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Thursday, February 20, 2014

[CA] 25 years ago Deputy's wife Joan Scalzo was strong and wanted to live. She tried.

Stolen life: Joan Patricia Scalzo
February 20, 1989

Former Deputy Anthony Michael Scalzo was charged with murder of his wife Joan Patricia Scalzo, and sentenced to only 13 years after the charge was reduced to manslaughter. He shot her through the face and when she kept calling for help he shot her through the ear, then getting above her he choked her unconscious as witnessed by their teenage daughter. A neighbor heard Joan shouting for help but after the second shot, heard nothing. Anthony gave several stories including that she shot herself cleaning the weapon, that she was shot during a struggle for the gun, and that he shot her but it was a medicine he was taking. There was never any evidence given that he was taking the named medicine. In court his daughter testified, "He's manipulative. He's mean. He's cruel."

Los Angeles Times
February 21, 1989
[Excerpts] A Chatsworth woman was shot to death in her home Monday afternoon, and police arrested her estranged husband on suspicion of murder. Paramedics, responding to a report from neighbors who heard shots, found Joan Patricia Scalzo, 44, on the floor of her home in the 10040 block of Nevada Avenue, shot in the upper body. She was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 2:30 p.m., said a Police Department spokesman. Scalzo's husband, Anthony Michael Scalzo, 49, who was leaving the house as paramedics arrived, was arrested...

Los Angeles Times
Amy Louise Kazmin
October 27, 1989
[Excerpts] A 15-year-old Chatsworth girl testified Thursday that she watched her father [Anthony Michael Scalzo] - a former sheriff's deputy - apparently trying to strangle her mother [Joan Patricia Scalzo] as she lay on the dining room floor screaming that she had been shot... Joan Scalzo was shot twice in the head with a .38-caliber revolver Feb. 20, 1989... Claudia Scalzo, a high school junior, testified that she was working on the pool in the back yard when she heard a loud bang. She went into the dining room and saw her father bending over her mother on the floor. "He was over her with both hands around her neck, on the pulse points... She asked me to get him off her. I tried pulling on his arm. Then he told me that there was an accident and asked me to get an ambulance"... her father told her that her mother had shot herself accidentally while cleaning a gun... The Scalzo's next-door neighbor, Michael B. Tindell, testified that he heard a gunshot and ran to the Scalzo home. Standing at the front door, he heard Joan Scalzo repeatedly screaming for police and an ambulance, he said. "She was helpless, calling out, wanting somebody to do something," Tindell said. Minutes later, Tindell heard a second shot, and then Joan Scalzo was quiet... Tindell said Scalzo told him that he and his wife were struggling over the gun when it went off by accident... He said he could hear Claudia in a back room screaming and crying.

Los Angeles Times
May 15, 1990
[Excerpts] A former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter Monday in the shooting death of his wife... Anthony Michael Scalzo, 50, admitted shooting Joan Patricia Scalzo, 44, during an argument on Feb. 20, 1989... Joan Scalzo was a fifth-grade teacher at Pinecrest Elementary School in Northridge. She died after being shot twice in the head with a .38-caliber revolver... Anthony Scalzo had been charged with murder. The lesser offense of voluntary manslaughter covers killings that resulted from heated arguments rather than premeditation...

Los Angeles Times
Patricia Klein Lerner
Sep 6, 1990
A former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who claimed he was under the influence of a sleeping pill when he shot and killed his wife was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years in prison. Anthony Michael Scalzo, 51, said he was under the influence of a prescription drug called Halcion when he shot his wife, Joan, 44, in the right cheek. After hearing her scream for help, he shot her again in the right ear... Scalzo's attorney, Howard R. Price of Beverly Hills, argued that Scalzo was a gentle person with no criminal record and no history of wife abuse before the shooting. Price attributed the shooting to an organic brain disorder caused by Scalzo's use of Halcion and several other central nervous system depressants and muscle relaxants... Scalzo should receive 13 years in prison-the maximum sentence-for voluntary manslaughter. Nishinaka argued there is no proof that Scalzo was taking Halcion or other drugs. Scalzo was originally charged with murder but was allowed to plead guilty last May to a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter. Prosecutors said they permitted the plea bargain in part because of Scalzo's claim that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the killing... Scalzo's 16-year-old daughter, Claudia, told the judge drugs had nothing to do with the killing. "He's manipulative. He's mean. He's cruel"...
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

[IL] I-Team: Molly Young's story isn't losing steam. In fact, it is gaining.

...Molly was found dead at her ex-boyfriend [Carbondale Police Dispatcher] Richie Minton's apartment in Carbondale in March of 2012... no fingerprints were found on the gun... No gunshot residue was found on Molly's hands. Scratches were found on Minton's back, and there are concerns about why Minton has refused to answer investigators... [Molly's father] Larry Young refuses to give up hope. "I'm going to fight this case whether statute of limitations run out or not," Young said. "If I have to go to Washington D.C. and start knocking on doors I plan on doing that"...

Crystal Britt
Posted: Feb 06, 2014

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - New questions come to light in the Molly Young investigation.

It's a case out of Southern Illinois that Heartland News has been following closely.

Molly's story isn't losing steam, in fact it's gaining.

The Justice for Molly Facebook page has more than 25,000 members, and continues to grow.

In August of 2013, the Jackson County State's Attorney announced that a special prosecutor had been appointed in the Molly Young death investigation.

The Special Prosecution Unit of the State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor office was tasked to looked into the matter.

Edwin Parkinson, a former Morgan County prosecutor, is working the case.

According to the Appellate Prosecutor's website, the Special Prosecution Unit has been particularly active in downstate Illinois, where personnel and financial resources are more limited than in more populous counties.

According to statements made in a news release, Jackson County State's Attorney Michael Carr said he was recusing himself from the case out of respect for a justice system where his role is not only to do justice, but to give the appearance that justice has been done.

Special Prosecutor Parkinson told Heartland News I-Team reporter Crystal Britt, that his office is closer to making a public update on the re-investigation into Molly's death.

"We don't want a half way investigation and put a rubber stamp on insufficient evidence," said Larry Young, Molly's father.

Larry Young is a father on a mission.

He in no way believes his 21-year-old daughter Molly put a gun to her head, and pulled the trigger.

"We want the truth to come out and every stone turned over," said Young.

Molly was found dead at her ex-boyfriend Richie Minton's apartment in Carbondale in March of 2012.

Minton was a Carbondale Police Dispatcher at the time.

We've told you in recent months about some of the initial questions Molly's family and friends have about Molly's death.

Reports show no fingerprints were found on the gun used in Molly's death.

No gunshot residue was found on Molly's hands.

Scratches were found on Minton's back, and there are concerns about why Minton has refused to answer investigators questions thus far.

His attorney, Terry Green, said last summer: "Please do not mistake the lack of comment as evidence of wrongdoing."

Another question many have is why neighbors at the same apartment complex told Heartland News exclusively that Carbondale Police arrived at the scene before the 911 call.

That is an accusation Police Chief Jodi O'Guinn said never happen.

Over time, new questions have emerged.

It is believed that Molly died in the early morning hours of March 24.

Close friend Cullen Stout said he was with Molly on the night of the 22nd, and into the early hours of the 23rd.

"It was almost a celebration of her life," said Cullen Stout. "We went to celebrate the next chapter of her life."

Cullen said they went to a concert at the Hanger Nine in Carbondale.

"There was a band playing that Molly suggested we go see," Stout said.

Cullen is disabled and has a personal assistant. He said his personal assistant drove that night, and the two picked Molly up between 8 and 9 p.m.

"We were out until 1:30 may be 2 a.m," Stout said.

Here is what doesn't make sense, and it's all in the police records.

The reports show the search history on Molly's home laptop computer.

There were multiple "suicide" searches.

Looking at the date and time, all but a handful were made during the time Cullen Stout said Molly was with him.

Stout said there is no way, and something doesn't make sense.

"There were many people who saw us," Stout said.

Back at the apartment complex, West Hill Circle, where Molly died, there are concerns of why police didn't interview more tenants.

The property manager at the time, Carolyn Fronek, said she was never questioned or informed about Molly's death.

Fronek also said her son was a tenant of the complex back in March of 2012. He lived across the parking lot from where Molly died.

"Why was my son never questioned," asked Carolyn Fronek. "There were 32 units in that complex, every unit should have had a door knocked on."

"The consensus is there are some evidentiary matters that need to be looked into that have not gotten proper scrutiny or possibly overlooked," said Charlie Lamont.

Charlie Lamont is Molly Young's uncle.

He also served for more than 33 years on the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Lamont is now heading up an independent investigative committee of retired and current officers and coroners.

"All we've ever asked for is a fair and complete investigation," Lamont said.

The Jackson County State's Attorney stood in front of reporters last summer saying there was not enough evidence to move forward.

"But, should additional evidence become available I have pledged to the Young's and I have sworn to the public it would be considered," said Michael Carr.

"We're hoping that word pans out," said Charlie Lamont.

Larry Young refuses to give up hope.

"I'm going to fight this case whether statute of limitations run out or not," Young said. "If I have to go to Washington D.C. and start knocking on doors I plan on doing that."

Larry Young wants to see this case reach a grand jury, but not without further investigation.

Special Prosecutor, Ed Parkinson told Heartland News that a number of interviews and re-interviews were attempted and/or completed by Illinois State Police over the past three months.

Parkinson said his office is about a month out from releasing the results of the re-investigation.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[KY] Police don't know why Rosemary Vogel would try to kill her retired police sgt. husband

Rosemary Vogel, retired nurse and wife of retired Lexington Police Sgt. Phil Vogel, is accused of trying to kill him.

...Police said they did not know why Rosemary Vogel would have injected the fluid into the IV... The couple have been married for more than 30 years, and their stunned neighbors in Sun Lakes say the two seemed very happy... [Rosemary] Vogel declined to be interviewed by police and asked for an attorney after her arrest...

[Phil Vogel retired from the Lexington police department after his controversial fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager, Tony Sullivan.]

Lexington Herald Leader
February 3, 2014
The wife of a former Lexington police officer has been accused of trying to kill him by injecting fecal matter into his hospital IV. Rosemary Vogel, 65, was arrested in Chandler, Ariz., on a charge of attempted murder of Phil Vogel, 66. Phil Vogel was a Lexington police officer for 22 years... Police said they did not know why Rosemary Vogel would have injected the fluid into the IV. She is being held on $100,000 bond in the Maricopa County jail. She is charged with first-degree premeditated attempted murder and abuse of a vulnerable adult. [Full article here]

By: Associated Press
Posted: 02/03/2014
[Excerpts] Police on Monday released the 911 call that led to the arrest of an Arizona woman suspected of trying to kill her hospitalized husband by injecting fecal matter into his IV line. The call came Friday afternoon from the Chandler Regional Medical Center's head of security. Hospital staff said they found Rose Mary Vogel tampering with the IV line and saw a brown substance blocking the tube... Police documents said Vogel, 55, is a retired registered nurse who formerly worked at the Chandler hospital... Police don't have a possible motive yet. Vogel declined to be interviewed by police and asked for an attorney after her arrest. The incident occurred after 66-year-old Phillip Vogel had undergone a heart procedure... his condition wasn't immediately released. [Full article here]

Posted: Jan 31, 2014
[Excerpts] ... Rose Mary Vogel was in a Chandler Regional Medical Center recovery room with her 66-year-old husband around 1:30 p.m. Thursday after he underwent surgery on his heart, according to the police report. Vogel is a retired nurse who had worked at Chandler Regional... Vogel was arrested initially for aggravated assault, but a search of her purse turned up three syringes, two still containing fluid, and a third with what appeared to be traces of feces, according to the report. The charges were upgraded to attempted first-degree murder. Vogel's bond was set at $100,000 and she has been ordered to stay away from her husband...  [Full article here]

Daily Mail
By Snejana Farberov
4 February 2014
[Excerpts] ...On the 911 call released Monday, the hospital security chief sounds almost embarrassed describing the incident. ‘We have a situation here where… how do I explain this…’ he begins to explain... Philip Vogel had served on the police force in Lexington for 22 years until 1995, when he retired after the controversial shooting of a young black man... Vogel later explained that his service weapon discharged accidentally. A grand jury decided not to indict him. After leaving the police department, Vogel got a master's degree in criminal justice education and moved to sun Lakes, Arizona, with his wife, Rose Mary. The couple have been married for more than 30 years, and their stunned neighbors in Sun Lakes say the two seemed very happy... [Full article here]


The New York Times
October 26, 1994
[Excerpts] After a police officer fatally shot a teen-ager in a predominantly black neighborhood, hundreds of blacks roamed the city's downtown today, damaging police cars and throwing rocks at whites... Chief [Larry] Walsh said the 18-year-old man, Antonio Orlando Sullivan, was killed after five police officers went to his house with warrants charging him with assault and wanton endangerment in connection with a street shooting on Sept. 30... "As Sullivan was in the process of stepping into the living-room area, a police officer's weapon was accidentally discharged, striking Sullivan in the head," the Chief said. He said a 22-year police veteran, Sgt. Phil Vogel, had been relieved of duty pending the investigation. [Full article here]


The New York Times
February 5, 1995
[Excerpts] A grand jury has refused to indict a white police officer who shot to death an unarmed black teen-ager who was surrendering. The grand jury, made up of 11 whites and one black, said on Thursday that it was "unable to conclude that an indictable offense occurred." The officer, Sgt. Phil Vogel, retired moments before the decision was announced. The police denied that Sergeant Vogel, a 22-year veteran, had been offered a deal... Mr. Sullivan, 18, was shot in the head as he emerged from a closet and raised his hands, said the other officers... [Full article here]
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

[MD] Baltimore Police Officer Manneh pleaded guilty to pimping his wife and another teen

Eastern District Baltimore police officer Lamin Manneh pimped out his 19-year-old wife and another 19-year-old woman to over 300 customers over a few months in 2013. His wife entered into a contract of slavery with him - to serve him as her master and obey whatever was asked of her. He kept all the money his wife made and got a cut from what the other woman made. He pleaded guilty to traveling across state lines and using the telephone and Internet to operate a prostitution business and faces a possible five years in prison, followed by supervised release. U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. has scheduled sentencing for May 8, 2014, at 9:30 a.m.
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