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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ludimila CoHoe de Hiers
March 15, 2005 Ludimila CoHoe de Hiers was shot in the head as she slept. Her husband Daniel Hiers "resigned" from his cop job shortly before killing Ludimila - due to an investigation being launched into his alleged sexual crimes with a minor. He has been in the top America's most Wanted for too long now... Feds think he had help from "associates" escaping...

Daniel Hiers is described as a white male, age 32, 6’03”, 210 pounds with blues eyes and blond hair. He has eleven years of police experience, is trained in the martial arts, and maintains a high level of fitness. He is believed to be armed with a .40 caliber Glock pistol and may possess a bullet-resistant vest. The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a reward for information directly leading to Hiers’ arrest... The Full Story


Dan William Hiers Jr. is on the America's Most Wanted's "Dirty Dozen" list and on the United States Marshals Most Wanted List.



United States Marshal's - Department of Justice's page on Hiers:
Call the United States Marshals Service District of South Carolina at (843)727-4051 or Crime Stoppers at (800)452-1111.

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Previous entries on Behind The Blue Wall

Thursday, March 24, 2005
Ludimila Hiers found murdered. Officer Hiers flees - ...
A week ago she was found dead, shot in the back of the head, and her husband abscounded or ridded of himself some other way...

Thursday, March 23, 2006
US Marshal: Officer Hier's "associates" helped him abscound? - ...In announcing the increased reward, United States Marshal Johnny Mack Brown said, “Our investigation has developed information that Hiers received assistance from associates in the days following the murder of his wife...

Sunday, April 15, 2007
[SC] Abscounded Officer Daniel Hiers still 'Most Wanted' -
...Despite an intensive manhunt, South Carolina authorities have been unable to locate Hiers, and requested the assistance of “Operation Intercept”, a U.S. Marshals-led fugitive task force...

Saturday, March 15, 2008
[SC] "Resigned" Officer Hiers still at-large 3 years later - with a little HELP from his FRIENDS - ...
As more time passes, it becomes increasingly likely that Hiers has changed identities and is working somewhere or living with someone to help support him... I moved the excerpts from my old notes from news that were here into the comment section...

A murder in Goose Creek
Part 1: Fateful decisions

Goose Greek Gazette
By Jared Goyette
March 12, 2008
...Through the years, Dan seemed to grow distant... At one point in 2001, Mila decided to return to Brazil, but Dan Hiers followed her. He begged and pleaded, cried, promised to change, and she took him back. She was building a life for herself in Goose Creek. She obtained an associates degree, and was enrolled at the College of Charleston, where she studied Spanish. Her plan was to become a Spanish teacher, and open up a language school with her sister, Alessandra, who taught English...


The Goose Creek Gazette
By Jared Goyette
Published Wednesday, March 19, 2008 2:21 PM
[Excerpts] ...White cop cars surrounded her home. The Goose Creek Police Department was there, and The Charleston Police Department, where Dan had worked as school resource officer for the last two years, had sent one of his supervising officers, a lieutenant. He came to pick up Dan’s equipment, to take back his badge. They don’t let accused pedophiles stay on the force, and that’s what they said Dan was now... and he was running, driving south in his black Ford F150... A woman police officer handed her the phone, and told her to call him. Maybe he would turn himself in... She left message after message, pleading into the voicemail... Then the phone rang, and the caller ID flashed his number... She handed the phone to the woman officer who sat on the sofa... and through his lawyer, Hiers made arrangements to turn himself in the next day... Charleston officers took Dan Hier’s car , sidearm, badge and uniform. Investigators found four other guns, and with Ludimila's permission, took them away for safekeeping. There was one thing missing – a glock handgun. Dan had taken the pistol with him...

..."I never imagined something like this could happen. It never crossed my mind because they were so happy together," Sueli Cohe de Araujo said through a translator... [Link]

The Goose Creek Gazette
By Jared Goyette
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 11:50 AM
[Excerpts] ...When pedophilia accusations against him first surfaced in November, he had resigned his position with the Charleston Police. At first, he was charged with lewd act on a minor, but the charge he faced in Dorchester was more serious – criminal sexual misconduct with a minor. Dan never turned himself in, and police found Mila's body on Monday afternoon... Dan had mentioned suicide when the charges first surfaced... Hiers was spotted in Walterboro the day of the murder, then disappeared. Three months later, investigators would find his 2005 red Chevy Aveo in Laredo Texas, a border town, but there was no sign of him... [Ludimila's sister] Alessandra asked [Goose Creek Police Detective Karen] Nix to come to Brazil, and she said yes... [Ludimila's mother] Sueli asked her to never give up, and Nix promised she wouldn't...


The Goose Creek Gazette
Wednesday, February 04, 2009 12:29 PM
[Excerpts] ...America’s Most Wanted has listed Hiers as one of their “Dirty Dozen” and has aired television segments on him 10 times. The U.S. Marshall’s Service is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to Hiers’ capture. Anyone with information on Dan Hiers Jr. is encouraged to call the United States Marshals Service District of South Carolina at (843)727-4051 or Crime Stoppers at (800)452-1111.

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  1. Dan Hiers is such a big piece of crap. He murdered my friend, Mila, and deserves nothing but the very worst things that life can bring him. If he is caught alive and brought to trial here in Charleston, I pray for the death penalty for him.

  2. Anonymous says:
    "i worked with mila for about 2 years. she was really sweet. dan was very controlling about what she would do. and he would always stop by work to see what she was doing. they got married when she was 17. he met her when she was 15 i think she said. they met at disneyworld in an elevator. he was already in his twenties then. so hes always had a problem. i remember little funny things about her. i used to always try to get her to say bad words in portuguese for me. she wouldnt even say them in english either. she was soo funny about that. but she was very down to earth. and i remember she always said we needed to go to the gym cuz her cellulite in which my return was always how i wish that was all i had to complain about. miss her alot."

    1. Would you mind describing his personality and social demeanor, did he hv friends, hv a nickname, like how did he act, did he hv a father, and how did he interact w father figures, did u think he would look up to a father figure if he had someone, and would he be agreeable, listen attentively etc.does he wear glasses etc. I hv a reason why I'm asking to hv as much info

  3. Is it just me or does this killer look like Matt Damon ?

  4. Dan is, or was, my brother, and he would never do anything like this. Yeah, I know I'm bias, but there are circumstances revolving around her murder that the police never looked into and one thing that has not been revealed to the public, which makes me think he did not do this. As for the person who state he was controlling because he always stopped by to see her at work. How is that controlling? He loved her and wanted to see her. He worked all day, she was either at work or school, and she got home late some days. How is a husband stopping by to see his wife at work when he hasn't seen her all day controlling, or maybe you were just jealous cause your husband wouldn't stop by to see you?

    1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

      So you must know where he went right??? why not tell us

  5. You do know what he was supposed to show up in court for, right? I see you didn't mention it.

    I'm sorry for what happened in your family.

  6. To answer Behind the Blue Wall's question, of course I knew. I'm his brother. But, did you know that that accuser use to call his cell phone so much that he had to turn it off. He came to my house and played the voice mails for me. Once when I visited him, the phone was ringing off the hook at his house. Now, would you allow your 9 year old daughter to call a 30 year old man like that. Plus, do you also know about the "love" letter the accuser's mother gave to my brother, or that fact that the accuser's natural father and step-father both were in trouble with the law. One for stealing, I think, and the other was a drug dealer. Really, there is a lot more to this story that people who aren't close to it don't know about it. Yes, I do have a biased viewpoint, but some of the things I've heard really are not true, and there are other things that haven't been revealed.

    1. I must say as an outside observer this story has always bothered me. Why would the guy shoot his wife before he left to go on the lam? That makes absoutely zero sense. Now if someone wanted to make him look worse, then that would certainly be a great way to do it. Yes it would be awful for a former police officer convicted of molestation in prison but come on, he would have gotten out within a few years. He had nothing to gain from murdering his wife and that alone makes this case stink. Guilty or innocent you're all in my prayers.

    2. I can think of a list of reasons why he'd shoot her. None of them are justified. All of them are horrible. But the theory that he couldn't have had a reason isn't very convincing.

  7. I can envision a 9 year old making a lot of calls, for example if she was wooed into relationship where she has been made to feel "special." I don't know anything about the alleged young victim or circumstances but a 9 year old girl can think she's even in love. Look at the even younger Bieber fans screaming and crying. I don't think that we should discuss the actual alleged child victim here publicly because she was never afforded the opportunity to be proven to be telling the truth because your brother vanished. Do you think that someone killed Ludimila and your brother or do you think he killed his wife and left? It has to be really hard for you being asked to believe what is believed to have happened. I can understand that. I think I know my kids and close friends very well, and if someone told me that they committed child rape or murder I wouldn't be able to believe that until it was proven. Try your best to not hurt others while trying to lift your questions into view. A theft or drug charge doesn't indicate a double murderer, and a little girl who calls someone who made her feel grown up doesn't indicate that she's a liar. Just pray and keep trying to get your concerns looked at. Feel free to email me off the blog.

    Sorry that your family, Ludimila's family, and the child's family, and all the really invested law enforcement officers are all having to go through this for so long. It must be deeply hard to have no answers or closure.

    Your bro is probably living a new life. If he killed himself I believe he'd have been found.

  8. To S. Hiers. I just copied and pasted my email address,, into an email to myself - and it works. I can't reply to you if it comes to me as a blog post. I'm assuming the message is private, but if you want me to post it I will.

  9. Dan was on the fire department in Hampton, SC before he moved to Goose Creek, SC. I only met his wife twice. She was a very pretty, shy young women. After Dan moved to Goose Creek, SC I saw him for 2 consecutive years at the Hampton County Watermelon Festival which is held the week after Father's Day every June. Years passed until I saw Dan again. It was in Varnville, SC at Taylor's Restaurant (no longer open) on a Saturday afternoon. I was in the bar when I noticed him walk in with his family. Mila was not there. We did not speak on this occasion only and smile and a wave. If memory serves me right this was a few weeks before the child molestation charges were brought upon him. I have only fond memories of Dan and would like to believe he did not kill his wife or molest that child. Once someone is faced with jail time they do not think like themselves. I'm sure he was in a state of panic. Dan is a very well educated man and I am not at all surprised that he has evaded capture for this long. Although, it is hard to believe that he could still be alive after all these years.

    1. Scott HiersApril 14, 2012

      This is Dan's brother, Scott. I agree with everything you said. People don't really think in their right state of mind when they are faced with possible jail time for something they did not do. Also, I give it a 50/50 chance he's still alive. I don't know if someone has killed him also. That night at Taylor's that you speak of, I believe that was the last time my family saw him. That was on March 13, my mom's birthday. He and my parents and my wife went there to eat. I was stuck at work, and so was Mila. I talked to him later on the phone and asked him to stick around 30 minutes until I got off. He said he had to get back home. I didn't know it, but I found out later he and Mila went to Myrtle Beach. They came home Sunday evening, I think, and she was murdered on the 15th. Ever since he was charged with the molestation, he seemed jumpy, like someone was watching or following him. And he never wanted Mila home alone. Why couldn't he stick around to see me and my new truck? She didn't get off until 9, he still would have made it home in time. And, he tried to get her to stay in Myrtle Beach an extra day, but she wanted to come home because she had to work. He asked her to call in, but she wouldn't. It's almost like he knew something was going down. He also had someone calling in and reporting when he was gone from home for long periods of time. Now how would they know this unless they were watching his house.

    2. So you seem to think Dan knew he and Mila's house was being watched after the molestation charges were brought upon him? The house being watched and Dan knowing this info could be the reason for Mila's untimely death and Dan's disappearance. In my opinion the weekend getaway trip to Myrtle Beach could have been Dan's attempt to save Mila and himself from the person or persons watching their every home. Im sure once in Myrtle Beach Dan thought he could convince Mila to stay and miss a day of work, I mean its the beach. Who wouldn't want to stay one more day? There are so many unanswered questions and so much doubt to the point to where you dont even know what to say or do anymore. Im sure you and your family ask yourself everyday "Why did this happen? Where is Dan?" I myself wonder if he is still alive and if so will we ever see him again? and if he's not alive where is his body and who hurt him? Will we ever know?

    3. Another thing, I do so regret not going over to speak to him at Taylor's that day. Weeks later,I remember watching Live 5 news when they aired the story of Mila's death and my whole body went numb. All I could think was " I just saw him, I just saw him less than a month ago.How could he have done this? He couldn't have done this! Why would he? This makes no sense." It was an unreal feeling. I do hope your brother is still alive and I pray that one day he will be able to tell his story.

  10. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    This case is such a sad one. Dan is a very intelligent individual who has been able to "outsmart" the police for years. Heck he has a cop mentality, he knows what to do and where to go! How would a 9 year old get the number of a 30 year old man in the first place and why would he be willing to show his brother voicemails left on his phone. Shouldn’t he have made a police report at that point to show how inappropriate this was? A person in their right mind would have avoided being accused of such a serious act. I know that it is so hard for family members to not believe how their love ones could turn and do such things; however his actions showed his paranoia which is an indication of being purely guilty. Don't you get it? And it is so obvious that Mila was unhappy, no one failed to mention this though. I don't believe he wanted her to leave him and yes, this was controlling behaviors if you are coming to your spouse's job on a regular basis unannouced. Being a cop, equals "control" above the law, coming to your wife's job unannounced, equals "control", having several guns in your home equals "control" and i do believe he just snapped! He is going to get quite sloppy and he will be found. Where is the sympathy for the victims? get real you guys! family or no family, your in denial and you all need help!


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