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Monday, March 30, 2009

[Georgia] Sherri Poole Joyner is telling everyone who will listen

Sherri Poole Joyner

"Can someone please tell me how a man with repeated domestic and family violence issues tries to kill me and the grand juries in Jenkins County Georgia not indict him?...Is it because Gregory Paul McGahee’s son is a police officer in Brooklet? His name is Jonathan McGahee. Jonathan is good buddies with the district attorney on this case..."

Sherri gives a link below to the photos of her beaten face. She is going all out on this. Her contact info is below.

Please click to see this narrative from the police report larger

From: Sisters of Domestic Violence
To: Officer-involved domestic violence fatalities
Date: Mar 25, 2009 6:44 PM

To whom it may concern: Can someone please tell me how a man with repeated domestic and family violence issues tries to kill me and the grand juries in Jenkins County Georgia not indict him? Were they deaf? Were they dumb? Were they blind? Or was it that I just wasn’t given a fair shake? Is it because Gregory Paul McGahee’s son is a police officer in Brooklet? His name is Jonathan McGahee. Jonathan is good buddies with the district attorney on this case. I have been told over and over that he would get away with it because his son is a cop. The district attorney emailed Gregs subpoena to his son Jonathan. When he did that, Greg called me to gloat. “My son is good buddies with the DA, I’m not worried. I know I will get off.” There is a definite conflict of interest here in this case. I WANT THIS INVESTIGATED—PROPERLY... I spent 3 days in the hospital and he spent 7 in jail. I carried a bruised face for nearly 5 months. We have photos, EMT reports, the arresting officer’s statement, hospital records and even his very own confession. He started off beating me with a pipe and then tortured me for over an hour. His father, both of his brothers and himself all have been in jail repeatedly for domestic violence issues. I was not allowed to speak other than answering a few questions. I was always stopped by the short red haired fellow with the district attorneys office. I was never given a chance. You can believe the conspiracy was there. My only bad choice in this would be that I let him move back in after the incident. Just like 99% of all victims do. I loved him. He used that to his advantage. He used my own love against me. Greg retired from the Army in 2002. He moved his German wife and their 2 year old daughter back to Statesboro Georgia. Just nine months later he beat his wife so severely with a belt, that safe haven put her and their daughter on a plane back to Germany. They have not been seen since. The charges were dismissed because she didn’t show for court-uh, of course not she was in another country. I have a huge compilation of evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt of his past and present violence. A lot of it in his own handwriting. Any of the evidence alone should have been enough for an indictment. So, then why was he not indicted? I was told by safe haven that it was because the way the district attorney presented the case. I guess since the district attorney and Jonathan, (Greg’s son who is a cop) are the good friend is why it was done like it was. Dirty. I have rights and they have been violated. I was not given a fair shake to even try to tell my side. Now, they are acting like I have done something to him. How sickening is that? This guy is retired special forces (green beret).Anyone who has ever dealt with this kind of situation knows what I am talking about. I know exactly how the Brown’s and Goldman families felt when they found O.J Simpson not guilty. Abused, tortured and mentally raped all over again. I was told by a district attorney investigator to just let it go. I refuse to take this lying down. It is not an option. I will go until we hit the Supreme Court. It does not matter to me. I will do everything in my power to see that he never puts another woman in that kind of living hell ever again. I still have physical and mental issues stemming from this case. I will have for years to come. He has walked away ever time he put his hands on a woman unscathed. I refuse to be the only one to suffer. Nothing I could have ever done would have warranted a beating like I took. He is a trained killer. Trained by our government to protect our country, not to use his hand to hand combat skills on them. I have some of the pictures, police reports and other documentation is posted on MySpace.

Type in this URL- Click on pics and go to the GREGORY PAUL MCGAHEE album. What defines domestic violence? Did I have to die before they would indict him? Is someone else going to be as lucky as I was to make it out alive? If anyone wants to contact me the information is as follows. I am on disability with a brain tumor. So financially it’s almost impossible to hire an attorney but I will continue to work on things as best I can. I need your help. This matter needs investigated. I want a fair trial and I want to file civil suit against GREGORY PAUL MCGAHEE and his resources. Do I have to just deal with this “good ole boy” mentality in this hick town? Those who aren’t unfortunate enough to know him will figure him out. God, I hope it’s not too late when they do. I need help legal help.

Sherri Poole Joyner



  1. Evon Lovett MallardOctober 08, 2009

    A pc of shit


  3. He is the sickest of men- I hope not every one is foolish enough to fall for his lies- We know how he stalks you- Dont ever back down. If you do you won't be any different than the others who possibly could have saved you if they had called him out like you have! Good work Sherri Never ever forget who you are- I know you will never forget the misery this one has put you thru-

  4. God always blesses the long-suffering Sherri, and you have suffered long enough! Praying for you!

  5. as a domestic violence victim myself and as the same the man that tried to kill me got away with it plead guilty and only got probation i do not agree with victims lying due to the fact it is so hard for us to get people to believe us as it is .when this happened i knew it was no ones fault but his for what he did he comes from a good family so i did not drag them through the mudd i knew it would just make people doubt me !what gregory paul mcgahee did has nothing to do with his son jonathan who is a honest hard working person who is currently serving overseas who was at the hospital the night this happened to sherri and was the first person sherri wanted to see not her family his wife who was having a baby the next day was also there in support for her .as abuse victims we need to stand up to make sure women tell the truth so we will be heard and heard loud without doubt!tired of people making it hard for our voices to be heard!

  6. This is the truth. You have no idea or clue what I went through and still do with him and his bullying family so...Kiss Sherri's ass~ My family saw me way before Jonathan ever was allowed into the ER- Talk what you know- I'm not running from any of your stuff- Bring it baby- You can't deny facts...478-982-3664
    Why do you all try to justify what Greg or Jonathan or DA Richard Mallard did? You can't....

  7. You're in control of this page Sherri. If you need me to do anything just let me know.

  8. Thank you Behind The Blue Wall~ I am so proud to know you always have my back. I have always been forth rite with my information. God knows, anyone with access to the internet can find me. I don't use alias' or fake profiles. 100% real all the time.

  9. I know for a fact the nurse that was on duty that night rememberd you askin for jonathan and lady in your family geting mad you wanted to see him before your family.I am by no means saying what greg did to you was right nor was it right what my attacker did to me what i am saying is his son his brothers and his father who has passed had nothing to do with it.His son is a very honest person who did not and will not ever agree with what happened and those around him know that go after your attacker but leave the others out of it!when you have proof then talk i have someone who has proof you are still hanging out with greg so why drag his family through this mess if you still choose to be with him?

  10. Sherri Poole JoynerDecember 08, 2009

    What's it to you who I hang out with as you call it? I am grown. I still to this very day love the man who almost beat the life out of me. You know nothing about Sherri or Greg. You know what he wants you to know. Mind your business Jennifer. The truth is the truth irreguardless. So the truth must be hurting you folks pretty badly. If you are looking to blame someone blame Greg. I never hurt him- but I always cherished him. But It's a very long way from being the final chapter. So stop trying to justify what they did to me. BTW if your so honest- Post your real identity... I always have...

  11. Sherri Poole JoynerDecember 08, 2009

    You guys just keep enableing Greg to do what he does. So if I stepped on your toes- I don't care. Keep supporting his behavior and I will take down anyone who wants to go with him. When he kills someone (was almost me) then let's see how you justify his actions or the actions of your crowd who surrounds him. I was not the first and thanks to J and DA Richard Mallard with their good ole boy games...I won't be the last. If your going to post on this site about me you need to come from behind your veil of secrecy and show your idenity- Your not being HONEST~!

  12. Jonathan was living with his daddy and his daddys girlfriend at the time when the 2 horses were shot, chainsawed up and burned in Long County Georgia by Greg a couple of years ago- did they report it- NO they helped him cover it up. I live in Long County and I remember the ex of Greg telling of this. But she is just as guilty as Jonathan and Greg. Sherri I dont know you but you are doing the right thing.

  13. Sherri Poole JoynerDecember 15, 2009

    I am pleased to announce that the Georgia State Patrol charged Gregory Paul McGahee with his fifth DUI on Friday... He was in his company work truck and drunk. This man is a creature of habit, if he is not locked away I will not be his last victim...

  14. Sherri Poole JoynerFebruary 26, 2010

    Oh excuse me... It was his third DUI. Once again he walked free. They even held his case until the end of court as not to piss off all the other DUI'ers in the courtroom. I know, I was there... How this compulsive liar keeps avoiding the long arm of the law is way up and beyond me... Emanuel County has no clue what they sent back onto the street. ladidadida-same ole same ole- I was in the Army 21 years and my kids are cops- SO WHAT~! That don't make you a decent human. Nor does it make you above the law. One day justice will come and find you.

  15. TO everyone out there - I knew Greg when he was stationed with me in Fort Wainwright, Alasks. I also knew of his wife and his boys. Greg and I along with other friends hung out for quite awhile and never once did I ever experience a bad hand from him. I could not believe the police report/pictures and local area newspaper coverage when I saw it. But, as it stands, it is the same Greg that I once knew. I would have married him in a heartbeat, if he was not already married at the time. I loved him then as the man he was, and always as a friend. I am not sure who this Greg is now. I would never have imagined that from all the times I hung out with him that this was something he would do. I do not pass judgement, for it has been quite a long time since I have spoken or seen him. However, I do know that his boys are terrific guys with great families and that any issues with Greg should be kept with Greg. God bless thoses who are going through this and all of their families. To Greg, you always had my love, but never had my heart. Sherri - God Bless. Briana

  16. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    Sherri you need to pst his face on a big site like facebook or myspace so everybody can see it. He's not a man, and if he did that to you he will do it again. Becareful and don't ever go back to that beast. As for Georgia police I have nothing good to say.

  17. Wow- Briana is contradicting herself. Here is an email she sent to me on my Myspace... Please read this and decide what kind of storied Briana tells~
    From: BRIana marIe (531549846)
    To: Sherri™ (
    Date: Apr 23, 2010 10:25 AM

    Sheri - Does it sound like were stalking each other? I sent you the emails - Never once did I say that. You want to talk about my time spent with him - lets talk:
    1 - He accused my father of raping me.
    2 - He started buying me all these long "church" dresses so I could look more like his "bible thumping" wife. HE was in marriage counseling when I met him - because of an affair he had - before me.
    3 - Told my parents that he he couldn't wait to marry me so he could finally get his hands on my daughter - because she needed real discipline - she was 3 at the time.
    4 -Got into a fight with me in my vehicle sitting on a train track - because I told him I was not going to marry him (this was after he came back to Alaska on "leave" from Georgia. Scared the shit out of me because that was the first time I saw panic in me. Dropped his ass off at a friend he was staying with, and that was the last I saw of him.
    5-Used this "Im the Army Career Counselor" shit on me to get to know me. Same type of crap he did to thoses soldiers in Germany. He didn't retire on this own, the army forced his retirement. It was all in the Army Times Magazine. That is how I found out. He always used his position and rank in the service to munlipate female soldiers.
    6 - Had to constantly have sex. Not like normal couples do, but like some sex crazed freak who was trying to control every aspect of your life. Could not have a conversation with anyone outside of him - or you were sleeping with them.
    This can go on and on. So yes, he have it in him then. IF that son of a bitch wants to have a conversation with me, let him. I'll fuck him up. I don't play a game. By the By, my husband knows all about him. I've shown him your site and I'll tell you what, he being retired military himself, he'd hurt the bastard - break him off for laying a hand on any woman. Remember, not all men are like Greg. So - if good old Greg wants to play a "she said" game, let him. I promise you, he aint got the balls of a good man to talk to me.

  18. Google his name. I have the beast, as you called him online everywhere showing his REAL personality. As for his children... Their dear mother raised them and had to fight tooth and nail for any monetary support she could get from him. She raised them essentially alone. Looking back, Thank God she did...

  19. Let it go already

  20. No one has mentioned it here in 2 years so...?


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