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Friday, February 27, 2009

[WA] Deputy Carey's dv arrest: "Just book me bro..."

Why deputy’s girlfriend called 911 on him
News Tribune
02/27/09 12:05 am
[Excerpts] The arrest of a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy on suspicion of domestic violence last week came after his girlfriend dialed 911 and told operators she thought he was going to kill her, court records show.
Bonney Lake police arrived at a house on Church Lake Drive to find a frantic woman, blood spots, moved furniture and a sheriff’s patrol car, according to the documents, released Thursday. The deputy, Mario Carey, 37, was charged Wednesday with fourth-degree domestic violence assault... The woman told officers that Carey had been abusive before and had hit her in the nose, the documents state. She asked officers to “rough him up” but not arrest him, because he was part of the law enforcement “brotherhood,” the documents state. Officers said she changed her account several times, saying she never should have called police and that she didn’t want to “incriminate her man any further.” Officers arrested Carey, and a sheriff’s sergeant came to take Carey’s patrol car and weapons from the residence. When officers told Carey he was under arrest, according to the documents, he replied, “Fine. Just book me, bro. I know you have to do your job”... The department will conduct an internal investigation. [Full article here]


  1. And now look 6 years later he murdered the most beautiful woman.... My 60 year old momma who's never even been to jail before and had 1 speeding ticket her whole life. A woman who's so gentle she picks up spiders and takes them outside instead of killing them. He kicked in her door looking for my brother for missing a court date for malicious mischief and a restraining order momma put on him when his drinking got out of hand. She lives in the country and is blind without her glasses so when 3 big guys with guns kicked in her door in the early morning hours while she was sleeping she grabbed her non function gun to protect herself and scare away the intruders. Unfortunately these intruders were not scared away. Instead of trying to talk to my tiny gray haired momma and let her know what was going on they tasered her then Mario Carey shot her twice in her heart killing her in front of my dad who doesn't do good without momma and never has and my baby brother who's always lived and hung out with our momma everyday. She was our family glue, our everything. She was my best friend,my rock and the only person who had my back 1,000 percent. While our lives are shattered he gets to walk the earth freely as if nothing ever happened-not fair.


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