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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[OH] NO CHARGES for jailed Officer Heffinger's on-duty, out-of-area domestic violence

An on-duty New Middletown Police Officer Brent Heffinger was arrested Saturday in Springfield Township and jailed on domestic violence. He has been suspended. He was out of his jurisdiction. In the end, no charges are filed because the involved family parties signed releases not to prosecute each other and agreed to counseling. Hmm. So his suspension has to do with where he was, not what he did.
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  1. Excerpts from the online comments:

    ...I knew him too. He got into fights a lot. Wow!!! No suspension at all. Should have been some kind of punishment...

    ...Who is he or she? I heard they work at St. E's too. Hope it was worth it?...

    ...His name is Brent Heffinger. He does work at St. E's. I knew him in high school. He has a horrible temper. Shouldn't be a cop. How can you trust him with a gun? Scary!!!!...

    ...May not know the whole story and probably its better we don,t know. As far as the facts, He left the village in a mark car while on duty, Got into an altercation with his brother and sister, had numerous police agency at the house, was arrested and placed in the MCSO for two nights. Also, had no charges...

    ...What a liability this guy is going to be for the Departments that keep him on the payroll. Hey if anyone gets arrested at New Middletown or St E's and get slapped around by this guy I know a good attorney of course all you need is a bad attorney to win that...

    ...Hey walker mill, he was charged, you idiot. The police didnt look after anybody. The other alleged victims dropped the charges, which is their right. The police and the state have no say so about. Also, it was posted earlier that the state always pursues charges even if the victim does not want to. That is entirely incorrect. The state does not prosecute without a victim. Get your facts straight. Brett "he'llfingeru" should not be a cop. Way to go springfield twp for putting this loser in jail...

    ...And it goes on and on and on....totally clueless people depending on rumors...get a life people!!...

  2. And action was taken. He was fired very shortly after from nmpd and st e. People are dumb. so was he and he paid for it. Finish the story correctly.

  3. New Middletown officer resigns amid internal investigation
    Published: Tue, April 14, 2009 @ 10:40 a.m.

    NEW MIDDLETOWN — A patrol officer resigned amid an internal investigation by the New Middletown Police Department.

    Police Chief Vincent D’Egidio announced that officer Brent Heffinger resigned at a council meeting on Monday.

    Heffinger was arrested, while on duty, for domestic violence by the Springfield Township Police in March. No charges were filed in Struthers court.

    However, an internal investigation by the New Middletown Police Department determined that several policy and procedural codes were violated.

    Heffinger chose to resign before administrative charges were filed. His resignation was accepted by the village council.

    “Officer Heffinger was a good police officer,” D’Egidio said. “He made a mistake and accepted responsibility for his actions.”

  4. Whereas the map from on this page? It shows its like a 6 hr drive from where he worked. That's not true. He was arrested approximately 10 mins from his jurisdictional line. And as its posted earlier, the family dropped the charges.


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