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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[NYPD] A trend to ponder

March 2, 2009
[Excerpts] MOVE over, Mafia Cops! More than 100 of New York's Finest were investigated last year for allegedly associating with criminals - from boozing with mobsters to pulling off robberies with gang members to even carrying on affairs with lowlife drug dealers, The Post has learned. The figure represents about half of the serious Internal Affairs corruption investigations... The issue has been of increasing concern as the force has gotten younger and starting salaries have fallen. Annual starting pay dipped to $25,100 a few years ago and has only recently been restored to $40,000.... In a bid to analyze past cases, The Post requested NYPD records normally available for inspection at their public information office. NYPD officials refused to provide them. Despite the hurdle, The Post examined a nine-month sampling, documenting a dozen department convictions - including a Manhattan lieutenant forced to retire after threatening to beat up a girlfriend... [Full article here]


  1. Well, damn...that's about all I can muster right now.

  2. I stared at this - NOT in disbelief or surprise, more like sadness.

    I was a 13 year old runaway and I was offered a place to stay by a kid who saw me crying. NOW I know that kid is called a "runner." I was taken to a multi-room unit in the Manhattan Towers where there were others - held against their will, some tied up and drugged. Men came and went. Police and the hotel were paid to look the other way.

    Now I know that industry is called the sex trade.

    So when I read this I

    felt for a moment

    how many LIVES are effected, destroyed when police are "corrupt." How


    that is when people dressed up like someone we are supposed to trust -

    dressed up like the heroes our child heart yearns to see when we are in danger -

    intentionally allow people to be harmed, left unprotected.

    I looked at this article and wondered how many human lives are chewed up between the lines.

  3. @ u-no-hoo

    Would you be willing to do a guest post on my site regarding what you have described? I have been hearing more and more about what you describe and it is...I'll come back when I have the word....


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