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Saturday, November 14, 2009

[NC] Deputy Angie Clark resigns and is charged with murdering her husband Michael

 Michael Lawrence Clark
Shot, killed June 10th, 2009

...It was during [Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Angie Renee] Clark’s appearance that new details emerged about the incident — including that Mrs. Clark, who was off duty at the time, allegedly used her service weapon. Prosecutor Davis Weddle also alleged premeditation in the incident...

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[NC] Deputy Clark kills husband Michael - ...According to court records, Angie Clark took out a domestic violence protective order against her husband in 2001 and last December. In the most recent case, she said her husband shot at her car. She also claimed he threatened to "kill all of you" before paying child support... The order alleging the three incidents was dismissed voluntarily in February, which means Angie Clark dropped it. Michael and Angie Clark have five children...

Lee Deputy Indicted For Harnett Murder

My Daily Record
By Reece Murphy
November 11, 2009
[Excerpts] A former Lee County Sheriff’s deputy has been charged with murder in connection with the fatal shooting of her estranged husband in June. Angie Renne Clark, 40, of Broadway had been on paid administrative leave from her job since the night of June 10 when she allegedly shot her husband Michael Lawrence Clark, 44, during a domestic altercation. The case was investigated by the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office... Mrs. Clark turned herself in to the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday morning after her indictment by the Harnett County Grand Jury Monday on an open count of murder. Open count murder is a charge encompassing both first- or second-degree murder... It was during Mrs. Clark’s appearance that new details emerged about the incident — including that Mrs. Clark, who was off duty at the time, allegedly used her service weapon. Prosecutor Davis Weddle also alleged premeditation in the incident. “Your honor ... her service weapon was in her vehicle,” Mr. Davis said. “At some point she went to get it.” Defense attorney Jonathan Silverman of Sanford said the situation wasn’t that simple. “He was threatening her with a machete when he was shot,” Mr. Silverman said... “The shot was to the back of the head,” Mr. Davis said in response... Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter said Mrs. Clark resigned as a deputy Tuesday morning... “She was a good employee when she worked with us, never had any problems with her,” Sheriff Carter said. “It was a tragic situation that occurred and we hate it for her and the whole family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them, that’s the mood really. We all like Angie and we hope things work out for her, and the whole family.”...... [Full article here]

The Sanford Herald
Thu Nov 12, 2009
[Excerpts] ...[Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Angie Renee] Clark was taken into custody after the shooting but released a short time later. Clark’s father-in-law, who lived next door, told the Herald in June that the couple had had marital problems and that the shooting could have been the result of a domestic dispute. Court records show Michael Clark had a lengthy list of criminal charges in his past, many of them related to domestic issues. Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter said the Clark, who was placed on administrative leave while the case was under investigation, is no longer with his office as of Tuesday...... [Full article here]

The Fayetteville Observer
Thu Nov 12, 2009
[Excerpts] A Lee County deputy has been charged with murder in the July shooting death of her estranged husband [Michael]... The couple had been separated for about four years, according to family members, and Michael Clark was trying to reconcile with his wife. Court records show Angie Clark had filed two domestic violence orders in the past eight years, including one in December. Clark had been on administrative leave from the Lee County Sheriff's Office since the shooting. Sheriff's officials couldn't be reached for comment this afternoon. Clark's bail was set at $25,000.... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    All I have to say is that GOD worked it out for Angie and her family. No one can judge, but GOD and her and her children who witness this abuse throughout the years know the true story. Angie has not lost any life in prison and Im glad , because she is a good women.

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    ANgie Clark was a subsitute teacher in Harnett County, one of the best sweet hearted teachers I have encountered. From the stories of how mean her husband could be to his children and me encountering him before is enough for me to believe that he could of had a violent history!

    By the way, 25,000 for bail is awesome, see how GOD worked it out, obviously he allowed it to happen this way because GOD was on her side and knew she did not do this to just kill but in self defense.


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