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Friday, September 18, 2009

[OH] MAYBE (?) Ex-Detective Corey Earl violated a court order? Maybe he didn't?



See links to previous Corey Earl posts below the article.

Chronicle-Telegram Staff
September 18, 2009

OBERLIN — An arrest warrant has been issued for former Lorain police Officer Corey Earl for allegedly violating the conditions of his probation for a telephone harassment charge he pleaded no contest to in March.

Earl, 47, had contact with the victim in the case, his ex-wife, Laura Astorino, despite a court order barring him from doing so, according to court records. The original charge against Earl stemmed from unwanted calls he made to Astorino.

Mike Duff, one of Earl’s attorneys, said the complaint came from a call Earl placed to Astorino to discuss getting a car for their teenage son.

Dan Wightman, Earl’s other attorney, said the no-contact order had some leeway to allow Earl to contract Astorino about their children because he has visitation rights.

But he also said that Oberlin Municipal Court Judge Thomas Januzzi has a reputation for enforcing his probation orders.

If Earl is found to have violated probation, he could face the full sentence that Januzzi imposed in March. The judge had suspended a sentence of six months in jail and $250 of a $500 fine in the case.

Earl, who took disability retirement earlier this year because of a series of strokes he suffered last year, is also late paying off his fine, according to court records.

This isn’t the first time Earl has had difficulty following a court order barring him from contact with a woman he has been romantically linked. He was given a suspended $250 fine in July for violating a civil stalking protection order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend, Nadine Glass.

Duff said Earl plans to turn himself in at the Lorain County Jail today.

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    September 19, 2009
    AMHERST — Former Lorain policeman Corey Earl was in county jail last night after turning himself in yesterday on an arrest warrant.
    The warrant was issued by the Oberlin Municipal Court for contempt of court. He missed his court date Tuesday on a case involving a telephone harassment charge filed in December 2008 by his former wife.
    Amherst patrolman Troy Donaldson said Earl turned himself in around 3 p.m. yesterday and he arrived at the Lorain County Jail around 4 p.m.

  2. What appears to be lost in all of this dialogue is the reality that Mr. Earl needs help. Help, in the form of counseling to deal with his losses. Whether you're for Corey Earl or against, he's lost all possibility of working in Law Enforcement, he's lost his family, both marital and law enforcement. He's lost his credibility and integrity with the community at large. He's lost his means of earning a living and any positive legacy that may have come from that. I wish for Corey, his ex-wife and children nothing more than a new beginning.

  3. OH MAH GOODNESS. Are you a relative? Corey Earl did not LOSE his family and career, he destroyed them, then smashed them. He had to work at it though - over and over and over. He is NOT five years old with a school related disability. I KNOW that over the MANY incidents he has been offered help. And even if he hadn't been - he is a grown a** man that should have thrown himself on help when he realized that he is terrorizing - and completley controlling the lives of - others. But he is immature, selfish, and operating without 1 atom of empathy for anyone besides himself. People are not allowed to live and laugh until he dies. The trick is trying to not die too. It's a shame that our laws don't have enough regard for the victims whose lives are demolished to be able to put someone like Earl behind a locked door and keep him there. Realize this: Prisons are FULL of people that "need help." Serial killers, rapists, blah blah blah. Truth is many of them did not accept help. People have bent over backwards trying to save Corey Earl's career FOR him - but he wouldn't grab the rope. It was disgusting to watch because after the first event he should have been fired.

    Where (oh where) is your concern for the people living in fear of him - unable to call the shots like he is.

  4. If this guy was capable of a new beginning he would have already done it.

  5. Anonymous, reading your article reflects you have pity and compassion for this ex-officer. He was offered all types and kinds of therapy, from mental to physical and he chose to turn it down. So how can anyone help him, if he refuses to help himself? The only help from the public point is manditory from the courts and police. He has made lives very bad for many in his past history as a supposed, fine and upstanding law enforcement officer. His department and his official, and some on the the Lorain police force help create this monster and just let him roam and cause life threatening incidence. I certainly hope the police officers in Lorain, will look out for the citizens, which is there job. But Corey Earl, is in the news again, and he likes it that way. This is the only way he stays public since he is unable to work for the force like the good old days. I am sure we will hear more about him in the future. He does not and will not stop. He needs to be locked up and made to do mental rehab. Folks we have not heard the last of this guy, just mark my word. So "anonymous", feel badly for the all the lives this creature has damaged in one way or another.

  6. I'm not a fan of Corey Earl. And make no mistake, I believe uniquivocally that his wife, and quite possibly his children, are in danger until he receives the mental health care, that he's obviously in dire need of. They should be very afraid of him. Men like him commit heinous crimes against their families and others every day. However, Continuing to demonize him in the press will only further unravel what semblence of mental stability he has. Instead of throwing him in Jail for 6 months, 16 months of mandatory, daily, mental heath therapy will probably provide for a more positive result for his family and the community at large. Do you really think throwing him in jail and then throwing away the key is reasonable? In light of the FACT that Corey Earl cannot be imprisoned for life for anything he's done in the past, it would seem prudent that we as a community and more importantly, his support system, get him the help he needs. With the expressed goal of averting any future harm to others.

  7. Beware ladies.. this guy is now on several dating sites looking for a long term relationship …Retiredlpd62 is one of his screen names


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