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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[NY] Fire Officer Lewis? We'll believe it when we see it.

...Van Norden will argue at the hearing that Lewis should be fired. Lewis has been arrested five times in the last year...

Even fired, he seems to come back - like a monster in a scary movie.

Previous entries:
  • [NY] Fired, reinstated Officer Lewis arrested for assault on his wife - ...Lewis is accused of grabbing and pushing his wife after she apparently tried to prevent him from leaving the home with their 1-year-old son... He allegedly grabbed her around the neck during a later encounter in his vehicle... In 1998, Lewis was fired by then-Mayor Albert Jurczynski on the recommendation of a hearing officer who said Lewis had a history of disciplinary problems... A state arbitrator reversed the hearing officer's decision...
  • [NY] Fired, reinstated, arrested Officer Lewis arrested a 2nd time in 2 months - A city police officer has been arrested for the second time in two months in connection with a domestic incident...
  • [NY] Fired, reinstated, then twice arrested Officer Lewis CLEARED of dv charges - A city police officer was acquitted Monday on a charge involving a physical altercation with his wife over custody of their young son... He will be reinstated with pay if the internal investigation is not completed within 30 days...
  • [NY] Fired, reinstated Officer Lewis arrested 3rd time - after alleged death threats - ...The court complaint says Lewis allegedly told his ex-wife he would "kill whoever she was with and kill her" and that he was "never going to let her go and he was never going to let her be with anyone else"...
  • [NY] Officer Lewis arrested 4th time - (How much will it take?) - ...This is Lewis’ fourth arrest in the last eight months. Lewis was charged last month with misdemeanors of third-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly threatening his former wife a total of four times in August and November...
  • [NY] Cop-on-cop domestic violence is FIFTH ARREST in 9 months for STILL-A-COP John Lewis - ...Sunday’s arrest was Lewis’ fifth since April 2008... Thirty-eight-year-old John Lewis of Schenectady was arrested Sunday, after police received a call from Lewis's mother at 3:47 a.m., stating he was destroying the house and physically fighting with his brother, an Albany police officer... "[Lewis] has no business being a police officer," [Mayor Brian Stratton] Stratton said. "But as much as I'd like to bring the hammer down on him, there is a degree of protection that is afforded to him under the law and we have to respect that... Lewis has filed a civil lawsuit against the Schenectady Police Department, alleging that the department and his wife conspired in an attempt to get him fired...
Schenectady Gazette, NY - Feb 14, 2009
By Kathleen Moore
Saturday, February 14, 2009
[Excerpts] City officials plan to fire Officer John Lewis — just as soon as they find him. “They can’t serve him with the last seven infractions because they can’t find where he lives,” Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden said Friday afternoon. Lewis was charged twice last year after incidents stemming from a bitter divorce. Then, after the split was final, he was charged in November with threatening to kill her and any man he found with her. On Dec. 27, he was also charged with drunken driving. Two weeks later, he was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly tearing up his mother’s house while intoxicated. According to Lewis’ attorney, the officer was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam a day after the December arrest. St. Mary’s has an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation center. Visitors are only allowed in for two hours a week, on Sundays, and apparently the city’s process servers have not gotten access... [Full article here]

Schenectady Gazette, NY
By Kathleen Moore (Contact)
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
[Excerpts] ...Corporation Counsel L. John Van Norden said Officer John Lewis will also face a disciplinary hearing soon. Lewis was served Monday after leaving St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam where, his attorney said previously, he was in alcohol rehabilitation. Van Norden will argue at the hearing that Lewis should be fired. Lewis has been arrested five times in the last year, first for incidents involving his ex-wife — including a threat to kill her and any man she might date — and then on charges of drunken driving and criminal mischief while intoxicated. Now that Lewis has been served with court documents for all of the charges, the city can hold a disciplinary hearing. However, Van Norden said the hearing may be delayed until April. [Full article here]

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