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Saturday, April 25, 2015

[FL] Coral Springs Officer Degerdon arrested on domestic violence

Coral Springs police officer Stephen Degerdon was on his way to being fired in 2011 after being charged with two counts of battery on a suspect... his termination was recommended ... but???

CORAL SPRINGS POLICE OFFICER ARRESTED ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGE - Stephen Degerdon, 32, accused of dragging wife out of car, taking off with son
Local 10
Apr 23 2015
[Excerpts]  A Coral Springs police officer was arrested Wednesday after dragging his wife out their car and driving off with their 1-year-old son, deputies said. Stephen Degerdon, 32, faces a charge of domestic battery. According to a Broward Sheriff's Office arrest report, Degerdon got into an argument with his wife and punched a hole in the kitchen wall... deflated the air out of her car's two front-side tires with a crowbar... grabbed some of their son's belongings and diaper bag and placed him in his car. Deputies said the victim got into the backseat but Degerdon grabbed her right arm and "violently pulled her out of the vehicle." They said he then drove off with their child... Degerdon was clear on his way to being fired from the Coral Springs Police Department in 2011 after being charged with two counts of battery on a suspect... his termination was recommended by Chief Duncan Foster... He completed six months of probation in that case... Broward County Judge John Hurley ordered Degerdon to be at least 500 feet away from his wife and only have indirect contact with her if it involves their child. Degerdon must also surrender any weapons he owns or permits to carry such weapons...  [Full article here]

Sun Sentinel
April 24, 2015
[Excerpts] Coral Springs police officer previously convicted of two counts of battery is again behind bars — this time on a domestic violence charge... [Officer Degerdon's wife] filed for divorce April 10... Degerdon told his wife she wasn't taking their son with her for the night. He punched a hole in the kitchen wall, then stormed out of the house and took a crowbar to two of his wife's car's tires, deflating them... The officer then went back into the house as the two continued to argue and began gathering the child's belongings and a diaper bag... Degerdon was being held Thursday on $5,000 bond... "He's on administrative leave, with pay, as of today," Coral Springs police Lt. Joe McHugh... Degerdon earns $68,217 a year and has worked for the agency since October 2005. McHugh said he could not discuss the officer further because the agency will open an internal affairs investigation and is prohibited by state law from talking about such cases. Degerdon had previously been accused of choking a man who was a suspect in a car burglary. The booking video shows Degerdon saying to him: "Do you think it's a good idea to call a police officer an idiot? Let me tell you something, when you get out, be sure that I will come to your house." Degerdon told investigators he did not mean that as a threat...  [Full article here]
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