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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ex-NYPD Officer Bowens had hit list, yet claims shootings were an accident

Catherine Donofrio
with Melissa Simmons

...Donofrio topped the cop's hit list, and Simmons was next, sources said...


[NYPD] MANHUNT FOR RESIGNED NYPD JERRY BOWENS - EXECUTED EX-GIRLFRIEND, INJURED ANOTHER WOMAN - ...A woman identified as his girlfriend [Catherine Donofrio] was shot in the head and is dead, while the other woman [Melissa Simmons] remains hospitalized...

Daily News
BY Scott Shifrel
March 20th 2009, 3:23 PM
[Excerpts] A jealous dirty ex-cop claimed he was "in a trance" and on the verge of suicide when he "accidentally" killed his girlfriend and wounded her best friend, it was revealed Friday. The chilling, self-serving statement was released as Jerry Bowens was arraigned on murder and other charges in the March 8 shooting of gal pal Catherine Donofrio and Melissa Simmons. "When I lifted up the gun, it accidentally went off, striking Catherine in the head," Jerry Bowens told investigators after he was arrested... Lawyer Wayne Bodden pleaded not guilty for Bowens and requested a mental examination for his client. Bowens' previous lawyer, Edward Mandery, was taken off the case after prosecutors said he was on a death list Bowens kept. When Donofrio was killed, Mandery had been representing Bowens in a drug scandal involving four other Brooklyn narcotics cops. Bowens pleaded guilty, was kicked off the force and was set to testify against his former colleagues when he went into a jealous rage at Simmons' apartment, cops said... "I remember seeing Melissa outside screaming about someone being shot in the building, but I didn't know who she was talking about," he said. Simmons miraculously survived despite being shot in the head... [Full article here]

Daily News
BY Scott Shifrel and Alison Gendar
March 18th 2009, 2:28 AM
[Excerpts] The lawyer for a dirty ex-cop accused of murder is off the case after his name was found on his client's hit list, sources said. Disgraced cop Jerry Bowens wasn't satisfied with the no-jail plea deal lawyer Edward Mandery got for him in an unrelated drug case, law enforcement sources said. Mandery's name was on a hit list Bowens had when he was arrested March 9 for killing his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Donofrio, 28, and wounding her friend, Melissa Simmons, on a March 8 rampage. Donofrio topped the cop's hit list, and Simmons was next, sources said. Two other exes were on Bowens' list, along with the NYPD Internal Affairs sergeant who probed drug charges against him and Mandery, who had negotiated the plea deal, police sources said. The last entry on Bowens' list: "Me"... Fellow cops said suspects always considered Bowens a rogue. They called him "Alonzo" after Denzel Washington's bad cop in the film "Training Day," said one cop. "That was his nickname long before any of this surfaced," he said. [Full article here]
[police officer involved domestic violence murder plot]


    Brooklyn Daily Eagle
    by AP (, published online 04-13-2009
    Apr 13, 2009
    [Excerpts] ...According to police, events were very different. They said that Bowens called Donofrio on a Sunday morning to say his car had broken down and that he needed a ride. At about 4 p.m., Donofrio called a friend asking if the couple could stop by to use the bathroom. Once inside the Brooklyn home, Bowens and Donofrio went into the bathroom, where he shot her in the head, police said. He then pulled the friend into the bathroom, forced her to the floor and shot her as well, police said. The second woman survived with minor head and arm wounds. Investigators said Bowens initially fled in Donofrio's car to her basement apartment, then briefly to a New Jersey motel. He later drove to Staten Island, where he made phone calls to the police department and to the New York Post before giving himself up, police said... Bowens, 42, had secretly pleaded guilty last month to a felony drug dealing charge and quit the force. He was believed to be cooperating against four other officers charged in the case, which has implicated 15 additional officers and may compromise up to 150 South Brooklyn cases...

    New York Daily News
    BY Scott Shifrel
    April 14th 2009, 4:00 AM
    [Excerpts] An ex-cop accused of gunning down his girlfriend was hauled into Brooklyn court for the first time Monday - and had to face her enraged family waving photos of the young victim. Jerry Bowens, 43 - wearing a brown prison jumpsuit, his hands cuffed behind his back and his head bowed - never turned around. So he never saw Catherine D'Onofrio's family glaring at him throughout the 15-minute hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "That's not fair," D'Onofrio's 99-year-old grandmother, Josephine, called out from her wheelchair, apparently not able to bear seeing her granddaughter's accused killer. Another granddaughter gently patted her hand... Several of the dozen or so relatives and friends held up Mass cards from D'Onofrio's funeral... Bowens was a disgraced cop who had pleaded guilty to taking part in a drug scandal and was to testify against fellow officers when he drove around with a "hit list" that included D'Onofrio, Simmons, several friends and his lawyer, police said. After his arrest, Bowens was under psychiatric observation and kept in isolation with no visitors, prosecutor Michelle Kaminsky said, arguing to keep the setup in place. "I don't know what the defendant is capable of doing or who he has access to, to carry out what he has on the list," she told Justice Matthew D'Emic. "Anything's possible"... D'Emic kept the isolation order in place, pending the outcome of a psychiatric exam, which he also ordered. D'Onofrio's relatives left the courtroom in tears and declined to comment afterward...

  2. Paid Notice: Deaths
    New York Times
    Published: March 10, 2009
    D'ONOFRIO--Catherine Marie, on March 8, 2009. Beloved daughter of John and Jane. Loving sister of Laura. Cherished granddaughter of Josephine D'Onofrio. Dog mom of Scootie Pie Angel Dog. Best freinds to Nicole and Jen. Visiting Wednesday and Thursday 2-4:30 and 7-9:30 pm at Ralph Aievoli Funeral Home, 1275 65th St., corner of 13th Avenue, Brooklyn. Funeral Mass Friday 10:30am, St. Athanasius Church. Interment Pine Lawn Memorial Park.

    New York Daily News
    Tuesday, March 10th 2009, 4:00 AM
    D'ONOFRIO-Catherine Marie on March 8, 2009. Beloved daughter of John and Jane, loving sister of Laura. Cherished Grand daughter of Josephine D'Onofrio. Dog Mom of Scootie Pie Angel Dog. Best friends to Nicole and Jen. Visiting Wen. & Thur. 2-4:30 & 7-9:30 PM at the RALPH AIEVOLI & SON FUNERAL HOME, 1275 65th St., corner of 13th. Ave., Brooklyn. Funeral Mass Fri. 10:30 AM St. Athanasius Church. Interment Pine lawn memorial park.

  3. Kayla BowensJune 24, 2012

    I am Jerry Bowens daughter. and the papers got this all wrong. it happened but in a different light than you all believe. shoot me an email

    1. Dear Kayla I admire you sticking up for your dad. I bet you miss him I wish I could talk to you but circumstances mean I can only advise you to love him and help him realize how many people he hurt . I believe he got burned up doing his job so long maybe he is suffering from PTSD. Tell him to make his peace with God only God and his family. Who knows what the future holds onlygod God Merry Christmas to you and maybe a special card this holiday to the d'onoforio family might show that you are sorry for their loss. In the long run it might help your dad whom you seem to love so much

    2. thank you . im suffering from the same

  4. K, who wrote me to call you - email me privately at the email address below.


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