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Sunday, November 8, 2009

[MA] Somerville resolution passed: Zero-tolerance for city employees who perpetrate domestic abuse

Wicked Local Somerville
By Meghann Ackerman
Posted Nov 06, 2009 @ 03:11 PM
[Excerpts] ...In October, [Alderman-at-Large Dennis] Sullivan filed a resolution, which the Board of Aldermen passed, asking the city to adopt a domestic policy for municipal employees. Sullivan said he wants victims of domestic violence to be able to take time off to sort out issues such as housing and finances and a zero tolerance policy for city workers who perpetrate abuse... Sonja Darai, director of Somerville commissions, said Sullivan’s proposed policy sends a strong message about the city’s desire to fight domestic violence, but will take some work to come to fruition. Through her work with the Somerville Commission on Women, Darai said she has started looking at how to implement a policy such as the one Sullivan suggested. "He’s definitely talking about creating a place that is going to breathe the words that the Board of Aldermen passed in 2007," Darai said, referring to the Anti-Violence Task Force’s mission statement, which includes the sentence, "The city of Somerville will not tolerate domestic violence"... [Full article here]
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