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Sunday, September 10, 2023


This is not a domestic violence case but I'm posting it because the brave rape survivor has something to say and she is welcome to use this platform: EXCERPT: ...Although this was not the exact outcome Shanita Terrill wanted, she hopes it will encourage other women in similar situations to speak up and come forward. "Tell the truth and don't hide it if it happened. Speak on it, because everybody needs to know, and there's probably more victims that it would help out there"...


‘HE [HARRIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTY MICHAEL HINES] SHOULD HAVE HAD JAIL TIME’: Victim speaks out after former Harris County sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty to attempted (???) sexual assault
The former officer was sentenced to six years of probation and has to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years.

Huffington Post
Lucio Vasquez
Posted On August 29, 2023, 2:19 PM

PHOTO CAPTION: Shanita Terrell talks about Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hines’ guilty plea during a press conference on August 29, 2023.

A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a Harris County sheriff’s deputy three years ago spoke out for the first time on Tuesday — two months after the former officer pled guilty.

According to court documents, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hines was working security at a club in Midtown called The Address on Feb. 23, 2020. Court documents say Hines was in uniform and using a county squad car when he put Shanita Terrell in the front seat of the car under the guise of taking her home.

The next morning, Terrell woke up in her bed with pain and went to a hospital, where she was tested with a rape kit that found Hines’ DNA, according to court records. Hines was eventually charged with attempted sexual assault and pled guilty in June. He was sentenced to six years of probation and has to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Terrell said the last three years have been “devastating,” and added that she believes Hines got off easy.

“I don’t feel like it was fair. He should have had jail time,” Terrell said. “I can’t trust no one. And when it’s time for me to call the cops, I don’t think I would because I’m scared. Like, would it happen again? Like, is it okay to go to officers?”

This comes after a Harris County Grand Jury declined to charge Hines with sexual assault of a child in 2018, according to court documents. Four year later, Hines pled guilty to assaulting a family member after a separate incident, which resulted in the former officer being sentenced to three months of probation.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Kallinen said the Houston Police Department prohibits their officers from working security for bars and clubs, and added that he believes the sheriff’s office should follow suit.

“When officers work in clubs, the clubs are basically getting to buy that governmental immunity,” Kallinen said. “You have to prove that there’s a pattern of practice and oftentimes the bar, based upon the law, can just slide out of it by saying ‘oh, they were doing legal work and so we’re not liable.'”

Kallinen is representing Terrell in a lawsuit filed Feb. 2022 against Hines and the club. On Tuesday, Terrell said that she’s trying to “make sure this never happens again” while she tries to “just move forward with life.”

“Just trying to heal, process. Trying to be at ease,” Terrell said. “That’s all I can do.”[LINK]

Rosie Nguyen Image
ByRosie Nguyen KTRK 
Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Former deputy's rape victim disappointed that he avoided jail time

A three-and-a-half-year ordeal came to a close for a Houston rape victim who accused an off-duty deputy of raping her. Even with things resolved, she said she's not happy with how her attacker was punished.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the first time, the victim in an attempted sexual assault case involving a former Harris County sheriff's deputy is speaking out publicly. This comes more than two months after Michael Jarell Hines pleaded guilty and was ordered to six years of deferred adjudication.

According to the civil lawsuit filed by Shanita Terrill, Hines was off-duty but working security in his deputy uniform on Feb. 23, 2020, at The Address, a bar and event venue in Houston's south side. She claimed that after having a few drinks that evening as a patron, Hines and another deputy did not allow her to go home and put her in the front seat of Hines' squad car.

Terrill said that she does not remember the events that followed that night and woke up the next morning with pain in her vaginal area. The documents stated she went to the hospital, had a rape kit administered, and the DNA of the semen found on her undergarment belonged to Hines.

In a Tuesday press conference with her attorney and several retired members of law enforcement, Terrill expressed how the incident has impacted her life.

"I can't trust no one, and when it's time for me to call the cops, I don't think I would because I'm scared. Like, would it happen again?" Terrill said. "I feel just a lot of emotions, dealing with everyday life, being fearful, coming out and wondering if somebody's watching me or stalking me. You never know what's going on."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said Hines was hired by the agency on Jan. 13, 2014. His criminal record shows he faced a charge of sexual assault of a child under 17 in September 2018. But his case was no-billed, meaning that a grand jury decided not to move forward with the case. HCSO explained that's why Hines was not suspended during that time.

Hines' employment subsequently ended with HCSO on May 5, 2021. He was charged with attempted sexual assault in Terrill's case on Aug. 10, 2021, and pleaded guilty. On June 26, the judge placed Hines on deferred adjudication for six years. This means he will be placed under probation and required to follow a long list of conditions, including registering as a sex offender and prohibited from using a firearm.

"He was wearing this weapon when he assaulted her (Terrill). That's a part of the coercion, to be not only in the uniform but then having the weapon, that gun," Randall Kallinen, Terrill's attorney, said.

HCSO did not provide a comment in response to this case.

Hines' records also showed that he pleaded guilty and was placed on three months of deferred adjudication on May 24 in another case for assault of a family member on July 18, 2021.

Although Hines won't be able to expunge any of these charges from his record, Terrill and others at the press conference said they're disappointed he might not get any prison time for the crimes he's committed.

"I partly got something done. It wasn't all the way justice. I don't feel like it was fair. He should have had jail time," Terrill said. "Full justice for me looks like taking away everything, making sure that he never has a chance to hurt anybody else."

"The system is treating him (Hines) with kid gloves and gave him deferred adjudication. If he successfully completes it, he has no conviction. We're talking about abuse of power and the fact that the system does not clamp down on these individuals, so they can continue doing criminal things," Augustin Pinedo, a former probation officer and past LULAC district director, said.

Hines' lawyer, Stanley Broussard, said he had no comment on the statements made during Tuesday's press conference. But he wrote in part, "I will say that this has been an unfortunate event in both this young lady's life, as well as Mr. Hines'. I wish both of them nothing but peace and wholeness going forward."

Although this was not the exact outcome Terrill wanted, she hopes it will encourage other women in similar situations to speak up and come forward.

"Tell the truth and don't hide it if it happened. Speak on it, because everybody needs to know, and there's probably more victims that it would help out there," she said.

Terrill's civil lawsuit against Hines and The Address is still pending.[LINK]

Wednesday, August 16, 2023



Clay County Missouri Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson:

"This verdict sends a clear message that Clay County will hold perpetrators of abuse accountable no matter who they are without fear or favor. It is because of the courage of this victim that we are here today. This woman was brutally assaulted and suffered significant physical injury. She was then subjected to emotional and psychological manipulation and control by her abuser. Despite this, she bravely spoke up and fought for the justice she deserves. She endured victim blaming and public maligning in the pursuit of truth. We hope today’s verdict can finally bring her peace and closure."

[EXCERPTS] A Clay County jury found former Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson guilty Tuesday of felony first-degree domestic assault. The guilty verdict for the 53-year-old came in relation to a case involving Hallgrimson and the abuse of his ex-wife in 2020. Hallgrimson was sentenced to probation in 2021 after beating a man who tried to drown his own baby in 2018... A sentencing hearing for the domestic abuse case has been set for Oct. 20, 2023. [LINK

Note: I love reading the prosecutor's words and at the same time have to give honor here to those who spoke up and paid the price or didn't survive. There is no certain way. Props to those also who protected themselves by quietly escaping. The wife of former Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson had opportunity, made a decision, and pushed it through. She is added to our prayers for her future safety and healing.

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Saturday, August 12, 2023


On Thursday Miami-Dade Police Officer Andres Perez III was arrested for punching his wife in the head with a closed fist. Perez was charged with battery, given a piddly $1,000 bond that he paid, and is not in jail. 

How injured is she? Is she safe? Why is this about him and not them?
Does she matter?
Praying for both.
Hopefully they are both receiving what they need during this time. 

Oh check this. From an article on Perez punching his wife:

...Miami-Dade Police Interim Director Stephanie Daniels said it was “disheartening” to learn that one of her officers was arrested following a domestic violence incident. “Police Officers are held to a higher standard; this type of behavior will not be tolerated,” Daniels said. “Any actions that may hinder the public’s confidence in law enforcement is unacceptable” Daniels did not confirm whether Perez would be disciplined or terminated.... 

Really? The Miami-Dade Police Director that she's standing IN FOR just got into a domestic SHOOTING incident with his wife, and that's WHY Stephanie Daniels IS interim. Do her high standard words apply to Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez as well? No article or even opinion piece has dared to say that Director Ramirez should be held accountable for (allegedly) brandishing a weapon in public and putting it in his mouth, lying about that in collaboration with his wife Jody to the officers who responded /risked their lives, pulling rank when confronted by officers, my observation - a little slurry when proclaiming to responding officers that he's police director, almost surely driving while intoxicated, and lying to investigators after the fact - hindering an investigation. 

SIDENOTE: News agencies are using that Perez threw a McDonalds hamburger at his wife in the title of their articles as click bait, and because of this the comments where the articles are posted on social media are followed by mostly jokes and word play about the burger - not about that a punch to the side of the head like the punch she recieved, could have killed her. 

Domestic violence is a crime,
not a personal or personnel matter,
and never a joke.

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Saturday, August 5, 2023

[FL] Miami Police Chief Manny Morales on his own mental health maintenance

Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales opens up about how he has been seeing a psychologist every month for years and he hopes other officers will continue doing the same.

Miami Police Chief Manny Morales on [his own] mental health, on Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede
CBS Miami (Click for video)

Morales: Jim, I don't have enough facts or feel comfortable about talking about the incident surrounding Director Ramirez other than the fact that my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I can tell you from beginning my 30th year in law enforcement that this profession can be unforgiving, both on family, on your mental health, and your personal well-being.
So, as a preventive measure, for many years now, I have subscribed to doing psychological therapy. I mean all police departments, whether it be Miami-Dade or the City of Miami, we have an incredibly robust employee assistance program. We recognize the stressors that are on our brave men and women each and every day. So, I personally have a monthly checkup with my psychologist, just to kind of sit down, do a little bio-feedback, and get some insight into how i'm feeling and my mental well-being as a whole.

Reporter: When did you start doing that and was there something that prompted you to start doing that?

Morales: So, many of us experience personal problems. For me, it started with having marriage problems and relationship problems, and that kind of let into couple's counseling and I absolutely initially saw the benefit of it. We did family counseling together, and that was almost 20 years ago.
And then as it evolved and I started to professionally develop and ascend through the ranks, that stress becomes a lot heavier and it weighs in on you. As a preventive measure, like I said before, I subscribe to monthly sessions. 

Reporter: Whether you're feeling anxiety or not, right? Just a matter of, you just sort of like, you just do a little tuneup every month? 

Morales: Yes, I personally feel that if you wait till the stressors are on you and you are getting to the feeling where you are aleady beginning to feel uncomfortable with yourself, it might be past the point of prevention, right? Now, it might be the point of taking care of it instead of preventing to get to that. So for me, as an outlet, I get there and I talk. Sometimes I sit down and feel perfectly fine, and once we start talking, issues will come up. 

Voiceover: you can see the rest of Jim's interview with Miami Police Chief Manny Morales this Sunday (tomorrow) on Facing South Florida. Its at a new time. 8:30 right after CBS News Miami Morning Addition. 




Jul. 31, 2023 

[EXCERPTS] Darryl Warren was fired from his position at the Wilmington Police Department on Monday, July 31... Warren is accused of hitting his girlfriend with a car while driving while impaired... The termination memorandum from Chief Donny Williams to Warren says that a pre-disciplinary conference was held on Monday, during which Warren was “made aware of” the rules violations alleged by an internal investigation and the possibility of disciplinary action. The POLICIES which were violated were “2.05- Obeying the Law”, “2.18- Use of Alcohol While Off Duty” and “2.25- Standard of Conduct”... He appeared in court Monday on the [CRIMINAL] charges of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and assault on a female... he was initially charged after the July 25 incident with DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED and RECKLESS DRIVING TO ENDANGER. The DA requested a $1 million bond for Warren, but IT WAS DENIED BY JUDGE R. RUSSEL DAVIS... bond was set at $100,000... JUDGE DAVIS PREVIOUSLY DENIED THE MOTION FOR A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVE ORDER FILED AGAINST WARREN BY HIS EX-WIFE LAST YEAR. [FULL ARTICLE HERE.]


July 26, 2023 

[EXCERPTS] An off-duty Wilmington police officer faces charges after a crash involving a pedestrian near Costco... The NC Highway Patrol says Darryl Warren, 39, was making a u-turn on Gingerwood Drive when he ran off the right side of the road and hit a woman and a parked vehicle. Investigators say Warren and the women he hit knew each other, she was previously his passenger before she got out of his truck to walk. The 34-year-old woman was taken to the hospital... Warren was arrested and taken to the New Hanover County Detention Center where he submitted to a BREATH ANALYSIS. HE REGISTERED .10 BAC and was charged with DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED and RECKLESS DRIVING. “We immediately notified the Highway Patrol and the State Bureau of Investigations and we started an internal investigation.” Wilmington Police Chief, Donny Williams, said. The officer has been placed on administrative leave as of yesterday.” [FULL ARTICLE HERE.]


July 31, 2023 

[EXCERPTS] ...Prosecutors asked a judge for a $1M bond for Wilmington Police Department officer Darryl Warren, saying they BELIEVED HE INTENDED TO KILL THE WOMAN... Judge R. Russel Davis, who previously heard a protective order case brought by Warren's ex-wife, rejected that request... Warren knew the woman... she had been a passenger and was struck by Warren after she got out of his vehicle. We also know that HE BLEW A .10 BAC — AND I’VE HEARD THAT WAS ABOUT TWO HOURS AFTER THE INCIDENT, so he was definitely quite intoxicated... Witnesses who called for help described a pretty brutal scene. Warren allegedly struck a tree and another vehicle trying to hit her. One caller specifically described Warren flooring the accelerator trying to run her down... On the criminal side, Warren was charged with several misdemeanors and felonies when he was in his late teens, EARLY TWENTIES, ABOUT 15-20 YEARS AGO, AND THOSE INCLUDE BREAKING AND ENTERING, MAKING THREATENING PHONE CALLS, AND POSSESSION OF A STOLEN FIREARM... he went on to serve in the Army, so that probably helped mitigate things when he was hired at WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH PD, where he worked for about five years... Warren approached the SHERIFF’S OFFICE FOR A JOB BUT THEY WEREN’T INTERESTED, BUT WPD HIRED HIM IN 2020... Two years ago Warren’s wife filed for a divorce, and a year after that she applied for a restraining order. According to the court filing, WARREN SHOWED UP, BANGING ON HER DOOR, AND MAKING THREATS... THE JUDGE DIDN’T GRANT THE ORDER... According to Warren’s personnel records from the city, he wasn’t put on leave... The truth is, Warren’s track record puts him in a grey area. With the exception of that one misdeamer, he HASN’T BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING, and, as frustrating as this is for victim’s advocates, SOMETIMES LAW ENFORCEMENT DOWNPLAYS ISSUES STEMMING FROM DIVORCES... [YA THINK?] [FULL ARTICLE HERE.]


Jul. 28, 2023

[EXCERPTS] ...Accusations from Warren’s ex-wife: ...WARREN’S EX-WIFE FILED A MOTION FOR THE ORDER in July 2022, aiming to legally PREVENT WARREN FROM ASSAULTING, FOLLOWING, HARASSING, OR INTERFERING WITH HER OR HER CHILDREN... “HE WAS BANGING/KICKING THE DOOR. THREATENING MYSELF AND THE OTHER ADULT IN THE HOME”... Per the motion, she called law enforcement and New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded; it says that SEVERAL CHILDREN WERE IN THE HOME WHEN THE ARGUMENT TOOK PLACE AND HEARD HIM YELLING, CUSSING, AND MAKING THREATS. The motion was denied by Judge R. Russell Davis because she “failed to prove grounds for issuance of a domestic violence protective order.” WECT reached out to Warren’s ex-wife. SHE DID NOT DENY ANY OF THE REPORTS OF A HISTORY OF ABUSE BUT DID NOT WANT TO MAKE ANY STATEMENTS DUE TO HER FEAR OF HER EX-HUSBAND’S RETALIATION. [I'M SKIPPING THE SECTION: "A REPORTED ARGUMENT DURING A YOUTH FOOTBALL GAME AT VETERANS PARK" THAT ALLEGEDLY INVOLVED A GUN BECAUSE WARREN WA NOT EVER DIRECTLY SINGLED OUT AS THE BRANDISHER.]... Port City Daily also reported that, back in 2002, he was charged in Durham for RESISTING A PUBLIC OFFICER and SIMPLE POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE VI CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES which the district attorney “dismissed without leave.” PCD says he was CHARGED WITH FELONY BREAKING AND ENTERING LATER THAT YEAR, a charge which he pleaded guilty to after it was reduced to a misdemeanor. Per PCD, the DA also DISMISSED A CHARGE OF FELONY POSSESSION OF A STOLEN FIREARM IN 2005 and a CHARGE OF MAKING A THREATENING PHONE CALL to a male in 2006... [FULL ARTICLE HERE.]


Jul 28, 2023

[EXCERPTS] After an off-duty Wilmington police officer was charged with driving while impaired after allegedly striking a person with a truck, several witnesses who called 911 reported the PERSON WAS HIT ON PURPOSE... Multiple 911 calls were made with people saying it looked intentional. One caller reported that he saw a guy in a silver or gray truck run over a woman. "I don't know if the dude's crazy or what," the caller said to the dispatcher. The caller reported that someone got out of the truck and ran across the road past IHOP and Best Western. He continued and said people from Costco went outside to assist and talked about how the driver hit a tree and another parked car trying to run the person over... The caller continued and said the person who was hit got in the back seat of the vehicle and the driver was talking to the person. Warren was travelling south on Gingerwood Drive in his 2014 Toyota Tundra and made a U-turn to go north. The highway patrol reported he didn't make a complete turn and ran off the right side of the road and struck a person... Another person who called 911 said it looked like the strike was on purpose. The caller said THE DRIVER TURNED THE TRUCK AROUND AND "FLOORED IT" and flew up onto the grass. She said the front fender was off the truck by the hotel. "He just stopped in the middle of the road and made an illegal U-turn. His wheels were squealing and everything when he turned and just drove right up on the curb." Another 911 dispatcher got a call from a person who said THE VICTIM WAS IN A BACKSEAT HURT AND THAT THE DRIVER HAD A GUN ON HIS HIP... [FULL ARTICLE HERE.] [tags police officer, sheriff's deputy, sgt, lieutenant, policy, officer involved domestic violence, oidv, intimate partner violence, abuse, law enforcement, public safety, attempted homicide, teflon, repeat hx, usur, unsolved unresolved, lethal, deputy, children, terroristic threatening, north carolina state politics]

Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava tweet:
“All that matters right now is Chief Ramirez’s wellbeing, and I join his family, his loved ones, and all his Miami-Dade police department and Miami-Dade county family in praying for his swift recovery.”

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister: 
“The sheriff’s office stands united with a profound sense of compassion and concern for our colleague who has experienced such a traumatic event...”

Miami-Dade Police Department email:
“Please continue to pray for his comfort and healing during these upcoming days...”

Isn't his wife who was in the car with him worthy of concern, care and prayer too?

Alfredo ‘Freddy’ Ramirez in critical but stable condition after shooting following earlier altercation attended by Tampa officers
Mon 24 Jul 2023 
The head of Florida’s largest police department was in critical condition at one of the state’s hospitals on Monday after shooting himself on a busy interstate following a domestic dispute.
Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez, director of the Miami-Dade police department, and his wife, Jody, had earlier been asked to leave the JW Marriott hotel in Tampa’s downtown, where he was attending a sheriffs’ association conference... Officers were called to the hotel to investigate a report of a couple arguing and a man pointing a gun at himself. A statement provided to the Guardian said officers identified the man as Ramirez, but after talking to him and a woman with him, determined there was “no evidence of a crime or immediate danger” and left. However, after leaving the hotel, the 52-year-old Ramirez pulled over on the side of interstate 75 and shot himself in the head... Ramirez’s wife [Jody] was with him in their car and called 911... Ramirez underwent surgery early on Monday and was described as being in critical but stable condition... The Miami Herald reported that Ramirez called [Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine] Cava on Sunday night after the [reported gun] episode at the hotel. A spokesperson for the mayor confirmed the call had taken place but did not divulge what they discussed. The Herald saw an internal email from the Miami-Dade police department that urged officers not to make the 275-mile journey to show their own support. “Please continue to pray for his comfort and healing during these upcoming days,” the email said. The shooting under investigation happened on the first day of the Florida Sheriffs Association’s four-day summer conference at Tampa’s JW Marriott hotel, which attracts more than 500 law enforcement leaders from around the country... [LINK]

Suicide or attempted suicide is one trigger pull away from murder.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

"Every death investigation should be considered a homicide until..."



“Every death investigation should be considered a homicide until it’s proven differently.”  

~ Vernon Geberth,
Former Commanding Officer of the Bronx Homicide Task Force NYPD and author of Practical Homicide Investigation  
tags police officer involved domestic violence, oidv, intimate partner violence, abuse, law enforcement, cop, deputy, public safety, attempted homicide, homicide, double murder suicide, lethal fatality, fatalities, murder, state politics, deputy, children, terroristic threatening, police tactics, tactical training, teflon, repeat hx, usur, female perp, female perpetrator, lgbtqi