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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[WI] Milwaukee Firefighter Dunn's 2nd Domestic: He's accused of trying to drug police officer wife. (Why?)

MILWAUKEE FIREFIGHTER ACCUSED OF TAINTING WIFE'S TEA Wife Shared Drink With 3-Year-Old Son, Noticed White Around His Mouth
November 2, 2009
[Excerpts] A Milwaukee firefighter is accused of drugging his wife's tea, and police arrested him after the couple's 3-year-old drank the allegedly tainted drink... Fourty-three-year-old Michael Dunn is accused of lacing his wife's Earl Grey tea with a prescription antidepressant. According to sources, the couple had been arguing and Dunn drugged his wife's drink. She is a Milwaukee police officer, and discovered the medicine when she saw white powder around the 3-year-old's mouth... This is not Dunn's first domestic abuse arrest. Court records reveal a 2004 arrest involving his former wife. Dunn threw a bag of laundry at his 5-year-old daughter, and then threw his wife to the ground, police said. As part of a so-called deferred prosecution agreement, the district attorney dropped the charge after Dunn stayed out of trouble for seven months... Dunn remained in the Milwaukee County jail where he was booked on the felony charge of placing foreign objects in edibles... [Full article here]
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  1. I know his first wife and daughter, wonderfull people, she has worked hard to keep her daughter safe, I hope this is enough to loose visitation with his daughter who is now 11. I know he has lied in the past about what he has done and the courts believed him because he is a good liar and he was a firefighter.

  2. speaking generally - there is no winning. when you get sole custody you inherit a very very angry ex. we do all we can do, trying to do the RIGHT thing... but it is sad how one person's temperament can so negatively impact the lives of others - for all of their lives.

  3. This is a sick man. I only hope the "Brotherhood" does not support or back him in the case, let alone the first domestic abuse case. He needs serious penalties for what he has done to two wives/two innocent children. They deserve better! Keep him locked up!

  4. Actually, his first wife (whom he does not have children with) put up with the same things. As hard to keep the wives straight as it is his stories. This has escalated over 15 years...don't think it will stop now.


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