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Thursday, November 5, 2009

[NC] Police Officer Simmons charged with 1st-degree felony rape & sodomy (of a relative)

Seized from Duke University Police Officer Webster Delenn Simmons 's vehicle: Handcuffs, ball gag, rope, electrical box with wires attached to a nail, a whip and flog.

Note: Duke police officers are commissioned by the state of North Carolina. They have authority to carry weapons, issue citations and make arrests just like municipal officers...

News Observer
Stanley B. Chambers
Published Wed, Oct 28, 2009
DURHAM -- A Duke University police officer was arrested and charged with rape in Alabama over the weekend. Webster Delenn Simmons, 37, of Rougemount, was charged with raping and sodomizing a female relative after they went to a club Saturday night, the Houston County Sheriff's Office said. The woman was found bound and gagged... Duke officials learned of the arrest after the sheriff's office contacted university police, Duke spokesman David Jarmul said... Simmons was a Raleigh police officer from 1998 until 2007... [Full article here]

Dothan Eagle
By Matt Elofson
Published: October 27, 2009
Updated: October 28, 2009
Houston County Sheriff’s investigators believe a Duke University police officer gagged and handcuffed a local woman as he sexually assaulted her over the weekend. Sheriff Andy Hughes said detectives arrested Webster Delenn Simmons, 37, on Monday and charged him with felony first-degree rape and felony first-degree sodomy. Simmons, of Rougemont, N.C., remains held at the Houston County Jail on a $120,000 bond... During the investigation, Hughes said detectives seized evidence from inside Simmons’ vehicle, including two pair of handcuffs, a ball gag, thick white rope, an unknown power source with wires attached to a nail, along with a whip and flog. The woman apparently woke up early Saturday morning, handcuffed and with a ball gag in her mouth... Hughes said Simmons knew the victim, but declined to say for the record how they knew each other... Hughes said Simmons told detectives he worked as an officer at Duke University. He also told them he previously worked at the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina for about 10 years... [Full article here]
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