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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[CT] Calling Officer Leon's SECOND domestic violence arrest "breach of peace" helps keep his optiions open

This is where the problem of officer-involved domestic violence starts raising it's systemic head. The PROSECUTOR  agrees to charge Bridgeport Police Officer Samuel Leon with breach of peace instead of domestic violence assault. The MEDIA gives no clue and asks no question regarding what happened to the first domestic violence related charge last February. If the prosecutor and the media (and the police department, police union, and likely the judge) are FOR Officer Leon, who can prevail against him if he commits a violent crime? 

Who voices the concern for safety of the alleged victim? 

Connecticut Post
By Noelle Frampton
[Excerpts] BRIDGEPORT - A city police officer has been arrested for the second time this year, the most recent incident an alleged domestic dispute with a woman in his West Haven home earlier this month. Officer Samuel Leon, 35, has been suspended with pay from the department after his Nov. 1 arrest, said acting Police Chief Joseph Gaudett. Leon is awaiting disposition of his breach of peace charge, which has been referred to a family relations officer at Milford Superior Court, state judicial branch records show. He is free without bond for his next court date Dec. 16... Upon officers' arrival, an unnamed woman told them that Leon assaulted her after a verbal argument... The officer was suspended with pay in February, too, after he was arrested and charged with threatening in Virginia Beach, Va... [Full article here]
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  1. These articles are written and published and unfortunately no consideration is given as to the perception the public will have of this person. Having known the situation personally, this article is very one sided. Not only is this officers previous arrest irrelevant to this arrest the article points otherwise. We tend to forget, although these individuals carry a shield and their duty is to uphold the law they are also human like the rest of us. We all encounter situations in our life that are not pleasant. This officer is being charged for breach of peace which is an exterior violation after an argument that stemmed with this "unidentified" woman who gained entrance into his home, while he was sleeping through an unlocked entrance. Most likely fearing being charged with breaking and entering proceeded to tell the local police department she was assaulted. However, it clearly states in the article she had absolutely no visible injuries. Therefore, after listening to the timeline of events it's more than obvious the scene was handled improperly by the local police department then causing a domino effect after making the media. Reading the original article and not knowing the background information would lead one to believe this officer has an anger management problem when in actuality he was the victim of someone breaking and entering his home, rummaging through his belongings while he slept. If these individuals are being held to higher standard due to their career, then a higher standard needs to be held to journalist reporting these incidents to ensure the public is being properly informed and not partially informed.

  2. That's your story and you're sticking to it!

    A previous domestic arrest isn't relevant? I've never heard that before.

    Police leave the doors to their homes unlocked while they sleep, which you include to demonstrate why there is no evidence of breaking in - right? Very thorough.

    I wonder why he would do that when the woman is obviously, by your description, certifiably crazy: This woman broke in to "rummage" through the officer's things WHILE HE WAS HOME. Is that what the judge is going to be told?

    This officer - whose previous domestic arrest is irrelevant - is a victim and any responding officers are therefore inexperienced idiots who listen to a woman over a fellow police officer, and believe her just because.

    My personal opinion is that the above comment was written by the arrested officer, a family member of his, OR another woman in his life who believes everything she's told.

    Yes police officers are "human like the rest of us" but not allowed to be criminal with the criminals. Cop = don't break the law while dealing with your issues. Find another way.

    I wonder why you bother say he's human like the rest of us if he is the VICTIM as you portray?

    There may be two sides, but I find this particular one that you offer - when looked over as a whole - very hard to believe.


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