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Monday, March 16, 2009

[MT] L&C Sheriff’s Office Employee Accused Of Assault With Weapon

Renae Smith, who serves civil warrants for the Lewis and Clark Sheriff’s Department, is facing a charge of assault with a weapon in connection with an alleged domestic incident in early February. According to the limited information available, Smith is accused of the felony crime, which took place on Feb. 5 or 6 in Lewis and Clark County. A complaint filed in Justice Court claims Smith "purposely or knowingly caused reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury" to a man "by use of a weapon or what reasonably appears to be a weapon by brandishing a gun." Smith wasn’t arrested, but was supposed to make an initial court appearance on March 10. However, since she is a county employee with the sheriff’s office, prosecution of the criminal matter has been turned over to the state Attorney General’s office to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, noted Tara Harris, deputy county attorney... [Full article here]
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