted to place the call, at which time Jennifer lunged across the car and grabbed the phone attempting to rip it from my hands. At which time our heads made contact. Seconds later my cell phone broke in two and Jennifer jumped from the vehicle. I had no idea at this point that she received an injury from this action; I was just thankful she got out of the vehicle. I left the parking lot and drove directly home. Approximately one hour later I received a call on my house phone from LT. Bovino requesting I come outside to speak with him. Once outside he advised me that Jennifer contacted the FCSO, stated that I grabbed her by the throat and struck her in the face with my head intentionally, causing a small laceration to the inside of her upper lip. I replied that was not what happened and before I could finish he began shaking his head stating that he told me this was going to happen, in addition per Capt. Clair’s request I had to go 10-15 (arrest). I was then placed under arrest and transported to the FCIF for processing. The following day after my release I began receiving numerous phone calls from Jennifer, see FCSO for reports. Approximately two weeks later I appeared before a Flagler County Judge regarding an Injunction for this incident. At this time my attorney requested a continuance, due to video surveillance we had subpoenaed from the parking lot of which the incident occurred. At this point Jennifer raised her hand and requested to drop the injunction. Days later she also filed an affidavit requesting to drop the Domestic Battery charge as well, stating that she was pregnant and did not want to be under stress. I then received copies of the Internal Affairs interviews as well as all statements and reports. At which time I discovered that the reported version of the incident was not what was explained to Capt. Clair over the phone moments after LT. Bovino made contact with Jennifer. Capt. Clair stated in his IA interview that Jennifer and I were in my vehicle engaged in an altercation at which time she received an injury to her mouth. Although the reported version was that I approached Jennifer outside her vehicle, grabbed her by the throat and struck her in the face with my head. Why was the initial version not documented?

Jennifer completed a 4 page written statement on March 12, 2008, at which time she stated LT. Bovino pressured her into making false statements under oath. She continued to state that she contacted Deputy Greg Tietje on his personal cell phone that morning because she thought that I would report the incident once I arrived home. She stated that we indeed were in my vehicle arguing and that when I attempted to call for help she grabbed my cell phone and caused the injury to her mouth.

On April 7, 2008 I was granted a three year injunction against Jennifer for the February 22, 2008 incident naming myself the victim of Domestic Violence. Subsequently I signed several charges against Jennifer for this incident with the FCSO. I also signed several charges against the Deputies involved in this incident with the SAO, due to the fact that the FCSO denied my request to do so. The charges were later dropped by the SAO stating that the evidence gained through the internal Affairs interviews was not admissible in court. In addition though Jennifer implicated LT. Bovino and flat out admitted to her crimes in written statements along with sworn testimony, they were also not pursuing charges.

The FCSO denied numerous requests to have a separate IA initiated regarding the conduct of the Deputies involved despite stating to my Attorney, PBA and myself that they would.

I currently have an ongoing lawsuit against the FCSO for this incident.

Thank you,
Darin Sliker"
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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

  2. Darin Sliker's "moral character" has an appointment with the State of Florida's Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission on August 5th, 2009. Excerpts from the online document, with link provided below:

    Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Meeting
    Sawgrass Marriott Resort
    1000 PGA Tour Boulevard
    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

    347 So. 2d 1102 (Fla. 1st DCA 1997)

    “Moral character as used in this statute, means not only the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, but the character to observe the difference; the observance of the rules of right conduct, and conduct which indicates and establishes the qualities generally acceptable to the populace for positions of trust and confidence.”

    364 So. 2d 454 (Fla. 1978) – Florida Supreme Court

    “In our view a finding of a lack of ‘good moral character’ should not be restricted to those acts that reflect moral turpitude. A more appropriate definition of the phrase requires an inclusion of acts and conduct which would cause a reasonable man to have substantial doubts about an individual’s honesty, fairness, and respect for the rights of others and for the laws of the state and nation.”

    I. Call to Order
    Glen Hopkins, T&R Manager
    Kim Harrison, Case Specialist

    II. Roll Call
    SHERIFF JOHN RUTHERFORD – (2nd Alternate)

    III. Panel Convenes




    Page 7 of 11

    A. MORAL CHARACTER (continued)





    06-16-2008 &

    Flagler County Sheriff's Office


    [Probable Cause Determination - August 5, 2009, @ 10:00 A.M.]


  3. State: Deputies didn't conspire against co-worker
    Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) -
    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    BUNNELL - A Flagler County deputy said fellow deputies conspired against him when they arrested him for battery in February, after his ex-girlfriend accused him of head-butting her outside a Palm Coast bar.

    But the State Attorney's Office in Flagler County has dismissed the complaints Deputy Darin Sliker filed against the other deputies.

    Sliker sought charges of false arrest, tampering with a witness and conspiracy against Lt. Paul Bovino. Sliker requested charges of false arrest and conspiracy be brought against Deputy Gregory Tietje. And Sliker filed to have a charge of conspiracy brought against Cpl. Jamie Roster.

    The battery charge against Sliker was eventually dropped after a request by his ex-girlfriend, [JV], 23.

    But given the ex-girlfriend's allegations during the arrest, her injuries and past incidents, the deputies had probable cause to arrest Sliker, a media release from State Attorney John Tanner's Office stated.

    Some deputies have said the ex-girlfriend approached them about prior abuse, including stalking, before the night of Sliker's arrest.

    "The law requires the officers to take action, and that usually means that someone is going to be taken to jail," Tanner stated in the release. "In these situations, public safety is paramount, and it is better for the officers to err on the side of caution rather than have someone seriously injured or killed.

    "These three Flagler County deputies did exactly what they should have done, under the circumstances they were faced with."

    Sliker, 40, said he will ask another State Attorney's Office to look into the matter. He said he believes there was a conflict of interest when the Flagler office investigated the case.

    "Somebody else has to look at it," Sliker said.

    When asked why he thought deputies conspired against him, Sliker told The News-Journal: "Lt. Bovino and I have never had a real tight relationship. I think it really had to do with male egos between us. He tries to rule through intimidation, and that never really flew with me."

    The State Attorney's Office in Putnam County investigated the battery case against Sliker before it was dropped.

    The Putnam office also investigated allegations, including domestic battery and filing a false report, made by Sliker in April against his ex-girlfriend. The Putnam office dismissed those charges.

    Among Sliker's complaints against the three deputies, he said there were contradictions in their stories, including whether a captain gave the order to make an arrest and whether [JV] said the head-butting had taken place inside or outside a car.

    An audio recording of internal affairs interviews among law enforcement officers revealed discrepancies on those issues.

    In a recorded interview with Assistant State Attorney Steve Nelson, when answering a question about whether someone coerced her to make a statement, [JV], the ex-girlfriend, said alcohol and emotions may have affected her memory about what she told deputies.

    "I think everyone was just trying to do their job," she said in the interview.

    Flagler County sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Johnson said Sliker 's arrest was based on a legitimate complaint.

    "No one is above the law when it involves domestic violence," she wrote in an e-mail. "Our deputies responded to this situation in the same manner as they would have had it not involved an employee of this agency."


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